Every time God wanted to do something good to this world, he did not come here to do it by himself, instead he created a Child.

Thats how Einstein was born, Buddha was born, Swami Vivekanada was born, Lincon was born, Ilayaraja was born, Basavanna was born, and so are we all

So the idea of life is to identify that cause for which God created us and to accomplish the goal which has been assigned to us.

This is what the ancient Indian text Bhagavadgita tells us.. Do your duties towards the world

This is why I call Bhagavadgita the greatest psychological work ever written. I look at it more of as a personality development book than a spiritual guide. It encourages every single human to become a great personality.

Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge– The great cycle of big bang and big crunch is ever repeating