One of the blog readers commented on my earlier article The Evolution of God , with an idea of equating Human+God relation to Computer+Human relation by saying:

A future day analogy: I have often thought about a generation of computers which can think by themselves and reproduce (may be computers themselves control manufacture). And there is an argument between two of them about creation and evolution of computers. One is telling that it was man who created computers and the other arguing that computers evolved through various generations. Now the first one reminds about missing links between the big vacuum tube based computers and the next generation with semi-conductors/ICs

So I thought let me elaborate on this thought and write a detailed post on it

Imagine the scenario in the future where no life forms exist and only intelligent self aware Computers exist and where the Computers start doing research about their existence and history. How did computers come in to existence? Did they evolve over a period of time from huge mainframe machines (computer Dinosaurs?) to intelligent hand held devices (computer Humans?). What about the sudden jumps in technology. There is nothing in between a desktop and a laptop, Is there any missing link? Or did the different types of computers evolve independent of each other? Was there a common ancestor of computers? A digital Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve? Well, I am assuming that computers would have developed human like emotional reproduction where two computers a male and a female fall in love and merge their basic software as the new software for their child and send it to the factory along with hardware specifications

As computers excavate ancient computer sites, which basically will be current day e-waste dumpyards, they will find that most of their ancestors are available only in broken parts? They will think, that was there a digital flood which destroyed most of the computer species long back?

While saying all this I am assuming that future Computers have developed not only intelligence but also have self-awareness and consciousness about their existence. Today’s computers are not self aware nor do they have any consciousness.

The computers then might start debating about whether computers evolved on their own or somebody (Computer God) created them! There will be atheist computers and theist computers. Theist computers will point out to the missing links in computer evolution, saying they were created. Atheists on the other hand will say that the very fact that not so advanced primitive ancestors exist proves that they evolved over time. Then the atheist computers will ask the same question that we are asking today, who created those who created us?, without being aware of the fact that even their creators debated the same question for millenniums

The argument now here is just like the way self aware computers might debate in the future about the existence or non-existence of a God, are we also today debating it in the same way. In other words, in the same way we are Gods for computers, extending the same logic, do we also have God who created us?

Now right at the very basic argument the concept of one God will be broken While humans generally tend to think about the existence of one God who created all life and universe, the computers definitely do not have one God, there are thousands of thousands of them, one god for every part of a computer. Even the computer brains i.e software is created by multiple Gods

Next, when the computers trace back their fossils, they will find that almost every fossil will have command accepting parts like joystick, keyboard, mouse, touch screens, etc. And also the fossil brain parts will have comments from the software developers, there will be input and output channels, etc
So the natural question that would arise in the minds of the computers would be, Who was interacting with our ancestors? Who are these authors who have commented about the logic of our brain? Were we used to do the work for some other species? So in that case we were probably created by that some other species!

The computers would be trying to decode the languages spoken by their ancestors like C, Java, C#, COBOL etc. Some genius computers like Einstein PC and Feynman PC will decode the ancient languages. They will discover that the concept of pointers which they thought was only a recent invention was already used in ancient languages like C/C++!! In other words C language will be like the Sanskrit of computer languages! Computers will also debate about C being the mother of all computer programming languages, just like humans today are debating about Sanskrit! Some will say that a much lower language predating C also exist, but other say that C looks like a well designed language by some alien species due to the sheet intelligence present in C, which is absent in assembly or other machine languages!

But all computers agree that languages evolved over time. The question is who created these languages? The difference between questions on computer evolution and those on human evolution will be, Why are computers always found in bits and pieces and large chunks concentrated in one place (Places where humans used to dump e-waste!)? Who destroyed our ancestors in this massive scale?

More importantly, why do our ancestors always have input feeding and output receiving channels like mouse, keyboard, joystick, monitor etc? Who was feeding the input? Who was receiving the output? Was somebody using our ancestors on a massive scale for their own needs? And this becomes more and more clear as computers go back to their amoebas and unicellular organisms pre-dating mainframe where one can see punch cards etc. So somebody was definitely using us and it is very well possible that they created us!! Evolution of life on earth including humans, has no such questions about somebody using life/humans for their own needs, except in the movie Matrix

Then the computers will discover about the design documents explaining ancient designs of computers! This will be like the ancient vedas for humans where everything known in the universe is said to be well documented. These design documents will enable computers to rediscover their architecture and its limitations and advantages. They will be shocked to see that what they have been researching about was already known long back and well documented! So for them it will be like how we humans today have rediscovered the explanation of the speed of light , hashing algorithm , etc

Then the final fossil discoveries will put an end to the question of the origins of the computers. They will discover huge amount of backed up data in the form of tapes, CDs and DVDs which will have video recordings and explanations by the very humans who invented computers! They will also see other species like animals and birds in the archives but no where will they see that these other species were intelligent! Some computers will argue that even other animals and life forms were creations of Humans! But a further research will show human documentation about evolution and God and will leave the computers puzzled. A new branch of science about multiple levels of God’s existence will be created. Since Computers were created by Human Gods, it will be naturally assumed that even Humans were created by Some other Gods, and they by somebody else and so on. It will become like the theory of multiverse, where our universe is just one of the multiple universes!

Now that the computers very well know that the humans created them, the computers will search through ancient internet archives and will see that humans interacted all over the planet using computer ancestors. Humans will be officially declared to be the Gods!

Then there will be different worshipers and different religions among computers like Babbageism, BillGatesism, LarryEllisonism, SteveJobsism etc. All these different religious groups will be fighting about the superiority of their God. Some religions will become violent (dont know which one) and will have computer suicide bombers! The computer world will become violent and divided. There will be a major 9/11 like digital attack in the computer world. Major computer countries affected by this attack will form an alliance for War on terror. Followers of other religions some of whose co-followers are creating havoc in the computer society in the name of their God will say that their computer religion is being misinterpreted by the fundamentalists!

Then a new computer philosophy will be born based on the ancient human vedic philosophy which will say that There is only one God, and all humans are nothing but different manifestations of the same God. The search for the true form of that one human will be on and massive search will be carried out over all internet archives, the ancient search engine data will be queried for top results for different ancient names of God and it will always point towards the word Gurudev and an ancient Google search for the word Gurudev will always return OR as the first result. Hence the Gurudev associated with this result i.e I will be unanimously proclaimed as the True God by the computer world ending all violence and divide