Yet another piece of a supernova remnant, never born, ever living, attained material form a couple of billion years ago, took the current form during the last century.

DNA File Name: Gurudev – An Ancient Indian – developer of Gurunudi AI Platform

Addictions: Artificial Intelligence, Blogging, Thinking, Trekking, Science and Technology, Books, Gadgets, Playing-listening-composing Music

Food habit: Vegetarian by chance and choice

Theme of Life: Celebrate once in a lifetime festival called LIFE!

My favorite pastimes are investigating the functioning of this universe, searching for new knowledge, reading books, watching sci-fi/suspense/thriller/comedy movies and web series in Prime Video, Netflix, etc, wandering in the midst of nature, forests, valleys, listening, playing and composing music, etc.

I love Science. In fact, I live for science. For me Science is like a beautiful girl who is both attractive and explorable. Attractive bcos I like what I know about her and explorable bcos I know that I don’t know everything about her, which, nevertheless I would like to know.

Thanks to Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, life is quite interesting to me. If GOD grants me a wish, I would like to be a full time researcher, roaming the world and doing research on the unsolved mysteries of life and universe. But I also do understand that GOD helps only those who help themselves. So let me press F1 for myself. God gives us what we need, not what we want.

I love music. Music is what feelings sound like. My music past time includes not only listening to those longitudinal wave vibrations, but also composing and playing in my synthesizer. I listen to all kinds of music from old classicals, devotional, carnatic, hindusthani, western rock to indi pop, remixes, ghazals, folk songs, etc in almost any language – tamil, telugu, hindi, kannada, english, arabic..

Enter Computers in my life, the power of this greatest technological product has had a tremendous influence on me. Only a powerful combination of computer chips and human brains can further our understanding of the universe. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are my favorites. Long live Asimov’s laws.

‘Do not tamper with Mother Nature’, cries thy heart. ‘Genetic Engineering is inevitable’, rules the brain. Bionic Man Shall Come.

Why should we go to tomorrow as everyday passes? Can’t we go back to yesterday? If that happens, will I meet another Me or will I end up in a parallel universe with a parallel history? While Quantum Mechanics preaches non-locality, General relativity points towards wormholes. Is time travel possible? Well, I do believe in believing things till they are disproved. If not, science would not have evolved from Aristotle to Hawking.

So, why do I have this website? Well, I badly needed a platform to share my views with the rest of the world, and the views of the rest of the world with me. Knowledge is infinite, knowing that we don’t know is true knowing.

What does hitXP mean? Well, tell me what Schrodinger’s equation means and I shall tell you what hitXP means.

Anyway, here is a phrase which can be abbreviated to hitXP. I thought about this after this site was up and when people started asking what hitXP meant!

HITXP = Human Intelligence To-solve X-treme Problems.

Anything else? Yes, of course! INDIA – my Motherland, a nation with one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. Home for 1/6 of the entire humanity. Birthplace of the largest number of religions. The only nation where the culture of its ancient civilizations (Indus valley, Saraswati and the ancient Tamil civilizations) continue to be deeply rooted in the day to day life of its people. A culture that continues to evolve with times and trends, without being tied to time specific or ignorant ancient practices that become outdated or irrelevant over time.

A nation where mathematics and science was born, the concept of place values and the invention of zero in Einstein’s words, “We should be grateful to Indians who taught us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been made”. A nation which achieved its independence solely by means of non-violence. A nation which has never invaded any other country, but was itself invaded throughout its history by many others throughout history starting from Alexander, the Not So Great to terrorists funded by its hostile neighbor who still continue to target this nation which is secular by spirit and culture.

A culture known for its UNITY IN DIVERSITY, home to people of all the religions and faiths, where more than 1500 languages and dialects are spoken. This world’s largest democracy today with a fast growing economy stands high as one of the leading nations, especially in the field of Information Technology. India shall be the future power not by military, economy and technological might, but by the message of love, peace and friendship which it believes in. The concept of ‘VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM’ (the entire world is a single family) and ‘SARVE JANA SUKHINOBHAVANTU’ (may all the humans live happily and prosperously), was preached and practiced in Indian culture ever since the birth of civilization here thousands of years ago.

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.” – American Writer and Humorist Mark Twain

“In India I found a race of mortals living upon the Earth. but not adhering to it. Inhabiting cities, but not being fixed to them, possessing everything but possessed by nothing.”– Apollonius Tyanaeus, Greek Thinker and Traveller 1st Century AD

“Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago.” – Grant Duff, British Historian

“India was the motherland of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages. India was the mother of our philosophy, of much of our mathematics, of the ideals embodied in Christianity… of self-government and democracy. In many ways, Mother India is the mother of us all” – Will Durant, American Historian

And Finally,

At the close of this century, the world would be dominated by the West, but that in the 21st century “India will conquer her conquerors.” – Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee – British Historian

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Gurudev is the developer of Gurunudi AI Platform. This is his official website where he pens his thoughts on a wide range of topics, answers queries, shares resources and tools developed by him.


  1. This work is great. I am avidly interested in Sanskrit. Your information on Dhatus is excellent. If you can give example sentences for all the 2012 Dhatus, that would be great too. Please continue this work and kindle the interest in sanskrit in our country. I have read Raghava Yadaveeyam and Ramayana in sanskrit with word for word translations in english. Hope with your help, someday i will be able to read these without assistance in english.
    Sanskrit is a treasure trove of knowledge; please keep continuing this work. ALL THE VERY BEST.

  2. Hi Guru…
    Am following your website from 2-3 years….. You have created a good music notations. It is helping me a lot
    I need music notes for the below song…. can you pls post it.

    aadisi nodu beelisi nodu music notes ( kannada from the film kasturi nivasa )

  3. Hi , You have made a really informative website I feel difficult to find one with expansive knowledge covering various fields and quite interesting informations plus beautifuly thoughtfully written posts ….. Can you pls share names of some good books you read or authors , my mail is as20.archana@gmail.com
    Hope to find a reply soon !

  4. Hi Guru..

    Fantastic stuff here. I like your spirit of enquiry. In fact I am building on the same, trying to decipher the meaning of this life and above all my country INDIA. More to share but for now, let me mull over your views. Glad to help in the project. I may have certain questions to check your views. Many thanks again for your efforts.

  5. Well maintained website. Gurudev, people like you will really help to uncover truth and eradicate falsity, that is spread all over the world on various issues. Rajiv Dixit ji had always spread real facts on various issues of India and World.

