Does HIV virus kill a person? No
Does AIDS kills a person? No

Well, AIDS is a situation where HIV virus has destroyed the entire immune system in the infected person’s body leaving the body vulnerable to attack by any tom, dick and harry virus or bacteria. The body with AIDS wont be able to fight any viral/bacterial attack, since it is like a nation without any military establishment, and this is what kills the person. The killer might be a TB, flu, cholera any virus which faces no challenge in a body where HIV has destroyed the entire immune system. Note that HIV itself cant kill a person.

All these days scientists had been trying to develop a mechanism to fight against the HIV virus which has been difficult due to its highly mutative nature.

But considering the fact that the virus itself poses no danger to the person as long an infected person has his/her immune system up and running , a lateral alternate approach has been to recreate the destroyed immune system in an infected person’s body using modern gene invoking and gene disruption technology.

The funda behind this approach is to recreate the immune system in the infected person, using gene invoking technology which recreates the necessary T-Lymphocytes and other WBCs of our immune system but with a gene disruption which disrupts the CCR5 coreceptors in T-Lymphocytes ( Note that without these receptors on our immune cells HIV wont be able to attack the immune cells as it binds to these receptors before entering or immune cells)

So even though the person is HIV infected, now the new immune system cells are no longer vulnerable to HIV and hence can continue to fight other virus and bacteria normally as they did before.. and HIV by itself poses no threat unless and until it is able to destroy our immune system.. In other words, the person will never get AIDS even though he/she is HIV infected!

Happy researching scientists.