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Is our Universe alone?

The greatest asset of being a human is the ability to imagine

When there is a problem at an unknown level, one of the ideal ways to solve it quickly would be to look for a symmetrical existence at a known level.

For instance, while trying to imagine how a 4-dimensional Cube or a 4-dimensional sphere would look for us 3D beings, we can try to visualize the 3D perspective of 2D beings, and then extrapolate the same from 3D to 4D.

Now, suppose we consider a multiverse society where our universe is just one of the billions of universes that live and die in this multiverse. And the citizens of this multiverse are these universes.

Consider how cells are born, live and die in our body.

Now we will go one level above where humans/other life forms are born, live and die on this planet

Further above there are stars that are born, live and die in our universe

Similarly universes are born, live and die in the multiverse! Our universe is just one of the many such universes that exist in this multiverse. Our universe is no special

Long back people thought that Earth is special, God favored earth while creation, all stars and planets move around earth, Earth is flat etc. There was the geocentric theory. So the gods of those days acted accordingly in holy books where the God preferred only earth. People like Galileo, Giordano etc who thought otherwise were prosecuted by the church. Giordano Bruno was burnt alive for claiming Sun, and not earth was the center of the universe!

Then people started realizing that Sun is the center of the solar system only, and Sun is just another average medium sized star in the galaxy.

Then we came to know that our galaxy is just another medium sized galaxy in the universe, and bigger giants like Andromeda exist out there.

But our universe itself was created by God! Isnt that special? Well, as science progresses, the notion of an absolute God who exists outside the universe and created this universe is becoming obsolete.

There exists only one culture in the world which talks about multiple universes and it is the ancient Indian vedic culture . In religions like Christianity God is considered to be a creator who exists outside the universe and creates this universe.

But according to the Hindu vedas, God is the entire universe itself and this God extends beyond our local universe. The local universe is called Brahma which came out of a Brahmand. This local universe is said to exist within the multiverse (represented by Vishnu. Brahma is born out of Vishnu!). Vedas say that Brahma has a death, in other words our universe dies! Where as Vishnu who is the multiverse is said to be eternal. There are thousands of Brahmas who have come and gone within the Vishnu say the vedic texts!

So a universe created out of a big bang lives and dies. There are thousands of such universes that exist within the multiverse. So our universe is also not really special

And as far the multiverse is concerned, it is ever existing and eternal. So there is no need of a creator for this multiverse.

Now how is this multiverse society? Numerous big bangs happening. Most of them might not evolve into a full fledged universe like ours, because if we go by the bigbang model, there are a lot of factors that have contributed to the stability of our universe. The slight advantage of matter over antimatter , the inflation, perfectly tuned physical constants, enough time for galactic formations, etc.

So is the fertility rate low in the multiverse, with a lot of abortions? Where most universes collapse before they evolve!

Most physicists would tend to think so. But I think that most universes that are born in the multiverse actually evolve into successful universes like ours


Consider the cells in our body as intelligent scientists, who finally discover that the body actually started from a single cell. This is just like the way we discovered about big bang as the single point where our entire universe was born.

Now the cells might also tend to argue that most of the single cells are flop and most babies are abortions They would tend to think so because, these cellular scientists wont know that in nature there already exists beautiful biological mechanisms that would facilitate the smooth creation/birth of a baby!

Similarly. probably we are not aware about the beautiful bioniversal mechanisms that exist in the multiverse that facilitates smooth birth of universes like ours! In other words, successful big bangs and evolution of universes might be quite common phenomenon in the multiverse, just like the way babies are born in our world!

For the cellular scientists in our body to understand that most babies are born successfully and live a full life, they would have to look out of their universe (i.e the body in which these cellular scientists live) and understand things beyond their local universe called the body in which they live!

Similarly we should look beyond our local universe Brahma and look deep into the multiverse Vishnu and try to understand the way things in this multiverse function.

Does the collision of branes produce baby universes? Are branes the citizens of the multiverse?

There is one fascinating interesting twist for science in this multiverse. Our science simply does not hold there. The way the physiological features of two babies are different, the same way the physical laws of two universes might be different, and so might the science in these two universes be different!

