Views against Anna Hazare led Anti-Corruption Movement for Strong Lokpal

Counter views about views which are against the Anna Hazare led anti-corruption movement for a strong Lokpal bill.

Is Anna Hazare Blackmailing the Government?

Views against Anna Hazare led anti-corruption movement for a strong lokpal bill, and counter views against such views.

Free Corruption, Arrest Democracy – The Government of India Policy

Anna Hazare is arrested for wanting to stage a peaceful protest and fast to force the government of India to introduce a strong anti-corruption bill in the parliament.

Will Civil Society Activism make India a Banana Republic?

Do the recent protests and agitations involving members of the Civil Society groups like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have the danger of converting India into a Banana Republic where mass protests by such groups hold government at ransom?...

Freedom at Midnight and so was its Murder

At the midnight on June 5 2011, not far away from the place where Pandit Nehru delivered his Indian independence speech 64 years ago on the midnight of August 15 1947 – thousands of people who had gathered to peacefully protest against the rampant corruption in the country were denied the same Freedom - Freedom to use the means of Mahatma Gandhi to peacefully protest for a national cause.

Anna Hazare’s fight for Jan Lokpal – Quit India Movement against Corruption

A detailed summary of the Jan Lokpal Bill and what Sri Anna Hazare is fighting for to root out the menace of corruption from India. Lokpal may not be the answer to ALL of our problems. But it DEFINITELY IS the answer to MOST of our problems. Let us fight for it and get it.

Cablegate – Latest Wikileaks Highlights – Secret US Embassy Cables exposing US Worldview

The news about this leaks was enough for US government to panic and start issuing warnings to all friendly countries about the impending leaks, and they even kept forcing Wikileaks not to bring these documents into the public domain. The warnings to friendly countries were probably to tell them, "We have talked really bad about you, please don't mind" ;)

Indian Politics, Rains and Global Warming

For any mess caused due to lack of administration, lapse of duty and sense of responsibility - it is always easy to put the blame on somebody who cannot defend the accusation on them in the court of law - And Rains are a favorite excuse offered by Indian Politicians

We better let food grains rot than distribute it to poor for free!

What do you think is a good policy decision? Allowing tonnes of food grains to rot in the open due to lack of storage and mismanagement? OR to distribute these food grains to the poor for free there by ensuring that the produce does not go waste? While common sense believes in the latter, our government does not believe in common sense.

My Name is Khan and US doesnt likes it

If the national mental illness of the United States is megalomania, that of Canada is paranoid schizophrenia. - Margaret Atwood There was a report a few days back by some USCIRF - which calls itself US Commission on International Religious...

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