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Online Education should be interactive and innovative – Fun to Learn

The quality of education of a school is reflected in the number of hours its students spend in libraries without being asked to.

The quality of teaching by a teacher is reflected in the number of questions the students ask at the end of the class. You can have doubts only when you your attention is on the subject and that can happen only when the teaching is interesting. For education to succeed, it should be fun to learn.

People do not watch boring movies.

Students do not understand boring lessons.

Offline Education and Books

Only when one is interested in the subject, does it lead to interaction – where in the student wants to know more about the subject, clear their doubts, and looks for more material to get a deeper insight into the subject.

If children today are not reading more and more books outside the school text books, it is because of the impression they have about books – thanks to the boring teaching that focuses on parroting rather than understanding.

Education should motivate students to read books even after the school is over, generate passion about knowledge in general and the subject in particular. But unfortunately, education today makes them run away from books and knowledge.

Online Education and Educational Videos

Due to COVID pandemic, many schools worldwide are shifting to online education. While it is a good move considering the risk of the pandemic spreading further, it is less effective, especially at lower classes, considering the distant nature between teacher and student.

Students today can learn a lot more by watching beautiful youtube videos that teach stuff in ways that are not only easy to comprehend, but also generate a keen interest in one to know more about the subject.

But thanks to online education, students will now get pre-recorded videos from their teachers – I am afraid this will make students run away from educating videos on platforms like youtube as well!

Boring teaching makes students run away from not only from text books – but books in general. Similarly won’t boring educational videos being forced in the name of online education make students run away from otherwise effective online videos as well?

For education to succeed, it should be fun to learn

How to provide effective Online Education?

Online education can be effective only when it is interactive and innovative. Teachers can use more innovative methods like slide shows, animations, videos, audios and other digital assets to make their teaching more effective. This can actually make classes more interesting than offline classes!

Distributing boring pre-recorded videos will be useless, waste of time. The quality of education will hit rock bottom by doing so. There are better youtube videos available that can make one comprehend the topic easily, than watching boring pre-recorded videos.

So how can online education be more effective?

  • Teachers should make use of additional benefits provided by technology by making good use of slideshows, animations, audio/video assets, etc so that the students find it more interesting and easy to understand.
  • Teachers should encourage students to ask queries and get answers via WhatsApp chat sessions or similar other means.
  • Teachers should also conduct regular interactive sessions with students to understand how effective their teaching has been, and how well students are able to comprehend the lessons.
  • Teachers should focus on imparting education than on completing the syllabus.

Every teacher should always encourage students to ask more questions and more questions. No teacher should ever discourage students from asking questions. And for smaller classes, especially at primary school level – online education means nothing. Unless and until you succeed in making it as interesting as cartoons like Tom and Jerry.

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