Back to my blog after reading a mail just a few minutes back complaining about my irregular blogging!!
Here comes another crazy thought!!
Can we avoid death????
After all, what is death? our physical body gives up!!!! thats it.
And why does it give up?? Very simple, bcos its become old, one might say..
True, but HOW DOES IT KNOW that it has become old??
Except for neurons in the brain.. all other cells in our body continuosly die, divide, are born etc etc.. so all these cells are always a couple of months or weeks old..
Still the body knows about aging?? How??
Bcos right from our birth as cell division progresses the amount of toxic waste in the daughter cells increases in every successive generation.. and by the time we are old, we INDEED BECOME OLD bcos that n th generation of daughter cells has more useless substance than useful one and thats when body starts giving up as its parts cannot perform its normal functionality..
so clean up all our cells right from generation one and control the toxin propagation to daughter cells and there we are !!! all set to beat aging.. anti-oxidants , vitamin c help a lot in this..
But my thoughts are even ahead of this.. we can further secure ourselves as follows..

Does it matter to us if our hands are replaced by new hands.. legs by new legs.. eyes by new eyes.. etc etc.. still we continue to be who we are.. there are handicapped people who are having their parts replacesd.. as bio tech and genetics advances almost all parts except for brain should become replaceable in the not so far future..

So if all our parts can be replaced.. then what is that makes us what we are???
Well the answer is our memories in this life.. other than that every other part of our body could be replaced

So my suggestion is that once we become old enough so that our (first) body cant take it any more.. we can create a dummy body of our own by using cloning and cancer cell technology (cancer cell technology is required to make our dummy body grow faster so that we dont have to wait for years together.. yet, we can avoid this if we plan well in advance before we become old)

Then we should have already solved the mystery of how our brain stores information.. now what we need to do is transfer all memory from our present body to the young brain of our new young body formed by cloning.. then tahts it!! We perform the last rites of our old body

A person can burn/cremate his own body.. by shifting a new young body..

and we continue to repeat this cycle so we have avoided natural death even if some incurable disease attacks our body we can shift to a new body without being worried at all

But what about unnatural deaths.. say a car accident??? Can we avoid this too!!!

Yes!! As I said earlier, the key to US is our MEMORIES.. as long as they are safe we can always be born again..

So to overcome unnatural deaths we need to have backup of our memories stored.. lets call them brain banks.. and we need to regularly take backup of our memories in these brain banks..

Now in case of an unnatural death of a person, we can still create a dummy body of him (remeber to clone a person a single left over cell is enough.. and also we can even have that backed up!!) then just transfer the memories from the backup in the brain bank to his new brain!! thats it he is reborn!! But this time minus the memories after his last backup.. thats y I insisted on frequent backups

Suppose a person took his last backup on March 1.. met with a road accident and died on March 10 Now when he is reborn on he will not remember anything that he did after his last backup on March 1 and before his death on March 10.. other than that he is the same person.

Finally let me give a startling relevation of this technology.. if at all it is used
suppose a person gets lost.. we have his latest brain backup.. his family thinks he is dead.. we create a new person of the same person using his brain backup.. and all are happy that he is still alive.. and later one day.. the lost person also returns!!!!! both these persons have same memories to a laaaaaaarge extent of their life!!! moral and ethical dilemna!!!!

What do we need death or confusion????
Also,if we dont die, dont we get bored in life after a few hundred years!!!

But as far as my observation of human evolution goes.. humans will opt for confusion than death if at all we get the technology what I spoke about else we would not have evolved from adam to atom

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