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Goodbye AIDS? A Lateral Solution

Does HIV virus kill a person? No
Does AIDS kills a person? No

Well, AIDS is a situation where HIV virus has destroyed the entire immune system in the infected person’s body leaving the body vulnerable to attack by any tom, dick and harry virus or bacteria. The body with AIDS wont be able to fight any viral/bacterial attack, since it is like a nation without any military establishment, and this is what kills the person. The killer might be a TB, flu, cholera any virus which faces no challenge in a body where HIV has destroyed the entire immune system. Note that HIV itself cant kill a person.

All these days scientists had been trying to develop a mechanism to fight against the HIV virus which has been difficult due to its highly mutative nature.

But considering the fact that the virus itself poses no danger to the person as long an infected person has his/her immune system up and running , a lateral alternate approach has been to recreate the destroyed immune system in an infected person’s body using modern gene invoking and gene disruption technology.

The funda behind this approach is to recreate the immune system in the infected person, using gene invoking technology which recreates the necessary T-Lymphocytes and other WBCs of our immune system but with a gene disruption which disrupts the CCR5 coreceptors in T-Lymphocytes ( Note that without these receptors on our immune cells HIV wont be able to attack the immune cells as it binds to these receptors before entering or immune cells)

So even though the person is HIV infected, now the new immune system cells are no longer vulnerable to HIV and hence can continue to fight other virus and bacteria normally as they did before.. and HIV by itself poses no threat unless and until it is able to destroy our immune system.. In other words, the person will never get AIDS even though he/she is HIV infected!

Happy researching scientists.

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  1. You may want to watch House of Numbers when it comes out. While two sides of the scientific debate differ in their agreement of HIV and what it causes the third side of the triangle argues that it does not exist.

    One side says its fatal and deadly (pharmaceutical funded researchers and support groups) the other says it is a harmless retrovirus (Duesberg Theory) and lastly the Perth Group that argues that HIV does not exist at all.

    Either way mainstream science has failed humanity and has bypassed critical controls put in place by their forefathers to ensure a situation like this would not happen. They choose knowingly to proceed without peer-reviewed science and have thus not demonstrated to humanity their own core beliefs but instead try to cover up one lie with another research paper.

    http://www.FearOfTheInvisible.com is another damning book that exposes modern science as the genocidal juggernaut that it is. http://www.ScienceFictions.net outlines the initial investigations conducted by the United States government into allegations of research fraud and found Robert Gallo had committed a serious breech of duty to fully disclose how he arrived at his conclusions.

    Funny that Luc Montagnier and his partner were awarded the now cracker jack nobel prize for medicine this year for the discovery of HIV and when you watch House Of Numbers you will see Luc Montagnier state plainly and clearly that HIV is pretty much harmless.

    Yet the United States war on HIV and AID$ continues to destabilize the world and lower class uninformed or brainwashed citizens that believe everything they hear on Television or Radio or Print Media.

    The truth is out there. It is our duty now that science has failed humanity in regards to HIV and AID$. None cured only lifetime drugs for everyone making the Pharmaceutical companies more money.

    Every single time you read of an increase of HIV in your community you can bet it is because of an increased public awareness and fear campaign played upon the population in that area. The test for HIV is flawed beyond description.

    The worst part of this is they choose to knowingly poison expectant Mothers when they eventually cross react to the HIV Antibody test. They then proceed to force deadly poisonous toxic black label drugs on them and their newborn regardless of their HIV status as it happens to change frequently from + to -.

    HIV and AID$ must end and brothers and sisters of the world must make sure to stop perpetuating the myth of some super smart virus that can attack different groups of people differently if it is even a sexually transmitted virus which you will be sure it is not once you find the truth.

    Stop perpetuating the myth of HIV and AID$ if you don’t your very lineage in the generations to come will be affected by it either by way of a flawed vaccination program or by forced or uniformed testing. I doubt very highly you would want your grandchildren, brothers, sisters friends or lovers to ever fall victim to this needless travesty of scientific misconduct.

  2. wow thats coool, is it true? I dint know this, can human cells mutate so fast like viruses and bacteria?? I thought it would take multiple generations of a life form to mutate like that, thats why bacteria and viruses mutate so soon as they divide and multiply very quickly .. but this one looks like within the life span of a human his/her own cells are mutating in response to a viral attack !!
    Please provide me more info if u have..

