One of the greatest mysteries of quantum mechanics is non-locality.

Non locality is if you take two quantum particles that were twins and separate them billions of miles apart, and then do something to one particle here, the other particle billions of light years away will immediately come to know about what you did to that one particle here!!

This quantum property has been confirmed by experiments. Einstein did not like this instantaneous exchange of information, which even though did not violate causality, but indeed did violate locality! He called it Spooky action at a distance!

Einstein tried to show the existence of non-locality in quantum mechanics by his famous EPR thought experiment, and said how can this be possible?.
But Bell’s theorem proved that for quantum mechanics to be right, non-locality had to exist! And quantum mechanics is indeed correct in its domain! And non-locality does exist!

Now the interesting observation we have to make here is that all particles in this universe are twins, in the sense they all can be traced back to a common ancestral origin during the big bang!

In other words, what happens to every particle should become known to every other particle in this universe! So the whole universe is interconnected?!

Now how can we explain this?

Whole universe is interconnected, so doesnt it mean that universe is a self-aware consciousness as described in the vedic texts?

Assume that there is a universe inside our brain. Brain is the universe and the people inside the brain discover non-locality saying what happens to one particle inside the brain is known to all other particles within the brain. For them that might be a surprise!

But for me, the owner of the brain, it is of no surprise! Why? Because, it is my brain and my consciousness is all pervading within the brain ;)
[Note that this is just to give an example at a high level and I am ignoring details like what information is stored in which part of the brain]

So what might look as non-locality at a local level inside the brain, when observed from higher level outside the brain is a perfect locality – the locality of the consciousness within the entire brain.

Similarly what we observe as non-locality of particles in the universe is actually the locality of the universal consciousness. The vedas say that we are all local manifestations of the universal consciousness, and also that the supreme consciousness pervades the entire universe. Aham Brahmasmi say the vedas, meaning I am the supreme, in other words we are all local manifestations of the supreme universal consciousness, and quantum particles are no exception to it? In fact vedas say that the supreme consciousness exists in everything throughout the universe and is not just limited to what we define as life!
So non-locality is nothing but a proof of existence of the universal consciousness described in the vedic texts?