Question: Why Reservations based on Caste? Why not only Merit?
Government Answer: Because people of SC/ST/OBC do not get quality primary education to enable them to get merit.

Question: Why Can’t they get quality education? Cant they pay for that?
Government Answer: No, because they are poor. So they cant afford quality primary education.

Question: Fair enough. But are there poor people only in SC/ST/OBC? Aren’t there poor people in the so called upper caste? So doesn’t it make more sense to give reservation based on financial background rather than on caste?
Government Answer: ???????????

No answer from the government after this logical question. So, doesn’t the government have any logic? Well it does, but it is undocumented. The government logic is, how will we get SC/ST/OBC votes if we don’t show them that we explicitly take care(?) of them? So doesn’t the government care for the so called upper caste votes? No, simply because it does not have any weightage in electoral statistics. Also because the working middle class rarely go and vote. So my dear middle class, dont do this in the next elections please.

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