  3. actually, in regards to a slightly mutated immune system that the HIV virus cannot infect :
    there are prostitutes living in areas of the world where the HIV infection rate is about 98%, and yet are completely clean. some tests have been done on these individuals and have shown that the proteins on their T-cells have, in fact, mutated so that the virus cannot bind.
    score for evolution!

  4. How to cure AIDS or prevent yourself getting it.

    1. The bodies immune system is more than capable of dealing with AIDS. Last year there was an example publicised in the UK media of a man who got AIDS but later was found to have been cured of it. The media stated that the medical profession were now going to study this man to get clues as to why his body cured him. They also stated that this was the first time that it has happened. This of course was complete rubbish. There have been many examples of people having AIDS and then not. What the [controlled] media failed to mention was that this man took food supplements giving him NATURAL vitamin and mineral supplementation, not synthetic petroleum based nutrients taken by most people. In other words, he had an immune system that was at full strength. The reason that the rest of us don?t have an immune system at full strength is because of the chemical pollution in the food that we eat, which includes vegetables. The immune system actually has to fight against what we eat which weakens it as this is a 24/7 job for it. The toxins that we now get into our bodies are also too much for the liver to dispose of. What the liver then does is to deposit the excess toxins in the fat cells temporarily until it is able to devote some time to clearing them out. However, that never happens because of the amount of daily toxins we eat. Research also now shows that a high percentage of very overweight people that diet and lose the weight, get cancer later. This is also why many people start to get illnesses when they reach middle age, because the fat cells have by that time been filled to the maximum, so the excess toxins must now remain in the bloodstream where they do damage to the body. One of the minerals most needed to increase the immune system strength is Selenium. In Africa, the reported infections from AIDS is 30% to 50% depending on the country. There is however one country where the infections are only at 2% (I can?t remember of the top of my head which country that is). The reason why this is, is because that country has a higher than average level of selenium in the soil, so the people get it from the food they eat. Here in the west, we no longer get enough nutrients in our food because of the way farming is done. The soil is becoming dead. Without the correct level of nutrients, we are not alive, but actually dying slowly. One of the arguments made against this, is that we live longer now. This is true; it is also true that more and more people are taking supplements, and in the past, although people did not have to deal with this pollution, they were not in a position to get the across the board range of nutrients that we can now. Their food supply was very limited.

    2. Oxygen. Oxygen will kill a virus, bacteria, or fungus upon contact without exception. In 1962, the FDA in the US banned the use of ozone for treating people. This ban is still in place and will result in a doctor being jailed. Here in Europe, ozone treatment is quite common. Ozone is just an oxygen molecule with many more oxygen atoms on it. This makes it unstable and it quickly reverts back to normal oxygen. Ozone therapy has been shown to cure people of AIDS. It would be surprising if it didn?t because oxygen will kill a virus. The most well known person to have had this done was Magic Johnson the basket ball player in the US. He now however promotes the drugs for the drug companies and does not inform people about how he was cured, instead he is making money by helping the drug companies continue to sell their dangerous drugs to AIDS infected people. What is interesting is that people who don?t take these drugs but eat healthily, also don?t die from AIDS, although they remain infected because the food does not contain all the nutrients they need at the level they need. With ozone therapy, blood is taken from the patient and ozone is put into it. The blood is then put back into the patient. When this is done for the first time, the patients T-Cell count will actually go down because the oxygen kills the infected T-Cells. However, after a few weeks the counts rises dramatically making the patient feel healthy again. For the past 20 years, here in the UK and in other countries there has been a great problem with people being infected with bacteria while staying in hospital. The UK health authorities have also stated that the problem will never be overcome. This is a lie. There are such things as ozone generators that fill the air with ozone. All the research shows that when these generators are put into buildings they will kill 80% of the virus, bacteria, and fungus in 5 minutes; 90% in an hour, with the raining 10% within a couple of days. The health authorities know about these generators and how effective they are. So why do these criminal still allow people to die? It?s not a question of money.