  6. Dear Gurudev, I am interested in sheet music for many bollywood songs. I would need sheet music for Tenor Saxophone. Would you be interested in developing sheet music? Once I hear from you, I shall send you my list of songs (around 80-100). Looking forward to hear from you.
    Thanks a lot, Rupinder

  7. Hi, I’m a grade 6 caranatic violinist and I was wondering if you would be able to do the musical violin notes for the tamil song Puriyavillai from the film Singam 2 please. Thanks

  8. GURU ji plz plz plz upload some of the krishna’s bhajan in your hitxp site its my request .

    i have practice lot of ur hindi song (on harmonoum) i belong from poor family and can’t afford music teacher .Guru ji its my humble request plz honour me and other bhajan lovers


  9. GURU ji plz plz plz upload some of the krishna’s bhajan in your hitxp site its my request .

    i have practice lot of ur hindi song (on harmonoum) i belong from poor family and can’t afford music teacher .Guru ji its my humble request plz honour me and other bhajan lovers


  10. Suresh Vemuri – is “interest and understanding” not sufficient, why rely ONLY on formal-qualification? (think in terms of a painter/artist who never went to art school/a dancer who never went to dance school.. :-)

  11. @bs111vemuri:disqus – is “interest and understanding” not sufficient, why rely ONLY on formal-qualification? (think in terms of a painter/artist who never went to art school/a dancer who never went to dance school.. :-)

  12. I was very impressed with your page “Demystifying Einstein’s Field Equations”. Have been working over 10 years to extend his GR to account for current observations with thought experiments and am now struggling with the math. This math challenge may continue for the rest of my life but has humbled me to a reawakening. Many years ago Yoga Meditation saved me from the Horror of 2 tours in Vietnam. With your permission may I send you a short proposal on the connection between space and mass? With greatest respect, Robert

    • Thank you for appreciating the article. I guess the first requirement in understanding the universe at any level beyond our normal daily human interactions is to give up on our common sense, which is not an easy task at all. As Einstein said its the set of prejudices we have earned as we grew up.

      Meditation is one such useful technique which assists us in the process of relearning.

      Yes please send it to me, my email is itzguruATgmail.com

  13. Dear Guruji,
    read your articles on economics concerning about dollar, debt ceiling crisis and also the one where u beautifully explained how currency is printed and enters into the markets. Can u also explain about how the relative values of different currency changes like currently how the dollar values have reached 66 rupees and how this effects the economy. if u ve already written something on this then could u please show the link. i didn’t knew where to post these questions or requests, so i am doing it here. and lastly thank u for those articles on economics, those were most illuminating

  14. I don’t know whether you read my last comments / question. nevertheless here it is. after reading your 1st Sanskrit lesson, I have one question for you. Whats the real name of Ganesha?

    • There is nothing like “real name” of Ganesha. All names of Ganesha are indicative of different attributes of Ganesha. Usually the names given in ancient India used to be indicative of different attributes of the kids. You can see that almost all names in the Puranas have a reason behind them.

        • There is nothing like itself or himself independent of the attributes that creates it or him. That is what the core Indian philosophy is all about as well. There are only attributes we perceive and we identify things using these attributes. When we see a pink lotus we don’t identify it by its name, but by its attributes like color, shape, where it is found and so on.

          Take the case of how we perceive “reality”.

          The only reality we know is the ones our brain manufactures, our brain receives millions of signals every minute and we organize them into holograms; which we project outside ourselves and call it reality. The reality is only about perceptions.

          Which is why Buddha said, “In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”

  15. Hi, first of all – love the article, but i have a question that is killing me… and here it is… how did the FIRST star get created (if there was only H and He) does that mean the first stars were made only of H, He and Li ? if so could the element O be created in such a star ???

    • Hydrogen was already created even before the first star, Hydrogen nucleus is just a single proton. As this Hydrogen mass started gravitating towards nearby Hydrogen mass, they started falling together, and ignited the fusion process. This happened simultaneously in many places across the Universe and the first stars were born. Here Hydrogen started fusing to form He, then Li and so on. Yes Oxygen can also be created in such stars.

  16. WONDERFUL guru ji……..
    u r running a great work here…..
    plz clear, how to contact to you…………

  17. i really love to read your blogs . thanks for giving me such a valuable information about our country. now i want to learn some books on vedas. so could you please suggest me some store where i can buy those book on vedas. I live in delhi.
    i really in support of that vedic mathematic sould be include in our education policies. we should do sth to change our education policy. if you have an idea how to please our government to introduce our ancient studies in current education. i will support you.

  18. Nice thoughts…nice mission.. you share mine. I wish you get what you yearn. For this lovely land Aryavart Bharat Sindhusthan India…

    Dr Shailesh G

  19. hello i came across your recent article “Bharathakanda bharatha varsha” which is quite fascinating..
    and i completely appreciate your work bringing these things to light.
    you write as a pro you really have deep knowledge in what you talk and an insight to understand and comprehend can i know what is that you do in your real life as that you can be according to me inspiration to the young minds

    • Thanks so much for liking my articles. I design and develop software, but I dont work for any company, most of what I do is for my own personal satisfaction, if that answers your question :)

  20. Hi Gurudev,

    can you please help with notes for the following Kishore Kumar’s song from movie Sharabhi?

    Manzilo Pe Aa Ke Lootate Hai Dilon Ke Caaravaan

    Kashtiya Saahil Pe Aksar Doobati Hai Pyaar Ki
    Manzile Apni Jagah Hai Raaste Apni Jaga



  21. Hi Gurudev,

    The information you provide on your FB page and Site is soooo extraordinary. I am an ever enthusiastic person with belief in vedas and God, but wonder about tons of things about vedas. From my childhood, I have always very eager to know who am I and now while I am in thirties, I seem to understand few things owing to pravachanas of Sri Chaganti Koteshwar Rao Garu. So, I was hoping to initate something which would help people like me to understand things from vedas, then I came across your site.

     I was really left in awe, reading the blogs and crystal clear concepts you depicted. It appears you get a very clear conclusion from what you read, see and analyse everything. I wonder how you were able to spend time and get sources of such information. My atmost respect and salutes to you and your site. 

    • Thank you for appreciating my writings. I got whatever little I know from my readings. Books are my teachers, and every book I read ends up telling me that what I dont know is immense, making me feel even smaller and happier because there is much more to know!! Thanks again.

  22. HI Guru In the Keyboard
    Notes of Haadondu Naa Haaduvenu song u mentioned that Composed in Carnatic Raga:
    Shankarabharana, actually it is composed in Shivaranjani (Janya raga) and also mixed Karaharapriya (Sampurna raga).


  23. Hi
    I am Pradeep from Delhi please Piano Notes for song [Ooh la la ….Dirty Picture] send me.

    with regards

  24. Hello Guru, Would you kindly post Indian notations for the song “tujhe sooraj kahoon ya chanda” by Mannda Dey from the movie “Ek Phool Do Maali”. Would greatly appreciate it. 

  25. Hi, I wanted to know if you wrote anything more to “Alien twist to God” I tried looking for it in your new blog but couldn’t find any. I am keen on understanding the secrets behind VEDIC TIME… and I’ve also wiki-ied on stuff like the life span of Devas, and the time span of the YUGAS mentioned in vedas which I find extremely perplexing. I’d appreciate if you extend your help with this regard. I’m just an amateur treading on this territory and I wish to only know more about these mysterious facts. 

  26. Hi Gurudev, I really appreciate the work and effort you have put in to upload all the music notes. I am currently looking or the music notes (specifically piano notes) for the kannada yugadi song – Yuga yugaadi kaledaru.. or any other popular festival / kids kannada song notes? If you have or know where to source them from , please can you pass this on to me? Thanks

  27. Hi Guru,
    Do you know anything about Hindu Caste system origin? If yes, Please let me why there is caste system in india? how it started? when it started? can you gather these information and let me know?

