Every form of life is being genetically engineered today. Humans are playing the video game of life!

Cows are being genetically engineered to produce more milk.
Chickens are being genetically engineered to produce more meat.
Sheeps are being genetically engineered to produce more wool.
Plants are being genetically engineered to produce more fruits and vegetables.
Bacteria are being genetically engineered to manufacture hormones and what not
Carrots are being engineered to taste like rabbits. Rabbits are being engineered to look like carrots.

How about Humans ? Can we genetically engineer humans to have more sense?

Well, Humans will be genetically engineered too. Not to have more sense. But to have more IQ, a beautiful perfect look, prevent all genetic diseases, have a great physique. In other words to produce better super humans who are more productive(?), attractive, well built, than normal (non-genetic engineered) humans.

Given this trend and assuming that in the future Genetically engineered humans will be a common trend. Since genetically engineered humans are more productive, less prone to diseases (?), more intelligent (?), more beautiful whatever they claim we might have ads something like this for vacancies

Software developers required. Qualifications: Engineering graduates. Genetically Engineered only please..

For a beauty contest, contestants required. Genetically engineered only please, No silicon implants, bcos if you are Genetically Engineered you dont need one

For army: Soldiers required. Genetically engineered only please.

Hmm.. looks like a different kind of racism will start after that between GE (Genetically engineered) and non GE versions of humans. Non-genetically engineered natural humans will demand reservations for them in all sectors. They will move to the courts and demand that a non GE judge hear their case, there by requiring the justice department to hire a new natural judge!

There will be slogans by natural humans against GE humans like We created you. We are the originals. You are duplicates. We are natural. You are artificial.

What about mixed humans -The natural offsprings of GE humans?. Well, they will be declared to be equivalent to their parents because of the genetic superiority of their parents. Some of these GE offsprings will also fight for the cause of natural humans, as they will see their great grand parents in these natural humans.

Those natural humans who are against the concept of going against nature will continue to have natural children. There will be competitions to prove the superiority of GE humans over natural humans and vice versa. The results will be mixed ones. Statistics will be collected. Only in terms of beauty contests it will be observed that GE humans are clear winners. In all other categories there will be mixed results leading to experts analysis which conclude that its the surroundings and growth environment that matters ultimately. But the supporters of GE demand that more funds be allocated to do research to improvise on GE technology.

How about races after that? We wont be able to distinguish the races of genetically engineered humans. For a GE we cant say whether he/she is a mongoloid or arabic or african. They will become raceless as their genetic fingerprints have vanished! Tracking human ancestry based on genetic fingerprint will not be possible for GE humans. Even criminal laws will have to be changed as DNA finger print cannot be used to specify parents of GE humans!

Well I do suggest that GE humans can have a particular genetic code in their genes indicating their natural race, if at all if they have one!

Please note that all those who are reading this article in the era in which this article was written by me are natural humans. My suggestion to you. Be Natural, Live Naturally, simply because, you are already born and hence cannot be Genetically Engineered!

For all those who are worried about the GE human trend, well, one day during the natural meiosis process of creating a baby, which of course will be a natural human, the homologous chromosomes during the crossing-over phase, do something very weird, a kind of crossing over that has never happened in human history till date, giving rise to a super human, i.e a super non-GE natural human who is much more superior than the GE humans and can take over them easily to defend the natural human race. He will be the ultimate saviour of natural humans. He will be Superman + Spiderman + Batman + Heman + Doberman..

Waiting for the creation of this super natural human? Well, then who the hell do you think I am?