    3. Silver. Silver, like oxygen will kill a virus, bacteria, or fungus upon contact without exception. The usual way of taking this is to drink colloidal silver. This is silver particles at 5 to 20 parts per million in distilled water. Colloidal silver is easy to make and can be made at home. Colloidal silver is also sold in health food stores, but it is not recommended to buy these as they are expensive and likely to be to old. It normally has a shelf life of 3 months before the suspended particles sink to the bottom of the bottle and become useless. Taking a tablespoon of colloidal silver a day will prevent you getting sick from any illness that comes from a virus, bacteria or fungus. You will never catch the flu again. It can also be used as a disinfectant and for cleaning surfaces. Colloidal silver was used by the medical profession until the late 1930?s when the drug companies started to control the education of the medical profession and promoted the use of antibiotics. In the US, the FDA could not prevent the sale of colloidal silver because its powers only applied from the date that it was created. However they did rule that commercial production had to follow inline with the methods used up until that point. This prevented new developments because the drug companies had managed to have laws created that demanded the high costs of getting something approved, typically 50 to 300 million dollars, so its use died out until about 15 years ago when private individuals started to use it and promote its use. One company however has decided to develop it. They have a product called Super Silver. They have used nano technology to place oxygen around the silver and also produce a smaller silver particle. Their product also has a shelf life of several years. This product is so powerful that it will cure a person who has malaria and is on his death bed in three day. The same goes for other illnesses. Venereal diseases gone in three days. However, the FDA in the US will not allow the company to publish its research results so as to prevent this information getting out. The company has now started to manufacture a gel with the Super Silver inside that is used by the US military. However, the FDA has only allowed the company to sell this gel for use on animals (but it still works on people). This gel would for example prevent people infected with the flesh eating bacteria from losing limbs or dying because the spread on the body of the bacteria would be immediately stopped. Can you also imagine how effective this would be for virginal yeast infections? The company has also now managed to get a peer review done in India which now allows it to start publishing those results on the gel. The FDA has no power apart from intimidation to stop this. Do not think that because this is done in India that it has no value. Indian scientists are the ones that discovered that the UN where putting hormones in vaccines being given to women in Africa to make them permanently sterile, twice. I personally use the Super Silver product. I do not because of the cost take it every day. But if I get the flu I take a tablespoon each hour and the flu is completely gone in six hours. Super silver and colloidal silver have been used to cure people of AIDS. The reason that royalty is said to have blue blood is because they in the past would only eat from silver plates and with silver knifes and forks. They knew the power of silver. However, one of the side effects from getting too much silver into the body is for the skin to turn a blue grey. Hence blue blood. This is also used by the drug companies to try and stop people using it and to try and get it banned. However, they can only come up with two examples of people turning blue grey over the last hundred years, and both examples were not from colloidal silver. Last years however there was an example. This man made his own colloidal silver with the strength of 750 parts per million, and drank 8 oz of it each day. It took ten moths for him to change colour. So it can be seen that taking one tablespoon of 5 to 20 parts per million per day will never affect anyone this way; and of cause you don?t need to take it each day, just when you get sick.

    4. Electrical Current. If a virus, bacteria, or fungus passes through a small electrical current, the current will stun the virus, bacteria, or fungus stopping it from being able to function permanently. It does not kill them, just stops them from functioning. The liver will then remove them from the body. The most well known method for this is the Beck Protocol. However, the methods used have been developed and is has been discovered that all you need is a 6v battery, wires and electrodes. The way the method works is to have the electrodes either side of the wrist so that the current goes through the blood. It takes on average 8 minutes for the blood to flow around the body. One problem with this with regards to AIDS is that the virus must pass the electrode, but it is known that the virus will enter a part of the body and duplicate itself from there. However, this method will prevent the illness from getting worst, and there are methods to force the virus back into the bloodstream. If for example you were to have a cold, the best method would be to have one electrode by your nose, and the other at the back of your neck. It would also prevent you from becoming seriously ill from malaria for example.

    For me, the easiest way to prevent getting anything is with the colloidal silver which everyone can make at home. Methods as to how can be easily found on the internet. If I were to have sex with someone infected with AIDS and the virus got into my blood, the colloidal silver would find it and kill it. An electrical current would also stop it from functioning because it would still be in the blood. This is why I say that I am not scared of being infected. As far as I am concerned, the conspiracies are not theory, but fact. I only write about things and that I send you that are fact, there is no theory in any of the things I have sent you; and I also do not take offence in you questioning me, it?s normal; I always start off by believing nothing.


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