    • Originally it is a professional classification which got converted into a caste system only during the colonial rule. The professional classification existed in ancient India where in a doctor’s son was usually a doctor, a warrior’s son was a warrior and so on to ensure that expertise kept adding up over generations from father to son and so on. But again there was no restriction about the son of a Brahmin becoming a Kshatriya or vice versa. Only during the colonial era did this labeling of caste system start, and after that people ended up getting identified with their family profession, leading to all the complexities that got created there after.

  28. Its a treasure find for me!! Great site and good work. I landed here basically to look for the music notes. Thank you so much…… i found exactly what i was looking for….. please keep up the good work!! congrats again

  29. I wanna tabs for song PEHELI NAZAR MAI KAISA JADUU KAR DIYA from the movie RACE. Please, please ,please  provide it…………………..

    I will be very thankfull to u it is one of my favorite song………

  30. What a profile you have Gurudev.  Originally I am from Fiji but living in Australia now.  Our ancestors were brought to Fiji from various parts of India under the Indenture System.  Although we are lucky that our elders have upheld and nurtured whatever culture, language and religion was near and dear to their hearts in the tiny Pacific island, we have yet to learn so much more about our origins.  Chalo aap ki aankhon se bharat mata ka darshan kar lenge.  Thanks you for your insights, very enlightening, keep them coming.

    • Thanks Prem. Good to know about you. Great to hear how determined our ancestors were to preserve the culture of the motherland. That proves the reason why vedas which are thousands of years old are still available while books return a couple of centuries back have been lost elsewhere in the world.

      As a matter of fact we Indians ourselves who are born and brought up here have a lot lot to learn about our origins, so much so that one lifetime is just not enough I guess. This blog is just a small effort to keep sharing whatever information I keep coming across.

  31. sir good to hear about u 
    thanq for the notes sir
    can u send me songs from phoolon ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai notes …hindi old song about sisters

  32. Sir, ur notes hav been very useful to me…I play the violin and  i hav enjoyed playing the songs a lot
    Can u plz upload the song….tu jaane na…from da movie Ajab prem ki gazab kahaani…preferably for the violin…

  33. Dear all,
    We are a Sanskrit Organization to spread spoken sanskrit culture and Vedic Science among common people working since 1983. We are publishing a Sanskrit monthly magazine “LOKABHASHA SUSHREEH” containing facts on science, animal kingdom, Vedic sages, News etc. We need som egood article for our magazine. We may send us in English if you do not know Sanskrit to us . we will translate them to sanskrit and may publish. You can download and look into our magazine from last line of left panel of home page of our web site . Please help us in expanding Scince and contemporary topics Publishing in Sanskrit language. Long Live Sanskrit! Long Live Veda.
    Subhendu Rath,
    email : srath.bbsr AT gmail.com
    Web site : http://samskrita.co.in

    • Good to know about your organization and thank you very much for your service to the Sanskrit language. Will email the articles to the given address.

  34. Dear Gurudev,

    You are a true Gurudev, which means you are my teacher. I am ready to do anything for you, and of course, very anxious to meet you. I am a very young student-more precisely a brahmin student-from Hyderabad with 19 years of age. I studied many suktas, I can chant them without seeing. I studied the principles of Modern day physics. But, the only question which always tortured me was, Why for am I studying all this? What am I supposed to do?.

    So, I agree now that, what I need to answer the later is a Guru, to guide me, to make me something which I am not. I don’t know whether you would take help of others, search internet, copy paste matter, but in-spite you are my Guru. Because, you have a broader view, more than anybody on the Earth I have came across. You know everything from top to bottom. I think you are similar to a peddabalashiksha (encyclopedia in Telugu-dealing from the fundamentals of a language to everything), but far more than that. I sincerely, want to follow you, be your sincere desciple, very anxious to meet you. 

    (If you don’t think I am telling too much of myself read the following paragraph)I almost read everything you wrote in this blog long back (the vedas part and the science part), due to my curiosity. But, couldn’t related both of them how much ever tried. I felt like it was inculcating two swords into same holder. But, now I realized that, the both are like the the holder and the actual knife. I main knife only holds strong with the Pidi, the holding part, which is our vedas. Its like the other part of the sword. I have every option of leaving India once and forever. But, I never do it because I LOVE INDIA. I found this true citizen ship with very few among my friends, my relatives. I think I found out a man who feels more responsible citizen of India more than I do. I think I found a man who is too much anxious to contribute something to this world more than I do. (Memorizing a famous poem by Sri Sri which goes on like nenu saitam prapanchaniki samidhani okkati ahuti iccanu, nenu saitam vishwa vrushtiki ashruvu okkatai dharabosanu). Kudos for the such feelings you have in your mind. That is the main reason which made me your desciple. Many people today don’t have that anxiety, which is very sad, may be due to predominant Eastern culture. So, top of the top is your spiritual leading, your patriotism that made me your fan, your man at service. I am on a quest to find out the secrets of the universe, secrets of human life (Relating modern scientific inventions and ancient vedas.). I think my soul purpose of taking birth on this Earth fulfills only with finding answers to my questions, proving them to the world, showing patriotism. I think you can be the right person to guide me sincerely and I whole heartedly request you to be my Guru for my life time. I am ready to do any kind of service I can offer, and in turn I want you to guide me-like what guru did during ancient times.

    My particular area interest-which immediately draw me to your attention-is the relativity and Quantum mechanics. I wanted to show the world answers for these mysteries through our ancient vedas. This is the only destination of my life, which i decided to achieve in order to fulfill my ego. I want you to accept me as your disciple in finding this quest-guessing you are already on this mission.

    Thanking you, 
    Your sincere student/follower/desciple,

    Sheshank Joshi, 

    sheshank.joshi@gmail:disqus .com


    (Very anxious to meet you. Can speak Telugu, Hindi, English fluently with partial Tamil)

    • Good to know about you Sheshank. Well, its just that my name is Gurudev, apart from that I am yet another homo sapien with an infinite curiosity to understand everything, trying to make a sense of what is this business of universe all about, trying to learn everything possible – student for a lifetime.

      Having said that, yes sure, definitely we can share our thoughts. You can email me any time at itzguru(AT]gmail.com

      In fact, there is so much to know that probably one lifetime is really not enough, probably one needs to concentrate on finding out how to be born again and again with an incremental knowledge of the past lives, so that we can know everything.

  35. Dear Gurudev you are fantastic. Can you please give notations for phool tumhe bheja hai kat mein of film sarasvatichandra.
    thanks & regards,

  36. We totally relate and understand what you write here. We are two sisters who love life. On a constant path of exploration. I am a professor at a B school and she is an architect. We live in Bangalore and our day begins with contemplating life and ends with the same. We stumbled upon your site and must say, thoroughly enjoyed. We were wondering if we can be friends in order discuss these things.



    • Good to know about you both and glad to hear that you liked the site. Of course we can be friends, my email id is itzguru(AT)gmail.com

    • Its rendered in different tunes, please let me know if you have any specific tune in mind – like sending me an youtube link of that tune?

  37. Superb site it is, no doubt. One small correction to this about-me write-up:

    • Thanks for liking the site.
      Well, it is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – vasudha is earth, vasudhaiva means “the entire earth” – kutumbakam – is a family.
      References: Hitopadesha 1.3.71 and Panchatantra 5.3.37

      The beauty of this quote is it doesn’t say “humans” – the family includes all – humans, other animals, plants, nature.

