THe recent government proposal to further divide the country based on caste by providing OBC reservation raised another question in my mind. Who or what exactly is an OBC??
The answer I found was shocking!! The concept of OBC never existed in the constitution of India which was formed in 1950. The original constitution had only the categorization of SC/ST and recommended reservations for SC/ST for a given time period to ensure social justice, which I feel was fair enough.

But in 1990, instead of taking concrete steps to ensure that caste based reservation system comes to its logical end after giving equal opportunities to all sections of the society, the great V P Singh implemented mandal recommendations by amending the constitution and creating a totally new category called OBC (Other Backward Class). Mr Singh’s government made the 93rd amendment to the constitution to add OBC to SC/ST category. More funny is the fact that the reservation percentage based on this amendment done in 1990 was decided based on a 1931 census!! Originally there were about 1200 communities classified as OBC in 1990 and today their number is about 2300!! Instead of becoming a knowledge based developed nation, today India is becoming more and more backward thanks to Congress and Co..

I simply cant understand that if this so called OBC really existed in India, then it should have been more visible in 1950’s to the authors of the constitution, when they couldn’t see any such section in society, where did this come up from suddenly in 1990??? V P Singh who had become PM opposing congress was just trying to create a votebank of his own in the name of OBC and hence the same Congress which is pro OBC quota and reservation today opposed the same OBC reservation tooth and nail in 1990!!! What happened to Mr Arjun Singh’s social justice in 1990???

And now, since there are about 2200 communities in OBC as opposed to about 1200 in the orignal list, there is less quota for a OBC community than in 1990, and hence a section of OBC today is demanding a further divide in OBC called MBC (Most Backward Classes!)

So what exactly is an OBC? An innovation of Indian political class, to which more and more votebank communities are being added every year.

It is highly unfortunate that we Indians fail to understand the political gameplans and become pawns in their moves. India badly needs us, its youth to take charge of the situation before it becomes toooooo late.

Me like OBC
and so, me no like reservations

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