So in a later generation, students might learn in the schools about different set of laws and equations for different universes. Even, General relativity itself might be different in different universes!
For instance, a part of the physics textbook in the future might read something like this

In the universe Brahma there are four fundamental forces of nature. In the universe Abrahama there are six fundamental forces of nature.

A question paper in the future might also contain a question like below

What is the difference between gravity in Brahma (our universe) and Anandobrahma (another nearby universe)?

What is the speed of light in the universe Gautama?


Can we travel between the different universes? What will be the nature of matter in the other universes? Will it be like a human cell trying to enter the body of another human, or will it be like a human cell trying to enter the body of an elephant?

Will there be different species of universes? Like for instance one species is of our universe which is made up of matter, antimatter, space and light.

There might be another species of universes which are made up of glatter, phaze, himtrinos and svegiam.

How will the space in which these universes roam about in the multiverse be? Or will there be anything called multiverse space at all? Probably there is no such thing as space in multiverse, and all universes literally overlap each other. Probably right next to you there is another bigbang that just happened, but you didnt realize it because there is NO space between you and that other universe that was just created. Probably somebody in another universe waved a hand at me thinking on similar lines! What we see ain’t what it is ?

Even more stranger thing would be the non existence of time in the multiverse. There is no space/time in multiverse. These are properties within universes only. Time travel would then be possible only within local universes, because time cannot be relatively measured between two different universes as time is defined only locally in a universe.

When a universe expands or contracts it does so only intrinsically, and not extrinsically. To put in simple terms, its like a balloon inflating in size as seen from inside the balloon, but as seen from outside it continuous to remain deflated, in fact there wont be dimension/size at all for the balloon as seen from outside

Probably there will be worm hole trains in the future that will offer trip to parallel universes. As we enter the parallel universe, there will be technology to transform us into the constituent matter form of the parallel universe, without killing us. And once we are back, we will be converted back to the matter form of our local universe as we enter our universe! Probably we will also be able to simulate bigbangs locally!

Thank God, thinking is free and that too non-taxable, one can explore unchartered territories of one’s own thoughts

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  1. If Veda say “Sahasra Shrisha Purusha Sahasraksha Sahasrapaada”, you cannot translate this saying that lord Vishnu is Multiverse.
    If Veda says brahma took birth from the naval of vishnu, you cant say brahma is our universe. 
    Please take whatever being said in Veda “AS IT IS”. Do not go to translate. 
    God is both Nirgun Nirakaar as well as Sagun Sakaar. Veda says. That means He has no form, at the same time, he has a beautiful form.
    If Vishnu is Multiverse, Lakshmi is Mrs Multiverse?? If Brahma is Our universe Sharadha maa is???

    So do not apply you own theory when it comes to Veda. If Veda says Vishnu is beautiful, HE IS BEAUTIFUL. Its not that Multiverse is beautiful.

    Bhagawaan Vishnu is Antaryaami, he exists everywhere and travel everywhere or simply he exists in every indivisible particle of the universes. He is 

    VibhuChitta, which means he is infinite consciousness/knowledge/soul … 

    • Vedas never talk about Krishna nor do they talk about Radha. Veda Vyasa did not WRITE the vedas, he only collected and organized the already existing verses. Veda Vyasa lived in the times of Mahabharata which was after Ramayana. But vedas existed even during Ramayana period and much before that during the times of Satya Harishchandra etc. Each vedic verse has its own Rishi who is said to be the author (in the sense who first heard it) of that verse or portion of the vedas. And where did you get this information that Radha is the Yoga Maaya? Radha is NOT the Yoga Maaya, not even according to Mahabharatha. 
      It is actually said that Brahma lives for 100 years, where in each day of Brahma is a very long period of humans (a few million years infact) called the Kalpa. Brahma has a birth and a death. The next Brahma is said to be Sri Hanuman, so where is it said that Brahma is infinite? According to Sri Shankaracharya’s Advaita philosophy, Jeevatma and Paramatma are one and the same not different. In Hinduism we have multiple interpretations, Dvaita, Advaita, Vishishtadvaita – and so on – and all these have their own interpretations of the vedas. So to say that one person should not have his own view on this is like saying Sri Madhvacharya, Sri Shankara, Sri Ramanujacharya all should not have started their schools of thoughts. The very basic tenet of Hinduism is its freedom of expression which unlike other religions does not bind one into believing without questioning. Hinduism even respected atheist proponents like Charvaka philosophers who denied the very existence of God.So to say that the author should not question anything, and all should just TAKE THING AS IT IS is like saying Hinduism should be just another religion where no questioning or attempt to understand the universe and its spiritual nature is allowed. Its like saying blindly accept what is written. Well that is the biggest problem I had with religions and I can argue on and on that Hinduism is unlike other religions in this case. There is no central authority in Hinduism, every person is free to have his own view on the spiritual nature of this universe. For that matter Sri Krishna has himself said in Gita that “I will be visible to any person in any form he worships me in” – so if a person finds God in a statue, then God will be visible to him in that statue. If a person considers the universe to be the God, then Krishna will be visible to that person in the entire Universe. So what is the problem?