  38. Sir, 
    first of all, happy 15th of AUG.

    Today, Indian books are easily available. But due to Western influences (may be due to Griffith), their translations work like trash. They misguide people and the real purpose is lost. So, can you please provide the link for Indian view on Vedas so that world can know about what was actual meaning of Vedic statements. If you have Vedas by Dayanand Saraswati, please upload.

  39. NAMASTE ..sir … i m very inspired by ur thoughts… i m also interested in philosophy, Indian culture vedas n all..and i ve great respect…
    one thing i want to share.. 
    in Mexico one phrase is there .. ie.. INDIA IS BORN PHILOSOPHER  ..
    keep up ur good work..

  40. Hi Guru,
    Please tell us what triggered you to read vedas/puranas and other anicent texts. From your autobiography i learnt science is a beautiful girl “Nice interpretation”, but i have very strong feeling that someone/something would have triggered your sense to start digging up for treasure. Please tell us more about that if you have one. Secondly, Can you suggest some best simple english book which talk about garuda purana? I know garuda purana should be read during death bed. But It is first purana in which Vishnu himself explained the rule and regulations of birth and death. From one of the article about garuda purana, the soul which is departed from earth carries sin which will be cleansed in some river and this soul join with other body for next journey and born as new baby. This one is weird to me, I heard some strange information from one of my friend who said that soul are born like how babies are born on earth..i.e. human alikes or angels in heaven have intimacy and give birth to soul. Is it correct? Please correct me if i am wrong.

    • Hi Barat, no specific incidents as such about my passion, have had this bookoholic nature right from my childhood and always loved to read anything and everything that I came across, remember even reading anything interesting in the paper cuttings that were given as containers or wrappers when buying eatables like boiled groundnuts or son papdi :0

      So I guess its just your passion, some have passion for movies, some have passion for sports, my passion is about knowledge, to know more and more, and try to find the facts, and try as much as possible not to get carried away by something just because the whole world believes in it.

      Trying to understand things and questioning everything till you understand it logically opens up new windows of opportunity, provided you have enough time. In this materialistic mechanical world, people make more money but have less time to spend with themselves.

  41. Hi Gur
    First of all hats off to people like you with so much diversity from Music to philosophy.
    I came across your site searching for hindi song natation for Naino me badara chaye very old song. Is there any way you can get me the notation. I am supposed learn that for my daughters wedding!

    • Will definitely post the notations when I find some time, really sorry about it but not sure if I can post it on time for you :(

  42. One small suggestion my friend. Please show some easy way to register to your blog site. I spend hours of time to get register into your blog. It would be a great help to readers who wants to express his feelings and praise your work. I would say if you can put one more tab with clear instruction to register into your blog.

    Thanks in advance 

    • Thanks for inquiring. But there is no internal registration in this site as such, you can either follow the articles via RSS feed, or subscribing via email, or on facebook or on twitter. All the links are at the top of the page and on the right side bar of all pages in this site. Please let me know if you still have an issue using any of the mentioned means of following the blog.

  43. After seeing your work. I am sooo curious that are you human or robot?? :) man i tell you onething, u r just amazing person. you dont know how much happy i am after reading all your article and thoughts. I am more interested in Cosmology, Religion, Mystery and Truth.  I was searching for these kind of topic in one place and now finally gaatit. I was searching about hindu cosmology and i came across one interesting article in Wikipedia.
    Read it. I am still amazed that how can a person think like this some 1000 and 1000 of year ago. I dont know whether these information are true, but it is very interesting to know new things. One of the best part in that link was about Brahma’s day..read it below..
    Currently, 50 years of Brahma have elapsed and we are in the first Day of the 51st year. This Brahma’s day, Kalpa, is named as ShvetaVaraha Kalpa. Within this Day, six Manvantaras have already elapsed and we are in the seventh Manavatara, named as – Vaivasvatha Manvantara (or Sraddhadeva Manavatara). Within the Vaivasvatha Manavantara, 27 Mahayugas (4 Yugas together is a Mahayuga), and the Krita, Treta and Dwapara Yugas of the 28th Mahayuga have elapsed. We are in the Kaliyuga of the 28th Mahayuga. This Kaliyuga began in the year 3102 BC in the proleptic Julian Calendar. Since 50 years of Brahma have already elapsed, we are in the second Parardha, also called as Dvithiya Parardha.
    The time elapsed since the current Brahma has taken over the task of creation can be calculated as
    432000 x 10 x 1000 x 2 = 8.64 Billion Years (2 Kalpa(day and night) )[7] 8.64 x 109 x 30 x 12 = 3.1104 Trillion Years (1 year of Brahma)3.1104 x 1012 x 50 = 155.52 Trillion Years (50 years of Brahma)
    (6 x 71 x 4320000 ) + 7 x 1.728 x 106 = 1.852 billion years elapsed in first six Manvataras, and Sandhi Kalas in the current Kalpa27 x 4320000 = 116.640000 million years elapsed in first 27 Mahayugas of the current Manvantara1.728 x 106 + 1.296 x 106 + 864000 = 3.888 million years elapsed in current Mahayuga3102 + 2010 = 5112 years elapsed in current Kaliyuga.
    So the total time elapsed since current Brahma is
    155.52 x 1012 + 1.973×109 + 0.00012053302 = 155.52 Trillion Years
    The current Kali Yuga began at midnight 17 February / 18 February in 3102 BC in the proleptic Julian calendar.
    Finally, Please Please Please post more stuff. i want to read and get enlightened. GOD BLESS YOU MY FRIEND.

  44. Hi,
    I must say i am really a big fan of your blogs.

    I would request you to write a blog if possible about your thoughts on
    1) what is the reason for all the sufferings of the people ?
    2) if it is to be attributed to one’s sins or mistakes, what does a small child born with hell of a lot of problems commit as sin ?
    3) Why sufferings are more localized ? (to be precise People in western countries are living a highly comfortable lifestyle whereas we suffer from corruption, poverty, hunger, illiteracy etc etc … What sin did Indians do to suffer all these, if they were such a glorified community once ?.)
    4) If previous sins are the reasons for the sufferings, What is the origin of one to do a sin ? His Human brain ? Who created him ? God ? Who is the real root cause ?

    Sorry if some of these are already answered in your blog. Just give me a link and i could enlighten myself. Thanks in Advance !

    • Hi Shankar,
      The core principle of Hinduism is not sins, it is Karma. Karma does not mean Sin, Karma means ‘action’. It is our past actions that decide our present, and our present actions influence our future. It is the same as the scientific principle of action and reactions. We do our actions and the world around reacts to it. If our actions are good, then so will be the reaction. If our actions are bad, then so will be the reaction.

      And again, it is not just our action that matters, it is also the action by the ones immediately around us, which is why it is said that parents karma affect the children. If parents are not responsible, then obviously the children get affected by it. If father is a alcoholic, then definitely child gets affected by this. So a newborn child is also influence by the karma of its parents or care takers.

      Then there is the karma (actions) of nature as well. Earth quakes, floods are all a result of this. Its not just that only humans have their karma, its only that humans have a choice over their karma because of the freewill we have. A river cannot decide whether it will cause floods or not, it just follows the nature’s rules of action. But a human can decide whether he will help somebody or not.

