Who evolved first? Chicken or Egg?

The Mystery – The Question

If the Chicken came first then didn’t that Chicken come out of an egg? So wouldn’t it be that the egg came first then?

If the Egg came first then wasn’t it a Chicken that should have laid it? So in that case wouldn’t it be the Chicken that came first?

Without a Chicken how can an egg be hatched? So Chicken came first.

Without an Egg how was the Chicken born? So the Egg came first.

This is a classical case of circular cause and consequence where in cause again originates from the consequence and hence leads to a logical dilemma

Metaphor or Mystery? The Answer

Who came first? You or Me?

Now, is this just a metaphor or is it a real scientific mystery?

Well, ask scientists and they would say it is a simple theory of evolution.

Reptiles came first, and the birds evolved out of them, one of them was a chicken which initially laid babies (because it was a reptile earlier) and then slowly as the new species evolved it started laying eggs, and hence became a chicken.

Reptiles came first, and the birds evolved out of them, and one of them was a chicken. So since the entire chain starting from Reptiles lay eggs, the first chicken already came out of an egg, but that egg was of its ancestor (not of a chicken) and hence chicken came first before its egg (ie before a chicken’s egg).

And now this has also been confirmed by a recent research which showed that the protein required to create the egg’s shell which is made of calcite crystals is created in the ovaries of a chicken. So for the egg’s shell or for the egg to be created, a chicken’s ovary is required, and for that a chicken is required. So the Egg has a dependency on Chicken and not the other way round because the first chickens evolved without an egg and so Chickens Came First

The Evolutionary Points and the Chicken Ancestry

Coming back to evolution, if the first chicken that laid an egg did not come out of an egg, then can it be called a Chicken at all? But before that Chickens are domesticated birds, so they should have a wild ancestor after all, and the first chicken actually came from this wild ancestor of it, and since humans would have started domesticating its wild ancestor and not its egg, the answer again becomes, chickens came first. Its ancestor in the wild was caught and domesticated and it became a chicken, and then it laid an egg.

Chickens actually evolved from Jungle Fowls, just like how Dogs evolved from Wolves. Dogs are captivated and domesticated Wolves. Chickens are captivated and domesticated Jungle Fowls. By the way the oldest records of domesticating Jungle Fowls into Chickens and Wolves into Dogs, are from India.

Yes, it was the ancient Indians who first domesticated Wild Cows, Wild Bulls, Jungle Fowls, Wolves etc. Even today it is only in the Indian subcontinent and its borders where you can find the Red Jungle Fowls. They were first domesticated in the ancient Harappa and Mohen-Jo-Daro civilizations of India and are the ancestors of all the chicken population world wide.

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