Just had a passing thought while thinking about the reason as to why modern science is finding it difficult to come to terms with the finest details of universe like consciousness, awareness, particle non-locality, quantum teleportation, etc.

The reason I think is,

Modern science tries to formulate everything into the way our human brains can understand. It is like taking a complex puzzle and trying to understand it by breaking into simplest parts. So some will be experts on one part called mathematics, some others will be expert on another piece of the puzzle called physics, some on chemistry etc.

Vedic science on the other hand tries to upgrade our level of understanding and thinking to a level at which the universe itself functions, and once we reach that level, understanding the functioning of this universe will be as simple as watching a movie!

So in vedic philosophical science there will always be a starting trouble and only few can successfully upgrade themselves to that high level of thinking. But once you cross this level, life will be very simple there.

Modern science on the other hand is all about trying to put together the parts of the puzzle which we ourselves had broken down into pieces like biology, physics, chemistry etc. So to solve the puzzle we then try to create interconnection between the parts in the form of biochemistry, biophysics, physiochemistry etc. But for most people life will be over before they can really master one or two such pieces of the puzzle

To summarize I think,
modern science is materialistic in nature, while vedic science is realistic :)