Outsourcing – You got it wrong Obama!

"The result (of outsourcing) is more American jobs, higher wages and a faster growing economy overall... Global sourcing continues to be a net positive for American workers and the US economy" - so said Harris N. Miller, president of...

Sethusamudram – An Indepth Analysis

CNN-IBN recently came up with an in-depth analysis report by looking at the Sethusamudram controversy, not just in terms of its religions nature, but also in terms of security risks, the ecological disaster, loss of livelihood for the local...

Indo US Nuclear Deal – Much more to it than mere power generation

Why is the US suddenly trying to be so nice to India? What is the basis for USA's new found love for India?Background tale of NPT India has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which recognizes only...

Nuclear Deal = Total Sellout

India and US are talking about a nuclear deal where in US will provide nuclear fuel for Indian reactors to generate power using nuclear energy. In other words, for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Hyde's act is the act...

Freedom Fighters?? What about this list?

The pakistani version of its terrorism support in Kashmir, has always been on the grounds that its providing support for the freedom movement in Kashmir.Okie, if that is the case then what explanation can it provide for the freedom...

Who is an OBC?

The history of the birth of OBC castes in India which were created for mere political gains by V P Singh and Co.

Nehru on Reservations

Nehru regarded caste based reservations as a step backward and was of the opinion that it would create a second class inferior knowledge society in India.

Simple Question – No Answer

Is it fair to provide caste based reservations when the real cause for lack of opportunity is economical with poor parents being unable to provide quality education to their children. Shouldn't reservations if really required be based on economic condition of people instead of caste. Is poverty limited only to lower castes? Are all upper caste people rich?

Can we grow teachers on trees?

How can caste based reservations be implemented in higher education like IIT and IIM without cutting down on the current general merit quota when there is a shortage of qualified professors to teach?

Politics of Defection

Anti Defection law in India passed by NDA government to prevent opportunistic politicians from crossing over between political parties without getting relected.
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Sanskrit poem on Ramayana – read in reverse becomes Mahabharata!

A Sanskrit poem about Ramayana when read in reverse direction becomes a poem on Mahabharata!

The difference between Itihasa and Puranas

Documentation of ancient Indian history and the historical events of Indian civilization in the form of Itihasa and Puranas - Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Online Education should be interactive and innovative – Fun to Learn

For online education to succeed for smaller classses - it should be as interesting as cartoons. Online education cant succeed unless it is more interesting, interactive and innovative than offline schooling.

The Complete List of Dhatus – Sanskrit Root Words and their English meaning

A complete list of all dhatus (root words or verb roots) in Sanskrit dictionary and their meanings with corresponding IPA transliteration.

Popular Articles

Takshashila – World’s Oldest University

More than 2700 years back a huge university existed in that ancient India where over 10,500 students from all across the world came for...

Grahas are not Planets – Nava Graha is not the same as Nine Planets

The difference between Planets and Grahas. Why are Sun and Moon included in the list of Navagrahas? Isn't it true that Rahu and Ketu do not exist? What about Earth?

Place Value, not Zero is most important invention of ancient Indian Mathematicians

The most important contribution of ancient India to mathematics was not zero but the place value system or positional notation system.

The Sacred Secrets of Ganga

Science behind the mysterious power of Ganges river. The reason why piligrims take the holy water of Ganga to their places and add it to local ponds, wells and lakes across India.

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