  2. Hi Guru/Veronica and others,

    I thought this article closely caught my attention and I couldn’t stop from scribling few sentences. I used to discuss about this vivid imagination of how the whole universe was created and also somewhere in mind I feel there exist another universe with humans just like us. The birth – life – death cycle as thought by humans are confined to living beings (animals and humans). But when its thought at an higher level, contextually the stars, planets and sun, and other space objects do have birth-life-death cycle. Irrespective of humans or objects there will be a day of end and so for earth or universe.

    On commenting for the question “”Must an avatar or some other great sage come and rescue us?””. I think that the earth has not reached its peak of negetivity like a disease in its early stage. Sambavami Yuge Yuge is beautifully explained by Guru and when the negetively is at its peak then a sage will definitely born for resuce. Thats my belief.

    Thanks for reading through.

    with regards,

  3. Veronica its ur turn to train us.
    Well in those days Rshis, munis used to and Vedic seers in these days too, extend the span of experience and life by Pranayam- one famous practice of Yoga. Many other conditions are applied for strict and fruitful practice of pranayam.
    Happy going in direction, Veronica.

  4. Amazing! No Guru it would be amazing if it would last for at least a minute instead of a second or two. I am sure everyone have these experiences, they just don?t pay attention to it.

  5. Ursri,
    Thank you very much I have been off & on trying to improve myself spiritually and losing the battle until recently when I began having my own maybe lasting for just a second experiences.
    I am happy to read that it is written the ultimate is opinion less, this is most encouraging, it means it is real what I sometimes experience and not my fantasy running away with me. I know with my mind it is formless, this could be just mind stuff but I did not know it is opinionless. You would not believe how much this means to me. I don?t know who is helping me for I have been chanting short simple mantras to Ganapathy, Maha Kali, Narayana and Shiva. Consciously and unconsciously.
    It is said when we are in our minds we are unconscious I now know what this means I have been focusing my attention inward which is an ongoing battle between me and my mind, yet have experienced twice this week when my mind took over it was as if I became unconscious. When I am aware of thinking I focus all my attention within and am then silently peaceful.
    I am practising awareness of space & silence as well. Space that I walk through, space between objects, space in a room and silence, silence between sounds. The more space and silence I am aware of outside the more I create inside.

  6. Excellently said Veronica

    ?what is it that is seeing/ looking through my eyes??
    This is really a wonderful thought :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing that with us!

    Yes, as you said, it definitely has to be, ‘without an opinion’.. thats what the “”ultimate”” is defined as in the vedic texts.. ‘Nirakara’ meaning formless, ‘Nirguna’ meaning attributeless, ‘Nirvikara’ meaning opinionless..

  7. Dear Veronica,
    You are absolutely correct about understanding conciousness.
    Since I am forunate to listen to our Spiritual Guruji’s discussion about day to day activities queries by learned pple. Couple of yrs back he said that “”There is also a sight/light/vision in darkness”” and told us to find meaning. I was trying to find the truth behind it, and asked my Sanskrit teacher last week. He explained beautifully with Upanishad’s reference. Once a boy of learned family was careless about education and was questioned by his that no one in their dynasty neglected education like him. Son got humiliated and took Vedic education seriously , studied for 10-12 yrs , came back with proudness. Father observed his arrogance and asked what he learnt in student days. Son with proudenss explained the 64 discliplines he mastered. Father asked him to explain a question. He told him to get a seed and break it and asked what he find in the minute particle of the seed. Son says nothing he could identify. Later father explains that, the same seed is the source of big tree and big branches full of leaves and similar seeds ready for germination. That how there is a vision in darkness. Truth(conciousness) exists in or beyond illusion(sensory/bodily/materialistic world).

