The pakistani version of its terrorism support in Kashmir, has always been on the grounds that its providing support for the freedom movement in Kashmir.

Okie, if that is the case then what explanation can it provide for the freedom movements in its own soil??

In Baluchistan its army and airforce strikes recently killed the baluchi leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti who was fighting for the liberation of Baluchistan. People in Baluchistan and North-West of Pakistan have been fighting for their independence since 1947!!!!

Next we have Sindh, look at this site

People of pakistan’s Sindh province have been fighting for the independece of Sindh..

Then we have the live example of how Bangladesh fought (of course with India’s help) and achieved its “freedom from the pakistani attorcities”.

Next comes the freedom movement in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)..
POK is one of the least developed highly neglected parts of pakistan. Neither is this part azad as pak claims nor are there very many ethnic kashmiris today due to pak’s ethnic cleansing there.
Check this out

We also have Balwaristan in Pakistan wanting to get out of the mess

What is your say on these “freedom fighters” Mr Musharraff? Support terrorism outside Pak in the name of freedom fight and when it comes to true struggle for independence in your own country, suppress it with force??
It was pakistan which “broke apart” again after independence due to its attrocities, Bangladesh was a successful movement because people of Bangladesh wanted it, unlike Kashmir.. Note that there was more military presence of Pak in Bangladesh then, than what India has in Kashmir today, and still Pakistan broke into two pieces.

Wish atleast now they will give up terrorism and any operation TOPAC like nonesense ideas and instead work towards the upliftment of their people..