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Universe = Antimatter mercy?

One of the visitors to the blog requested me to write about matter-antimatter and bigbang.
Cosmology is one of my most favorite subjects! So here we go!

As we know the observable universe is expanding! Going back in time, we reach a point where the entire universe had been collapsed to a point singularity called the big bang singularity.

The universe was created in a bigbang. Yes it was big, but there was no bang. Universe didnt explode into outerspace. Space/Time was created during the bigbang and this space/time is increasing, which in turn is increasing the distances between galaxies, there by causing the illusion of expansion.

In our observable universe we only see matter. There is no antimatter that we see. Going by the laws of physics, the big bang energy created matter and antimatter in equal amounts. So where is the antimatter? Please note that if matter and antimatter come into contact then they annihilate into pure energy immediately. If a matter human shakes hands with an anti matter human, vroooom, both vanish into a flash of energy!

So during big bang, both matter and antimatter should have vanished into a flash of energy and there should have been no stars, galaxies formed, on structure formation, no planets, no life!!!! But still all these things are there!

What I think on this is that during the big bang, matter antimatter annihilation did happen, which is what we see as quasars today. Quasars are farthest known objects in deep space which are about the size of a star and yet give out energy equivalent to an entire galaxy! The only known physical process that can explain this is matter-antimatter annihilation. Note that the further we go deep in space, it means that we are looking back in time, as light takes time to travel from one point to other in the universe. So if we look at a quasar 10 billion light years away, it means we are looking at an object 10 billion years ago!

So quasars are probably matter-anti matter flashes of big bang, or probably even after big bang there were these regions of matter antimatter zones where matter contacts antimatter, resulting in massive energy bursts that we see today as quasars.

During this process, might be that a part of matter escaped from the anti matter zone during the expansion resulting in the creation of the part of the universe we know, i.e the part which contains stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets etc. In other words, the matter universe we see /live in is just a part of this matter/antimatter universe. Our matter didnt get annihilated with antimatter because it somehow went far away from antimatter during the expansion!! Somehow got insulated from antimatter.

I think this is where the solution to the dark/energy or dark/matter lies too. In our same universe we have an antimatter section too!! The portion of antimatter that was unable to annihilate our matter must have formed a separate antimatter based region too where all stars, galaxies, planets etc are made up of only antimatter!! Probably there is intelligent antimatter life there which is wondering like us, about a matter life!! Its more probable that they call themselves to be matter, and our part to be antimatter

So we can conclude that the universe has three regions

1) Matterverse – The region where we live, our galaxies,stars, planets all made up of matter

2) Annihilation Zone – Where matter antimatter meet and annihilate which both sides see as quasars!!

3) Antimatterverse – The region on the other side where galaxies, stars, etc are all made up of antimatter

In this case, we need to think up of a technology that would help us to communicate with life in antimatter verse. We cant meet them directly as we would annihilate immediately!! So a new technology is required to communicate with antimatter counterparts. Probably some light based technology!

So sad, that I cannot fall into love and marry an antimatter beauty! Oh God, what have you done?

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  1. few weeks back i have seen in discovery science that anti matter resides very near to us you can say that even in space electron’s orbit, in some article of Art of living  (founder HHSSS Ravishankarji) they have written shiv tattva is all the time surrounded with us, all the universe is surrounded by shiv tattva, you are seeing sun round because it is surrounded by shiv tattva. same thing is with us. 

    Author of this article have mentioned that the moment both matter & antimatter meets together, they both gets vanish ( may be we can say that Atmasakshatkar or mukti?)

  2. Thanks for that.

    I always thought that in the beginning the purushatam divided himself into 2: the infinite consciousness (Shiv/antimatter)  and infinite energy Shakti/Parvati, and It was the union of the two in the form of sex (the highest form of love in sanatan dharma) which led to the creation. All our current actions are just reverberations of that initial union of consciousness and energy.  Most importantly  this hindu concept gives an explanation as to the reason it all happened in the first place. The cause of  all past, present and future causes, was love.  

    Now the quantum physicists may give you an explanation of how it happened but they aren’t going to able to tell you why.

    What amazes me is that the hindu sages realised this truth so long ago.  I read that the shiv ling in the Kashi Vishvanath in  Benares is the oldest persistently worshipped structure devoted to any god anywhere in the world ever. I also read that the Kabbah in Mecca is a shiv ling (now that would be ironic!)

    • Yes Uday, thats missed out. Parvati or shakti – the saguna or physical form of the eternal supreme energy – and shiva the desctructor – and their union which causes the entire universe to be annihilated back into the eternal supremity is a beautiful concept of explaining the equations of energy in the universe. Shiva – without Shakti – had caused the cosmic order to go into a disarray and only the return of Shakti restored the cosmic balance in this universe. This is the language of bigbang and cosmology in ancient Hindu terms.


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