    Hats off to you that you could find answers on your own. Your concentration and determination to find Absolute Truth simply amazing. We wish you all the best in this direction.

  8. What wonderful views I am most happy to read all this.
    If I understood Guru correctly it seems logical that universes are continually imploding and exploding I assume when all is learned on one level advancement to another level is logical. Like going to school you advance from class/ grade to class/ grade. When you fail, well you repeat the same class/ grade. The theory to be in parallel universes at the same time is a possibility, heh Guru. Some universes will have their own type of Gods/ Goddesses, while others normal existence will be direct communication with the Supreme Being, why not.
    A few days ago I started practising focusing some attention to what I am feeling/ body connectedness/ consciousness, it really works I feel more peaceful and when I try to put all my attention into what I am feeling within, there is stillness, this don?t last long of course, but I?ve had my momentum. Unconsciousness is when you are in your mind a small form of consciousness is when you are aware of your body from within. What I find fascinating to do (don?t always works) is to ask ?what is it that is seeing/ looking through my eyes?? I can tell you it is something very quite, without an opinion.
    Sometimes when I break an egg, the yoke will be intact and might have a little red dot in it. Is it not possible to see this as the trinity (white is father, the yellow is mother and the red dot son) or as body, spirit soul.
    Some people who’ve had near death experiences talks about a place where the very atmosphere is love. I believe a Buddha or Krishna stage is within everyone?s grasp, the only problem for me, is going deep into the body, disconnecting from mind and identification with form.
    Fully knowing that one is not the body, not just understanding it with the mind is for me the greatest obstruction.

  9. hmmm…i think by knowing, one goes to another planet called planet of demi gods and then the process starts again but maybe now the soul is a bit aware of things and is considered as a demi god as buddha is worshipped now and gradullay has to move to the upper most stage to reach krishna….or it is said in geeta that by directly worshipping krishna u can reach the final stage….moksha…

    but still i doubt above case since knowing ultimate truth wont make one restless i feel and in above case it looks to happen so…

    Also another thing came to my mind is that it is written in geeta that “”Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he will attain without fail.””
    for above i wonder what other species non-human life forms must be remembering, since they might not be aware of concept of god or krishna or are they ???

  10. knowing is just being aware of a fact.. I just stated the fact.
    Realizing is understanding and feeling it.
    Just because a person knows that he is actually a part of the higher self, doesnt mean that he feels it.
    Salvation is not about knowledge/facts, its about understanding and feeling, the true realization..

    Its like the difference between playing an instrument, and playing the music :)

    Even if a person knows that he is actually the higher self/universe, can he stop feeling of being himself and start feeling as the higher self itself? Even if he tries to be so.. how can he be so? How does he know about how the higher self feels or thinks? Can he stop thinking about “”I””, and merge that “”I”” with “”everything”” and yet “”nothing””? Atleast I havent been able to realize this. I am still an “”I”” and full of “”mine””!

    The realization could be summarized as:
    If it is known as known then it is unknown.
    If it is known as unknown then it is known.

    putting that unknown in the form of words is simply NOT possible.. which is why it is said Neti Neti, not this not that…

    putting that unknown in the form of thoughts.. Its not really simple, which is why there is only one Buddha :)

  11. well gurudev

    do you think salvation or the ultimate stage of self realisation what buddha achieved would be as stated by you?I doubt?it cant be this simple?or mapping as we are trying to do?.i mean by realizing that ur just another part of the another body wud give one satisfaction reqd. or make one more restless as all the effort put in to understanding the truth wud lead to such simple realisation?. ???

  12. We are not alone … as the mighty god is addressed in Bhagwatam as ‘AkilaAnda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka’ – meaning Supreme ruler / hero of Millions of Multiverse

    AkilaAnda Koti – Million( Actually Crores of ) Multiverse

    Brahmanda – as the one like Brahmanda (the universe that we are in)

    Nayaka – Supreme Ruler / Hero

    Bhagwatham – was a classical workmanship of Sage Vedavyas.

  13. Yes Veronica I agree with you on this completely.
    As Gandhi said, we have to be the change that we wish to see in the society.

