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A Vedic QMech Riddle

ashtau shloka sahasraaNi
ashtau shloka
aham vedmi,
shukau vetti
sanjayo vetti vaa nava

This is a verse from the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata. It means that there are 8800 riddles in Mahabharatha, and that the author vyasa, and Shuka know the answers to all the 8800 riddles, while Sanjaya might know answers to some of those riddles!

In other words, there are a lot of riddles and puzzles in the vedic texts!

I was pondering over the answers to some of the quantum mechanical riddles in the vedic texts, and this thought came to my mind… then I thought that instead of directly putting it down in the form of straightforward words, why not put it in the form of a riddle instead?

So here it is, try it ONLY if you are interested in quantum mechanics

Thanks to the quantum mechanical divinity, non-locality enables superluminal communication between distant neurons, the recognition and the application of which transforms a human into a superhuman…

You crack it and its yours… or you may call it some crap and forget it

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  1. Gurudev,

    “the recognition and the application of which transforms a human into a superhuman…”
    Above line also tells how a human to saint/avatar happens…

    • Perfect :)
      According to quantum mechanics – non locality exists in the universe where in every single particle in the universe seems to be connected to every other particle and instantly knows about the other particle no matter how far away it is (even in a distant galaxy) from the other particle it is… The vedic texts, the advaita vedanta all have been preaching for aeons that the entire universe is localized in nature, that separation we see are mere illusions, and this universal divinity and consciousness is present in every part of the universe – and he who realizes this will understand the universe – he who is capable of raising his thought level from an individual level to an universal level will become the master of the universe – as you said like the great avatars and saints in the history

    • In a quantum mechanical world there are no observers – all are participants – unless and until one becomes a sage who is able to withhold his observational nature from interfering into the universe.

  2. whats the riddle in this?? i could not understand…whatever you have written talks again about quantum mechanics the double slit experiment or twins of the same neutron taken apart and what one behaves other behaves the same way that means travel of this information happens so fast etc…
    but how this happens is the question???

    i couldn’t understand what exactly you are trying to put here…can you pls explain…

  3. Ramana
    Great explanation by Bohm.. I hadnt read this. thanks for that :)
    Yes, special theory does not prohibit super luminal travel.. it only prohibits information traveling at superluminal velocities..
    In other words, special theory lays a restriction on the speed of information, not on the speed of objects..

  4. Gurudev,

    “” superluminal communication between distant neurons””

    1) these are not two distant neurons. Both are one and the same with two different prospective.
    David Bohm eloquently explains this phenomenon.
    If you put two cameras with different angles and observe the fish in a tank from a long distance by two different observers , both come of the view that the fish he is observing turning right and the other guy claims it is turning left. It is simply illusion created by observation.

    2) Superluminal communication is not prohibited by Special Theory of Relativity. Any thing that goes faster than velocity of light can not carry any useful information.
    Just like you could go to Delhi but you for got the reason you went there.

    We can not appreciate better than this by Vedic texts even questioning this level of knowledge!

  5. gurudev:
    u r right there are so many things written in indian epics , puranas , upnishads etc. that might if correctly deciphered
    might solves various mysteries related not only to quantum mechanics, but to the whole science.


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