      God has given us free will, and God does not interfere in our everyday life. It is our Karma or actions we do by our free will that will lead us towards success of failure. And regarding sufferings being more localized, its again about the collective action or karma of the masses. Look at the post independent scenario, masses elect corrupt leaders through their votes and this wrong karma results in wrong results. Just like the way each individual has his karma, in the same way each village, each society, each country also has its karma which is the collective karma of all the individuals in that system. So for our sufferings we are to blame ourselves, inaction is also a karma.

      So the poor are those masses who are facing the karma of the collective actions of all the citizens, those who vote for money, those who elect corrupt leaders, those who do not vote at all, – all these malefic karma results in overall suffering in the nation.

      • Thanks for the reply. Still i would like to get one final answer. The answer for question #4 i had asked. That is, who is the root cause ?

        Is our action or karma a random thing ? Why should someone perform a right action and why someone should perform a wrong thing ? And are we sure everyone get their karma correctly rewarded ? I mean, i could see people doing bad karma (action) but still get away with it and not suffer for it. You could take politicians for example.

        • It is not random, it is a net result of the actions by us and by the ones immediately around us. Right and wrong are relative terms, what is right for one person is wrong for the other. So the actual right or wrong lies within us, for every action by us WE as the performer of that action know deep inside our heart whether it is right or wrong, and it is these our own thoughts about our actions that decide whether our action is right or wrong. There is no definitive time period for the rewards or punishments of karma – it is just an action reaction system and the cumulative thoughts about them inside our minds and our own conviction about our actions.

          If you are aware of thermodynamics, the karma is more like the second law of thermodynamics in the sense that it cannot be considered at an individual basis of an isolated person, but it works on a overall system basis and not in isolation but in tandem with the karmic surroundings. Which is why it was also said that good people should always try to be in the company of the good, because the karma of their surroundings has the potential to override their own karma.

          The texts describe Karma as the following types

          Sanchita – is our accumulated karma ie a result of all our past acts. It is not possible to experience and endure all Karmas in one life. Just think about a politician who does bad karma just before he dies. So where does that karma go. That goes into Sanchita karma which gets carried over to his next life as well. So Sanchita Karma is like the pending debt or credit of karma we are carrying.

          Over time this sanchita karma starts to bear fruit and is known as prarabdha karma.
          Prarabdha is the fruit-bearing karma portion of accumulated Sanchita karma. It is this Karma which is responsible for our problems or happiness in our lives.

          Kriyamana is the Karma that we produce in our current life. All kriyamana karmas flow in to sanchita karma and consequently shape our future via Prarabdha Karma. The texts also say that only in human life we have the ability to change our future destiny. After death we loose the Kriya Shakti (ability to act according to our will) and hence to do (kriyamana) karma until we are born again in human body.

          When we are done with all the stock of our Sanchita Karma, our soul is said to attain Moksha or salvation and be free from the cycle of rebirth.

      • Thanks for the reply. Still i would like to get one final answer. The answer for question #4 i had asked. That is, who is the root cause ?

        Is our action or karma a random thing ? Why should someone perform a right action and why someone should perform a wrong thing ? And are we sure everyone get their karma correctly rewarded ? I mean, i could see people doing bad karma (action) but still get away with it and not suffer for it. You could take politicians for example.

      • Thanks for the reply. Still i would like to get one final answer. The answer for question #4 i had asked. That is, who is the root cause ?

        Is our action or karma a random thing ? Why should someone perform a right action and why someone should perform a wrong thing ? And are we sure everyone get their karma correctly rewarded ? I mean, i could see people doing bad karma (action) but still get away with it and not suffer for it. You could take politicians for example.

      • Thanks for the reply. Still i would like to get one final answer. The answer for question #4 i had asked. That is, who is the root cause ?

        Is our action or karma a random thing ? Why should someone perform a right action and why someone should perform a wrong thing ? And are we sure everyone get their karma correctly rewarded ? I mean, i could see people doing bad karma (action) but still get away with it and not suffer for it. You could take politicians for example.

  45. Hi Gurudev…… first of all m very glad to ‘finally’ meet a person like u …. seems like its been a very long wait…. i m shikhar presently persuing engineering in electronix nd comm.(1st yr) from GGSIPU ……. am very much spiritually inclined and have an extreme passion for vedic science… vedic physics in particular…. in my free time from my university exams (which have made my life a kind of hell ;) i read scriptures like brahma sutra , bhagavad gita , rig veda from various sources …. and believe me — as i read more about these thing the more i realise the supremacy of indic science and mythology over the so called ‘modern’ world …..your thoughts are great and in full parallelism wid mine….

    the problem is that i have not got a proper platform to xplore more abt these things because of many different reasons…. like friends ,relatives making mockery of me,,total engagement to perfom in school/college exams etc.

    two years back i read about quantum physics from science reporter and was very interested in it… i researched abt it on a outer level and then turned to vedic science…. my whole life came upside down … i noticed that the whole of quantum physics in a way is contained in vedanta and vedas…. i am trying to learn more abt it…. there are many more things i wud like to discuss….

    i have a youtube page totally dedicated to this ..plzzzz see that …. i had also made 2 videos on vedic physics in the holidays after my 12th board exams…. the direct link to my youtube channel is —


    again i wud like to appreciate the awesome work done by you in various fields… keep it up..
    hope we will be in contact soon …

    Shikhar Verma

  46. Naice to meet you Gurudev ! :) Is Gurudev your real name ? If it is than your parents have really very aptly named you !

  47. Superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the original theory which give true image of our past historic life.
    But this [edited] GH..DI..AN POLITICIAN does not have any vision to correct our history that is written by communist and britishers who have no faith in our culture , just only want 2 divide our society, that is still previaling..

  48. Hello can u please post the HINDI keyboard song notes for “Kabhi Kabhi Aditi” song from the movie “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” ?? i really need those….
    Thank You in Advance

  49. Is it possible to get the piano notes for “Thamizh Thai Vazhthu”?

    This is for my 8 yr old son to play during the Tamil school Annual day program in California.


  50. hi can u send me keyboard notes of Maayavagide manasu haage summane from movie Haage summane… please please please… thanks in advance :)

  51. I can see a lot of you in me. Your attitude towards life and your thoughts are almost like a mirror, as they reflect back thoughts, ideologies, principles and beliefs almost parallel to mine. I will go through as many articles on this blog as possible :)

  52. Hi,

    I had gone thru your website..its amazing..gr8 work. Basically i like music very much..thanks for all your hard work for posting such a wonderful notations.

    A only request from my side is can you pls post the notations of song Tu hi re tu hi re(movie bombay).


  53. You views have charmed me. I have never come across a person so culturally, scientifically, politically and socially aware and sensitive.

    Interestingly, you seem to be a prototype of the new political movement started recently called “Bharat Swabhiman”.

    Loved your articles.

    • Thank you very much for your comments, I am a guy just interested in anything and everything around us and want the youth of this country to learn the true history as is. Yes I do appreciate Bharat Swabhiman movement, and wish it turns out to be a great success. For that we require the masses who go out and vote to become politically educated, but the unfortunate hard reality in the country today is that for every single person who goes out and votes keeping in mind the future of the country, there are 1000 others who go and vote against his choice for the sake of a mere 500 Rupee Note. As long as buying votes is a choice in a country, such democracy is always available for sale.