    We cant change everybody else in the world. but we can change ourselves and achieve things and thereby encourage everybody else to follow :)
    In other words, we have to set examples..

    We need to have a human society where every person is provided access to every opportunity/comfort/information which every other person has access to. The very concept of rich and poor, haves and havenots looks artificial. Its a different matter if a person is lazy. But opportunity should be provided to all.

    No person should miss the comforts of life for lack of opportunity. We have to completely revamp this entire system. When it rains, it rains equally on everybody!

    Yes as you said, there is a saying in kananda ‘Dehave Degula’, which means my body itself is the temple where the God lives!

  14. Very beautifully stated , Veronica.

    “”simplicity of my childhood “” – thats the first step to start a long journey to consciousness – Free from envy, hatred and all those materialistic attributes. As per vedic teachings – consciousness exists in everything – living and non-living ; These are classified as ‘Stupor Consciousness’ , ‘Dreaming Consciousness’ , ‘Aware’ & ‘Awake’ as in case of Stone, flora , fauna and Super human respectviely . I guess, all normal humans are aware but not awake; and when that is achieved then it creates a WOW effect , perhaps God-dom.

    Regarding equality in the world/multiverse – The law of Karma alone can explain the inequality in society.

  15. Hi Guru are we not delving deeper and deeper into materialism? Must an avatar or some other great sage come and rescue us? Can the few enlightened souls save us from ourselves? Thoughts are things it is said and will become real one day given the amount of energy we put into it. Is it not possible that our collective thoughts are crystal clear to other entities. Would these entities not be repulsed by what they see. I do believe matter is a living breathing force and has utter control over us spiritual beings seeing we identify ourselves with forms instead of seeing the form as a vehicle under our control. I can only repeat what I read and not yet experienced. You are fortunate to be living in the land that?s the cradle of civilization and are exposed to many paths that leads to consciousness. I am tired being an unconscious animal I want the simplicity of my childhood but the world have changed and developed not all bad just not in accordance with nature. There is equality in this world only not the right type. Billions are very poor and thousands are stinking rich. The scale is balanced. Once we have access to our true self everything is possible. There can be no secrets/ mysteries. The body is the doorway it is said. So go deep into it and enter all the realms there is. Meditation/ contemplation seems to be a sure way.

  16. Nice thoughts Veronica. How to gain access to the advanced upper layers of the universe :)

    About the end of the yuga cycle and the negative things that exist today in the society….
    Sambhavami Yuge Yuge, the universal supreme consciousness within us has to awaken when there is overwhelming negativity everywhere, so as to reinstall positivity back in the society :)

  17. Whichever God/ Goddess creates/ sustains for the sake of creating/ sustaining is itself. The forms that, that self uses is of no importance to the self it is just a form maybe a thought and not a real form at all. Who knows. Maybe the form thinks that it exist but really don?t its just a phantom.
    Those who have looked deeply within themselves have discovered/ sees a different reality than the one you and I normally sees. They see past forms, the tree that I see outside is not the same tree they see. A very young baby sees the world for a while upside down.
    I believe in a multiverse I also assume our universe to be the hardest form there is in other words the lowest form (matter). I assume that all universes are within each other.
    I also like to think it possible to enter other universes where an ever present moment exist, anything thought of comes into being right away, where travelling is faster than the speed of light without the need of a vessel/ vehicle in other words ?you think it you have it, you know it? In this universe there can be nothing bad/ good only that which is needed for what ever purpose seeing the results happen right away you automatically know what is the right thing to do/ say feel/ want etc. After all the whole universe sees/ hears/ feels/ knows etc what you thought/ felt etc.

    Our body carries within it all life forms at least we evolved from a small atom into our present form. When we?re so-called enlightened, knows that we are not the body and not ruled by our egoic minds other universes will easily be accessible for us and this human form, our universe will dissolve into fine subtle stuff. Inhabitants of other universes I believe tries to help man ( so called angels/ gods) but man must first learn to help each other and care for the plant that feeds housed and clothes him. Material man will/ cannot survive, for man is busy destroying his habitat and will either perish along with the earth or will have to find another planet to inhabit. Which ever way there is no hope for material man. Man nor the earth will survive the Kali yuga.


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