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Success – Luck and Achievement

There is a big difference between succeeding in life by being lucky and succeeding in life by being an achiever. You don’t have a choice to be lucky, but you can succeed by achievement.

If a person succeeds in life with absolutely no contribution of his/her in it, then it is Luck – Success without any attitude. Such people are termed “Lucky People”, it is just that they stumbled upon something good accidentally. For instance, winning a lottery.

If a person succeeds in life with passion, talent, hard work and dedication then that is a real achievement – Success that is born out of a positive attitude. Such people are termed “Achievers”, they became what they are purely based on their relentless work. And we have numerous examples of such achievers: a great musician, an athlete, a scientist, an artist, a writer, etc.

There are some who call these real achievers ¬†as “lucky people”. The fact, is that there is nothing about luck here. The person who won the lottery was lucky because he would not have won the lottery if he had spent that money on some thing else or even on some other lottery, and many a times even that lottery was not hand picked by him, but is what the shop keeper gave him randomly.

But when it comes to real achievers, they would have succeeded in life either way. Most people who have talent, and do not succeed, fail because they “give up”. And most people give up when they are so close to achieving. The only thin line between talents who succeed and talents who fail is “giving up”. Those who succeed never give up, and those who fail do.

To say a musician succeeded¬†because he was lucky to have his album become popular, or a novelist succeeded because he was lucky that his novel became popular means nothing. He/she succeeded because people liked what they did. And they would have succeeded in another novel or music album if not in this one. But for the lucky lottery winner, there is no “he would have won another lottery”.

And it is usually those who do not succeed in life because they “give up” too early, who call other true achievers who succeed in life as “lucky people”. To call real achievers lucky is an insult to all their hard work, dedication, passion and talent.

To summarize, lucky people have no creative role in their success nor do they have any contribution of their own in it, apart from doing the right thing at the right time at the right place without even having an iota of knowledge about everything being “right”. While real achievers have a combination of talent, dedication, hard work and passion without which they would have never succeeded. The major difference is lucky people lack confidence, which achievers have in plenty. Lucky people are not aware how they succeeded in life, while achievers are. For a lucky person a repeated success is not guaranteed, but for a real achiever repeated successes are not uncommon.

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  1. Very nice article…

    I think there is something which is beyond our handwork or luck… Just
    like all things are decided by universe or god or some advanced system
    …. it is just like we traveling thru a train and pass stations which
    are fixed.. may be we are not aware of them hence we called them luck or

    definitely achievers are hardworking hence they succeed and it is so wrong to ignore their efforts..

    But my point is, behind all this achievement or luck or give up there is
    someone or something who already decides what is going to happen.. may
    be we cannot understand or our technology is not capable of
    understanding this hence we sometime ignores it.

    Please share your views on this.

    • yeah thats correct, something is beyond us, but if you think each and everything is decided and happening as planned, I think thats not completely true(and if each and everything is fixed and planned, the worst architect in the world will suicide, i dnt know how you can think of such no value mechanism), universe is very intelligent and complicated, the gretest architect till date, not the worse architect as you think, it is a mixture of many concepts, few things are planned within that many things are not planned, sometime everything is unplanned and sometime even the smallest act is planned :).
      Understand the universe by your life, you do things planned, unplanned, sometime you plan some action due to something wrong grown in past, and you let some part of your life unplanned, you have no control on many things but you may have complete control on many things :) thats why its written in Gita, focus on Karma :)
      you never know if you are in a planned act or living an unplanned life which will result in some future planning by universe for you, and even if it is planned, Karma can change the planning as for e.g. sometime you change your plan to destroy something once it changes a bit and becomes useful for you :)

  2. well said guru dev

    when it is about someone other’s success. we’ll say oh! he/she is so lucky.
    n when it comes to us, mean if we get failed. words will be “my luck is so bad”
    these are the two circumstances make us to talk of fate.

    somethings are only for name and fate is one of them its just the reaction of our action which may occur on the spot or latter depends on kind of action.then why to run after destiny when its in your hand.

  3. The universe changes for every hard working person so that he is there at the right time. The more hard working you are the more lucky you are.

    There is no hard work behind luck, but there definitely is in an achievement. Zuckerberg wouldnt get an idea like Facebook, but he did get Facebook, and he also knows how to run it, which is even more important. If he had just founded Facebook and sat quite, it wouldnt be what it is today, it is being continuously monitored and maintained.

    Yes, results are independents of our efforts, but without efforts there are no results, not concentrating on the results only gives us more time to focus on the efforts. Everybody cannot be lucky, but everybody can be an achiever in their own field of passion or expertise.

    • So what about hard working people like terrorists, criminals etc. Does the universe change for these hard working people as well.

      • Good and bad are all man made things, there is nothing like good or bad in the Universe, there are just laws of the nature.

        All that matters is your own conviction, if you are convinced that what you are doing is righteous, whatever it might be, and work hard and are dedicated, the Universe will help you. The more dedicated and hard work you do, the more luck favors you. If you have even a slight doubt that what you are doing is not correct, then the Karma catches upon. This is exactly why Krishna tells Arjuna do not give in to the feeling that I am doing wrong, fighting my own relatives, etc. Just think that you are doing your duty, nothing else.

        BTW it is not straightforward as you work hard and Universe will help you. We do not live in isolation in this Universe. There might be somebody else who is working even more harder on the same thing. There might be other factors around us which have a negative impact on us, while there might be no such factors for somebody who is working a little less harder than us, but still gains more because of the absence of negative forces around him/her. I am I plus my surroundings.


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