  54. this is not a web site but it is a progressive thoughts wihch can make revolution in to everyone’s mind, as it is stated in the article” vedic quantum mechanics” it will catch equal vibrations and vibrate on the same level to produce higher level vibarations of thoughts just like it is multiple dimention multiverse.

    thank you.
    (Mantra of very strong force)
    also, i want to know some details Of Mantra of veda which can perform mechanical, magnetical work , and the work done, can you please show some example of that kind of Mantra.

    thankyou again


    • Thanks Vipul for your kind comments. The very word Mantra is a combination of Man and Tra. Man means mind in Sanskrit and Tra means tool, so mantras are tools that can be used by our mind. The basic idea in Mantras is that, the universe is full of vibrations (which is proved by recent String Theory), and these vibrations being repeated rhythms, saying specific Mantras repeatedly will sync our thoughts and acts with that of the universe and will yield specific related results. So every mantra has a specific result associated with it, but please note that they are first to do with mind rather than directly doing some mechanical work, once the mind is able to concentrate its thoughts along with the mantra will the mantra result also in (if intended to do so) yantra ie mechanical work. Here is a good read about the same http://www.angelfire.com/yogascience/mantras.htm

  55. Hi this very good that u r sharing your musical knowledge.
    Please help me i want tere mere hothon pe mithe mithe geet (Chandni movie ) songs note.

    Best Regards
    Rakesh Kumar

  56. Gurudev,

    I have written to you before and commenting on how great your site is. I love the promotion of Indian Values, Cultures and Morals.

    The promotion of Languages and our ancient texts is very much important to me.

    I wanted to thank you for this site again and for your continued and relentless efforts.

    The pursuit of the truth is a worthy cause.

    Thank you.


  57. Hi Gurudev,
    I was looking for keyboard notes for a song on Google and was lucky to find the notes and more on hitXP. Initially was suspiciousness should I open or should I not, as the name was unfamiliar and did not know its expanded form. Good that I visited and explored the Goldmine.

    I am very happy that you are able to find time for things you like to do, please do, it is want you like most is always useful to others as well. The passionate you are you research more, your knowledge gets shared and benefits more people. I have similar interests, but twice your age, Some reverse engineering here, I bought a keyboard last month, started blogging a year back. Love your site, keep time and do more, We will keep coming back.

    • Thank you very much Krishnaji for your kind words. Love to keep writing lot more articles and exchanging views, but time is an easy target to blame :)
      Twice my age would then mean n times the knowledge, please do keep coming back and give your views. All the best with the keyboard, it is fun to learn it and is one of the easiest ways to play music in 100s of different instruments. Wanna keep posting hundreds of more song notes, again the deficiency of time exists though.

  58. Can we have a feature wherein we can see all the previous comments by going back…. currently we are able to see only 10 comments or so..

  59. Thanks for the links.

    Can you please write on time-line of hindu scriptures or philosophy, I mean classifications/groups of scriptures and their originators (evolution of hindu religion) with brief summary on their contents.

    It may help us to know the vista of hindu philosophy/religion/findings.

    Thanks and regards


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  61. Any article here on Big-Bang, Space-Time Curvature, How all created (science)

    The search is not working properly in Mozila.

    Is there any scope to write here (with your comments/edition) or discussion groups (monitored by you).

    It will be nice if you could recommend links to references, books, etc.



  62. “In 2 months though I will be living the life I always wanted to and I am quite excited about it ”

    Hi guru

    I your earlier post (February 27, 2010 at 7:43 PM )
    you had made the above comment, So? have you realized your dream ? What is it ? can you share it with all of us ?

      • Oh Sorry Raj, somehow missed this out. Yes, you can see it in the website itself, have started blogging regularly now :)

        For quite some time life had become so hectic that I rarely used to read stuff I am interested in, nor play music in my synthesizer, nor blog regularly. It was just work work work.

        Now I have managed to takeout extra time by careful planning of my work activities, have started blogging regularly, started writing a book which I wanted to write for quite some years now, now there’s time for everything I wanna do, can spend more time on research, music and what not.


        • Oh Wonderful Guru , I think taking time out for ourselvesis the most challenging part in this hectic era,if you have managed to do this it means that you have achieved something great …. good going …the positive effect of this is that we can see more of your wonderful articles. Keep up the good work :-)

  63. hi gurudev,
    i have just got the link for this site recently.. this site is an info mine.. thanks for ur initiative.. ur profile is inspiring and am one with similar attitude… but few things of mine demotivate me often.. those few are thesse- fear, negative attitude and lack of concentration.. i have started meditation hoping its a solution for all of these.. if u know any other ways, pls add in reply.. thank you..

    • Hi Santosh, sorry for the delayed reply. Everybody has experienced these things one or the other time in their lives. So dont worry about it that much. Just keep overcoming it. The best way to do that is to do one thing at a time with full concentration, no matter how small it is. Then promise to reward yourself after that thing gets done and while doing that task donot think about any other 110 issues bothering you. Do a task as if it is the only task you have in your life and reward yourself like say watching a movie or dining at a fav restaurant once you have achieved that. The key is to break down your tasks into tiny multiple tasks and do it one at a time without worrying about the other. Worry is the misuse of imagination :)

  64. You are correct. an atom/parts of atom everything is live. We are limited with 5 senses to recognise the expressions. So we are defining life by that.  You develop more senses then you can recognise life in more things.

  65. Hi,

    You/your ideas/thoughts say everything is Great. But the Name Gurudev I can not comment. Guru=Big and Dev=Divinity. Very tough task to handle. I wish you all the best.


  66. Dear Gurudev, I am inspired by your love for science. Especially as you liken it to a woman, I am a woman, and agree….the universe is like one… both attractive and explorable, far more creative and intricate than ever imagined….
    That’s not why I’m writing… your conclusion makes me sad…. (i italicized the sad part).
    “Thanks to Quantum Mechanics

    and Relativity, life is quite interesting to me. If GOD grants me a wish, I would like to be a full time researcher, roaming the world and doing research on the unsolved mysteries of life and universe. But I also do understand that GOD helps only those who help themselves. So let me press F1 for myself. God gives us what we need, not what we want.”
    It makes me sad because I wanted to encourage you as a scientist… whether you are one by profession or de facto by interest… all science is about expirimentation, even quantum physics… though it has a consciousness all it’s own that at times mystifies and confounds human thinking.  My point: I feel it would befit a person as inquisitive as yourself, to do an experiment for two months. I believe if people saw God as one who provides not only needs but ALSO the deepest desires of people’s hearts, there would be a far better image of God… one whose Kindness and prosperity brings hope to the hopeless… okay, but I’m not a philosopher. I’ve done this experiment 2-3 times in the past 6 months.  Write down, specifically, in as much detail as you can, exactly what you dream, and declare as such: within two months, this this and this, will happen. Even take it as far as commanding (this might feel dumb for a moment) all natural laws and elements to fall into place for these to occur. And then watch…

    Quantum mechanics has been the basis for societal change because of what it has elucidated and made possible in technology, production etc…. what if the theories and principles behind quantum physics… as enigmatic as they are… could prove that things exist in your own personal time and space continuum, that you are only YET to be aware of.  a… REALITY beyond your reality if it were. As in, you dream of things not accidentally, but because they are actually there- right now existing- but in a time and space you just haven’t accessed yet, and that there are principles and laws to matter, but we have the ability to alter them by believing they will and can amount to good, even our good.  Try it…

    let me know in 2 months what God has revealed to you … bottom line is, I think you CAN have not only what you need, but everything you want….

