Yet another piece of a supernova remnant, never born, ever living, attained material form a couple of billion years ago, took the current form during the last century.

DNA File Name: Gurudev – An Ancient Indian – developer of Gurunudi AI Platform

Addictions: Artificial Intelligence, Blogging, Thinking, Trekking, Science and Technology, Books, Gadgets, Playing-listening-composing Music

Food habit: Vegetarian by chance and choice

Theme of Life: Celebrate once in a lifetime festival called LIFE!

My favorite pastimes are investigating the functioning of this universe, searching for new knowledge, reading books, watching sci-fi/suspense/thriller/comedy movies and web series in Prime Video, Netflix, etc, wandering in the midst of nature, forests, valleys, listening, playing and composing music, etc.

I love Science. In fact, I live for science. For me Science is like a beautiful girl who is both attractive and explorable. Attractive bcos I like what I know about her and explorable bcos I know that I don’t know everything about her, which, nevertheless I would like to know.

Thanks to Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, life is quite interesting to me. If GOD grants me a wish, I would like to be a full time researcher, roaming the world and doing research on the unsolved mysteries of life and universe. But I also do understand that GOD helps only those who help themselves. So let me press F1 for myself. God gives us what we need, not what we want.

I love music. Music is what feelings sound like. My music past time includes not only listening to those longitudinal wave vibrations, but also composing and playing in my synthesizer. I listen to all kinds of music from old classicals, devotional, carnatic, hindusthani, western rock to indi pop, remixes, ghazals, folk songs, etc in almost any language – tamil, telugu, hindi, kannada, english, arabic..

Enter Computers in my life, the power of this greatest technological product has had a tremendous influence on me. Only a powerful combination of computer chips and human brains can further our understanding of the universe. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are my favorites. Long live Asimov’s laws.

‘Do not tamper with Mother Nature’, cries thy heart. ‘Genetic Engineering is inevitable’, rules the brain. Bionic Man Shall Come.

Why should we go to tomorrow as everyday passes? Can’t we go back to yesterday? If that happens, will I meet another Me or will I end up in a parallel universe with a parallel history? While Quantum Mechanics preaches non-locality, General relativity points towards wormholes. Is time travel possible? Well, I do believe in believing things till they are disproved. If not, science would not have evolved from Aristotle to Hawking.

So, why do I have this website? Well, I badly needed a platform to share my views with the rest of the world, and the views of the rest of the world with me. Knowledge is infinite, knowing that we don’t know is true knowing.

What does hitXP mean? Well, tell me what Schrodinger’s equation means and I shall tell you what hitXP means.

Anyway, here is a phrase which can be abbreviated to hitXP. I thought about this after this site was up and when people started asking what hitXP meant!

HITXP = Human Intelligence To-solve X-treme Problems.

Anything else? Yes, of course! INDIA – my Motherland, a nation with one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. Home for 1/6 of the entire humanity. Birthplace of the largest number of religions. The only nation where the culture of its ancient civilizations (Indus valley, Saraswati and the ancient Tamil civilizations) continue to be deeply rooted in the day to day life of its people. A culture that continues to evolve with times and trends, without being tied to time specific or ignorant ancient practices that become outdated or irrelevant over time.

A nation where mathematics and science was born, the concept of place values and the invention of zero in Einstein’s words, “We should be grateful to Indians who taught us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been made”. A nation which achieved its independence solely by means of non-violence. A nation which has never invaded any other country, but was itself invaded throughout its history by many others throughout history starting from Alexander, the Not So Great to terrorists funded by its hostile neighbor who still continue to target this nation which is secular by spirit and culture.

A culture known for its UNITY IN DIVERSITY, home to people of all the religions and faiths, where more than 1500 languages and dialects are spoken. This world’s largest democracy today with a fast growing economy stands high as one of the leading nations, especially in the field of Information Technology. India shall be the future power not by military, economy and technological might, but by the message of love, peace and friendship which it believes in. The concept of ‘VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM’ (the entire world is a single family) and ‘SARVE JANA SUKHINOBHAVANTU’ (may all the humans live happily and prosperously), was preached and practiced in Indian culture ever since the birth of civilization here thousands of years ago.

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.” – American Writer and Humorist Mark Twain

“In India I found a race of mortals living upon the Earth. but not adhering to it. Inhabiting cities, but not being fixed to them, possessing everything but possessed by nothing.”– Apollonius Tyanaeus, Greek Thinker and Traveller 1st Century AD

“Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago.” – Grant Duff, British Historian

“India was the motherland of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages. India was the mother of our philosophy, of much of our mathematics, of the ideals embodied in Christianity… of self-government and democracy. In many ways, Mother India is the mother of us all” – Will Durant, American Historian

And Finally,

At the close of this century, the world would be dominated by the West, but that in the 21st century “India will conquer her conquerors.” – Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee – British Historian

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