First the basic definitions:

Creationism / Intelligent Design:

A belief that there exists a supernatural being (God) who created all existing life forms including Dinosaurs. He designed us all just like the way a software designer designs the software.


A science that talks about how life evolved from simple molecules to present day complex multi cellular organisms via evolution. In other words, Nature is the creator here. The creator here is natural not supernatural.

Atheist’s Riddle:

A riddle(?) coined by some creationist which can be summarized as follows:

1) DNA is the Genetic Code
2) All codes are created by a conscious mind
3) So DNA was designed by a mind i.e. by a supernatural being.


Here we go.

First things first.

Even though DNA is called the genetic code, its not code in the sense of a software code or a software program, it has no logic in it, it is more comparable to a software database. DNA contains genetic information. Its more like a software database which contains the information required to create proteins. The actual proteins themselves are manufactured by ribosomes in the cells which make use of this genetic information in the DNA. So the code here is NOT logic but information.

And where does the logic used for protein manufacturing come from? Well, most of the time its from a feedback loop. The surroundings of the DNA send chemical signals as to what proteins are required and how much and this is how the proteins are synthesized. This is what is the basis of evolution too, ie the surroundings demand how the species should evolve to survive.

Second things second.

All codes are created by a conscious mind?

Well not really. Only software code are created by humans. Not all codes :)

Take the case of Nylon eating bacteria. These strains did not exist till man invented Nylon. These were discovered by Japanese scientists in 1975 in ponds containing waste water from a factory producing nylon and were capable of digesting nylon by products.

Now did God create the Nylon eating bacteria after humans invented Nylon? Well these bacteria belong to the Flavobacterium strain which developed this capacity to digest nylon via a mutation that occurred when generations of this bacteria lived in surroundings which contained nothing but nylon waste.

And to prove this fact, scientists took the original Flavobacterium which did not have nylon digesting ability and cultured them in a laboratory in containers which had no other nutrients required by the bacteria but only nylon by products. And over a period of time a new strain of Flavobacterium developed which now were able to digest nylon and this time the enzyme created by these bacteria to digest nylon was a different one from the one that was created by the earlier set of Nylon eating bacteria discovered by the Japanese scientists! This proves that evolution does occur through mutation and might even occur differently for the same initial conditions.

So to summarize, conscious mind is not mandatory to code. Nature in itself is the largest conscious mind out there.

Take the case of pulsars (extremely dense stars) which give out regular pulses of radiation just like our radars do. Does this mean that intelligent mind like humans created these pulsars?

Finally Last Things

If conscious mind created DNA, then what about the creation of that conscious mind? Doesn’t it require another conscious mind to create that conscious mind and so on.

You can have your own Truths
You cannot have your own Facts

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