    • Very true Sheri. Thats what I meant when I said let me press F1 for myself – ie to help myself. And today I am very much near to that probably just 2 months away after which I will be living the life I always wanted to and to come to this stage required a careful planning of over 7 years :)
      As you rightly pointed out, our mind always guides us towards that desire of ours which we want to reach or achieve, provided we constantly think about it and plan to achieve it and work towards it. Then slowly depending on how strong your will is, things will start to fall in place one by one, the surroundings around you will become more helpful, the events that happen will look more helpful, as you said natural forces will come to your help.
      Thats an interesting proposition about quantum mech, will try it out :)
      In 2 months though I will be living the life I always wanted to and I am quite excited about it :)

  67. Dear Gurudev,
    I am santhosh, hope u remember me, I had organised a talk from you on Indian Scientific heritage @ Manthana in ** Nagar (two year back I think). Some how i lost your mobile no. and I couldn’t able to contact you after that.  can I have your mobile no. I want to organise interactions with you for youngsters on the issues related to our heritage.


    • Thanks Nayan, I read some of the pages in the site. Existence of DNA cannot be the proof of creation theory, but the existence of life itself is still a mystery! How does a particular combination of chemicals which otherwise have no life can give rise to life? Most probably every single electron, atom, all have life – only what we call as living beings have the ability to express and interact with the surroundings, others dont.

    very interesting article! Can you please direct me -where in the Vedic writings can I find your source comparing God and the physical universe  to a spider and a spider’s web? 
    thank you,


    • Thanks for that link Sachin. In my opinion the excavations done in India are not even 1% of the actual amount of potentially available sites. I say 1% to indicate the insignificant amount of historical research and archealogical excavations we have done. There are thousands of so clearly mentioned geographical locations, their history and importance and even period in almost all of our historical texts including but not limited to the vedas, ramayana, mahabharatha, puranas etc. If this had been the case of any other western country by now we would have had a detailed history of the entire country’s past starting from the vedic age to the current date detailed in their textbooks, I mean a history of not less than 5-6 thousand years in continuity.

      But in our case we simply see them as stories!! Such a shame. Just look at the pathetic state of ancient structures in many parts of the country, and we have something called ASI in this country. Every year we should have been flooded with new excavations and results. We are busy building more concrete structures, swallowing forest land, converting agricultural land into industrial land, not protecting the nature and animal species in this country, ruining our rain forests.

      One can go on and on.. no use. What should be done will be done.

      • To this I just want to add on that even if the ASI would come up with the archeological evidences and results our Government Esp. the present one will leave no stone unturned to make sure the facts are covered up – for the sake of votes….. One can clearly see it happening in the case of Ramasethu… I keep wondering why on earth is it more famous as Adam’s bridge than Rama sethu?

        The ASI has clearly stated that the bridge is a result of both natural and man made efforts- the bottom portion is a coral reef while the top portion is clearly man made. the floating stones are indeed not a miracle as they are volcanic pumice stones and have a tendency to float on water..but another interesting fact pointed out here is there are huge boulder that also make the bridge and boulders are typical land features. They seem to look like they have been delibirately carried from the nearby land and placed here.These boulders are very similar to the rocks in Rameshwarm and Pamban.Also on intense investigation, indications of quarrying in these areas have been spotted.
        Upto 2 to 2.5 metres there are packed rubble or materials in this causeway. For 30 km, nobody dumps materials like that. Obviously, it was dumped to use it to cross the sea.

        Inspite of all the detailed description suddenly on the subsequent days the ASI comes up with another version by another archelogist as if trying to deliberatly cover up all the initial investigations -that support the Hindu sentiments. It is a SHAME on the present Congress Govt to do this sort of convenient ‘Patchworks’ and not allowing history to be presented as it is, for their personnel gains.

        PS: Congress is now a family inheritance,and the others in the party are doggy sycophants —-> In my opinion ! :p

        • Britishers called it Adam’s Bridge, Indian’s always have called it Ramsethu. Of course we dont have to prove it to anybody about the validity of our claims, who cares about those neither here nor there creatures, they claim themselves to be scientific beings without realizing that modern science includes quantum mechanics where action at a distance, and one particle a galaxy apart influencing another particle here is a proven scientific fact :)
          We should never try to prove our understanding to those who are not worth it.
          Also in the times of Ramayana the sea depth was much smaller than it is today, and even ancient Srilankan history has recording of people walking on this bridge to and from the mainland India. Forget about politicians, except for very few of them, they are a bunch of useless overheads in the country. While China is what it is today BECAUSE of its politicians, India is what it is today INSPITE of its politicians.

  69. Since you are inclined towards Modern Physics and you can comprehend what I mean when I say “observed reality” and “objective reality”, here’s a question that had always bothered me since childhood but always thought I am a fool to have such a stupid thought. That is till I became aware of uncertainty and Copenhagen Interpretation. Still I try not to ask something of this kind to other friends and colleagues. The last time I did, I had become a joke!

    We perceive our world through our senses. Sight is one of them and colour is the “reality” that it perceives. When I see the red apple in front of me, I know that I am seeing some colour and I call it red. No one else, who sees the apple disagrees with me in that the colour of apple is red. But is there some experiment (it may as well be practically infeasible experiment like say, brain-transplant, etc) that can prove whether the other person is seeing the same colour that I am seeing? Could it be possible that other’s observed reality is completely different than mine and yet since we had been told since the early learning age that whatever colour of the apple we are seeing is red, and hence we both agree that it is red. What’s more – all other objects of the same colour is also red and hence we never disagree with each other.

    Could it be that what I am seeing as Red may look to you as my Yellow and yet we both agree with each other because we have come to uniquely recognize our individual “observed reality” of what is Red.

    • Its definitely possible Sachin. To say in a simple vedic line, “It is what you think it is”

      About 2 years ago I had written an article on similar lines

      Color is a creation of the brain – not a property of the object being observed. Infact none of the visible world objects have any properties of their own, all properties are mappings and interpretations of observed information and observed information does not contain that information which cannot be observed, and if that information which cannot be observed can be observed then the observed interpretation becomes quite different than the current one.
      Bats observe sound waves clearly, their interpretation of the world is different, though the world remains the same. Lobsters observe the magnetic field of the earth, and so their observed interpretation of the world is different.
      which is why the vedic texts say that “world is an illusion which doesnt exist outside our thoughts”, quantum mechanics says the same thing though on different lines.

