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Nitish Kumar – A fan turned political adversary of Narendra Modi

This is what Nitish Kumar had to say about Narendra Modi in 2004 after the Lok Sabha elections.

Modi is a dynamic man. Meet him once and you will become his admirer. He comes from a very poor family. He is extremely simple and very diligent. I have become his fan.

And today Nitish Kumar refers the same Modi with all things antonymous to what he said and meant in 2004. Today according to his party JDU,

“BJP without Modi is secular.”


“Well, he is secular too.”

“But what about his role in Babri Masjid demolition?”

“Not an issue, its been a long time since then, Advani is secular now.”

“Really, so can we expect a secular tag to Modi by 2023 when some other younger leader comes up in BJP?”


It is scenarios like these which have made “secularism” a joke in this country. And whether you prefix it with the “pseudo” tag or not, it is one and the same. Not surprising, its another popular synonym is sickularism.

Muslims do not benefit from Nitish Kumar wearing or not wearing a skull cap. They benefit only when there is an efficient administration which addresses the problems they face in their everyday lives. They benefit automatically if there is a leadership which creates more jobs, strengthens the economy, removes corruption in public life, etc. This is the true inclusive growth which benefits all the citizens in the country. Not wearing skull cap or eating Biriyani.

Are we  a secular country or not? If yes, are most Indians secular or not? If yes, then what India needs is not a secular leadership, but a leadership with statesmanship and vision which will develop the country, take us forward, strengthen our economy, fix our broken infrastructure, provide a decisive leadership and a corruption free administration.

And all these have been delivered in Gujarat for the past 10 years under the rule of Narendra Modi. Before we turn to Nitish Kumar again for his opinion, watch the video below. This was in 2003 when Nitish Kumar visited Gujarat, gave a speech on a dias he shared with Modi, and in which he praised Modi so much that he even went on to say that the nation needs a leader like him!

Our secular Kumar had said in 2003 that

One day, Narendra Modi’s services will be needed outside Gujarat & the entire country will benefit from it.

And 2003 comes after 2002 isn’t it?

What has changed in the past 10 years that Nitish today says the contrary of what he said in 2003? What caused JDU to break away from NDA? If he talking about the communal riots that took place in Gujarat, well, that was before 2003. What happened between 2003 and 2013 is that there has not been a single riot in Gujarat, while there have been many across the country, including in Bihar.

If Nitish Kumar wants us to ignore what he said about Modi in 2003, and stick to what he is saying in 2013, ok, so why dislike Modi today?

Nitish Kumar says, nation needs a secular leader.

And why is Modi communal? He points to the Post Godhra riots of 2002.

Why is Modi responsible for the Post-Godhra riots?

Because he was the chief minister of Gujarat then.

Caught you. Nitish Kumar was the central railway minister when the preceding event, the Godhra train tragedy took place. Isn’t Nitish being the railways minister equally responsible for the Godhra train tragedy? Did he ever take up that responsibility as the railway minister? Forget resigning taking moral responsibility, he did not even visit Godhra!

Forget then, even today, after breaking the alliance with NDA, should not Nitish Kumar be resigning because they came to power promising to the people a BJP-JDU alliance? What about all those who voted them to power because the alliance had BJP in it?

Then comes another question. Would JDU have walked out of NDA today if they did not have the required numbers in the Bihar assembly without the support of BJP? Will Nitish Kumar answer this please?

And if the answer is yes, then it only means seeking a fresh mandate from the voter. Then why not do it now?

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  1. Nitish is in the best traditions of Bihar secularism that produced secular to the bone leaders like first president of India Rajendre Prasad, Jai Prakash Narain.

    • Like Hitler did — ‘lead’ the entire country into the racist ditch? “very confident person” — oblivious of his deadly follies – quite a ‘leader’ indeed.

  2. This is a Pro-Modi press release. whilst all our political parties have made a joke of secularism, only to take personal advantage of the catch word, for their personal political gains. Why r people not attacking Advani for the 100s of anti-Modi sentiments he has made? Why r u guys targetting only Nitish. It is because Advani is a dead dog , who has no value today. But Nitish can still make a difference. Whilst neither Nitish nor Modi is right, Modi might be the greatest administrator . But will he be able to convert himself to a good coalition leader? Thats the question for which we need to find answers. For this, the answer is beyond inustrialisation, FDI, blah blah. It majorly requires personality traits of being humble, flexible,a Team Player, sesnitive to others feelings, cunning, a clever manipulator, thick skinned, etc etc etc. In my considered opinion, Modi does not fit this requirement.God bless India.

    • I am not pro-Modi, I am pro-India and pro anybody who is pro-India. Who said I have not criticized Advani? Read my tweets and fb posts. Advani even at this age does not want to give way to younger leadership.

      Nitish enjoyed the benefits of alliance with BJP and now that he has the numbers is ditching them. Why didn’t he do it earlier before he came to power? 2002 did not happen yesterday, isnt it? What did he do as a railway minister in 2002?

      And what are these great words about all coalition and team work. Coalition governments are ruining this country. You are talking as if all coalition allies come together to serve the nation. The reality is parties forget their ideologies and enter coalition to grab the power, and loot the nation. The more the number of parties in the coalition, the greater the loss for the nation. Did you forget all the 2G like cases? It is high time that we get a strong leader with no-nonsense attribute who is neither corrupt nor allows any corruption, focuses purely on development and good governance. Of course God has blessed India.


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