ashtau shloka sahasraaNi
ashtau shloka
aham vedmi,
shukau vetti
sanjayo vetti vaa nava

This is a verse from the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata. It means that there are 8800 riddles in Mahabharatha, and that the author vyasa, and Shuka know the answers to all the 8800 riddles, while Sanjaya might know answers to some of those riddles!

In other words, there are a lot of riddles and puzzles in the vedic texts!

I was pondering over the answers to some of the quantum mechanical riddles in the vedic texts, and this thought came to my mind… then I thought that instead of directly putting it down in the form of straightforward words, why not put it in the form of a riddle instead?

So here it is, try it ONLY if you are interested in quantum mechanics

Thanks to the quantum mechanical divinity, non-locality enables superluminal communication between distant neurons, the recognition and the application of which transforms a human into a superhuman…

You crack it and its yours… or you may call it some crap and forget it