      Coming back to color, humans are trichromatic ie our eyes (cone cells to be specific) can distinuish red, green and blue wavelengths and what we observe hence is a combination of these wavelengths. The more number of wavelengths we can observe uniquely, the more colorful will be the world. Now, upto 10% of women are tetrachromatic ie they can observe an additional wavelength as a primary color (ie they have four types of cone cells) which means they can observe 100 million different colors compared to the normal 1 million different colors observed by trichromatic eyes!! There are animals which have pentachromatic range and beyond too. Well, just like the way for us who live in 3D it is difficult to comprehend 4d and above, so is the case of thinking how tetrachromatic or above color ranges would look like

      Good topic, will write another detailed post on this :)

  70. Wow..I finally stumbled upon the blog I was searching for. I was just curious to find out how crazy is my belief that a stronger rupee and not a rupee that devalues against a devaluing dollar, is what India really wants. Googling on “stronger rupee” led me to one of your articles. You have very well articulated your views on this. This is precisely what I believe in.

    Wanting to know more about you, I read this introduction of yourself. It turns out that I found an exact replica of me in terms of likes and dislikes!
    Physics and especially, Modern Physics has always been my first love, too. Seems like I would become a regular visitor to this blog.
    Thanks Guru Bhai!

    • Good to know about you Sachin. This blog is a way of expressing my thoughts, sharing whatever I know, popularizing little known facts especially about ancient India, its culture and ancient world history, interacting with people exchanging ideas and so on. Welcome aboard :)

  71. Guru bhai!! Why have you stopped blogging?? Your articles were such a huge source of inspiration!!! Hope you resume it from Jan as said!! :D

  72. Arre Guru bhai, kitna din ho gaya, ek blog posts bhi nahi?

    I used to read your blog on blogger and wordpress ad it was amazing.

    Now, you got a new domain and you have become busy with life :)

    When i was checking my bookmarks, i found the article “Heights of Weight Loss”. Looks like it has become loss in the re organisation of the website.

    Are you ill or something or plain busy :)

    Keep us updated. (To be read: One blog per week :) )


  73. Thanks a lot Gurudev 4 ur reply. u seem pretty busy implementing new plans! :) Anyways, I already had opted for Plan-B, i decided to quit job (not too concern bout financial aspect) & started preparing for Masters. I want 2 thank u once again to make me feel confident on decision i took.
    I wish u’ll b able 2 post regular blogs by start of new year.
    Hv a gr8 time ahead!!! god bless u!!!

    Dear Gurudev,

    I am one of the avid believers of Hinduism. And very much impressed with your spiritual activities. Here are my some queries about which I am having nagging doubts. I shall be thankful to be enlightened by you for u have good deal of Vedic knowledge .

    1. According to the Bhagavad Gita, 33/13-chapter, there is mention of one Sun that illuminates the entire universe. How can one sun illuminate the infinite universe? Because there are trillions of stars in the universe which are many times bigger than our SUN. Are not the  trillion stars visible in the sky are Suns with their own individual solar systems?

    2. Is  there any mention in the Hindu scripture that there are many solar systems in the universe?


    • Dear Salil,

      Yes it is possible for a single sun ie a star to outshine an entire galaxy containing trillions of stars. This phenomenon is called Supernova explosion and only massive stars can under go this phase during their life cycle. The minimum size of a star to undergo supernova was calculated by another great Indian scientist Chandrashekar and is called the Chandrashekar limit.

      Yes, Rigveda talks about other solar systems existing in this universe.

  75. gurudev you are brilliant …  you made the notes for songs.. expecting more from you buddy … get me “hungama hai kyon barpa” by ghulam ali sahib if possible .. keep up the great work ..

  76. Hi Gurudev,
    Very impressive work.  I just stumbled onto your site while I was looking for any article which talks about the Vibrio cholerae bacteria eating bacteriophage present in Ganges,  which I saw it  in a show “Regenensis”.
    Wishing you a very interesting life and may all your dreams come true.
    Take care

  77. Hi Guru,

    I think I call you Guru very aptly, coz I get to learn things reading your blogs.

    I write this to thank you for sharing your noble thoughts with us.  A few with your kind of thinking can make our nation, our world a better place for living.

    I do love science verymuch.  Only regret I could not learn the in outs of quantumn mechanics but do try to try to understand a bit theoritically.

    May you will blessed with abundant wisdom.  May all your dreams come true. 

    robert udyavar

    • Thank you very much for your comments Robert. May all your wishes come true too. There is a book called the ABC of Quantum Mechanics published by the russian Mir Publishers. It is an ultimate guide to the technical depths of quantum mechanics in a largely non-technical language. Read it if you get a chance to.

  78. Hi Guru,
    I read what u’ve written under “who?” tab. The purpose 2 write, is the thoughts u displayed here r very much in sync with mine. (epecially ur view on bridging modern physics with Vedic philosophy. Here i’ll also take the opportunity to mention the coneptual analogy of balckholes to Shri Krishna’s Vishwarup Darshan ref-Bhagawat Gita). Only thing i want 2 ask u is, r u a physics researcher/scientist. Why am asking this question is I also want 2 persue research in particle physics (major in Theoretical Physics). But considering my B.E (EXTC) degree & exp. of 2 yrs in Telecom industry how can I achieve it. If u can, give me your say or word of advice. Beside this, if possible, keep me posting about latest blogs & comments via email coz i find this place very interesting.

    • Thanks for your comments Vinchez. By profession I am a software architect. But if your passion is something different (particle physics in this case) then still you should be able to pursue your interests without compromising on your profession. If you finally want to take up your passion as your profession (which most of us want to do), the best bet would be to come up with a plan to make a switch, say for instance earn enough to sustain yourself for say 1-2 years and then switch your profession to your passion, or even better earn enough in your current profession to make sure that you save enough for your future and then switch to your passion permanently.

  79. —- I read ur interesting blogs. . May i share with u something worth-knowing, maybe which u already know ?

    Indian philosophers’ subtleties make most of the great
    European philosophers look like schoolboys.

    T. S.  Eliot, one of the greatest modern American writers

    What we shall find
    in  Modern Physics  is an exemplification,
    an encouragement and
    a refinement of old Hindu wisdom.
    Julius R. Oppenheimer –(1904-1967), One  of the world’s greatest physicists, known as ‘the father  of  the  Atomic  bomb’

    One sentence of the Gita is worth the State of Massachusetts
    many times over

    Henry David Thoreau,

    Also Visit URL:

    It has already been published in book form.
    May i have your comments?

    With regards,
    S Gewali

    email: sgewali2000@yahoo.co.in


  80. Hi Guru, I love visiting your website from time to time, like yourself I too love and want to live for science.
    I like your thoughts , your language as well your view upon issues related to science or religion or any other issue at all. It always sound convincing .
    The topic above also clarify how patriot you are towards our country. I some time criticize India and its politicians but forget about the good things and the best luck god gave for making me part of and the citizen of India.
    If we the young generation start to think and share our good thoughts for our mother land India with each other, it will take some time, but there will never be any problem in lives of people of India.
    Keep it up.
    Thanks A Ton…….

    • Thanks Sonu. Well its good to criticize when there is a reason behind it, but we also should then look whether we are part of the problem or are offering a solution. In the case of the problems with our country we are as much part of the problem and hence should also take adequate meaures so that we just dont end up criticizing without doing anything on our own. Simple steps like not paying bribe, voting in all elections, following cleanliness in our surroundings, helping poor children to get better education, etc. We are a country with 600 million who are below 25 years of age or so and this is bigger than the entire population of united states, so I guess there in lies the opportunity.


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