Some date in the not so far future:

A guy is filling out an application form at ‘Humanware Bio Labs’ which reads as follows

Application Form – Human Body Parts

Name : V K Shastry

Age: 19

Stem ID: ASFE135254

Replacement Part: Left Hand

Reason: Lost in an accident


Replaceable human body parts.. Does it sound like a science fiction? Not any more.. Today’s fiction are tomorrow’s facts.

Enter the stem cell technology.. For beginners, here it is.. Stem cells are those cells in our body which have the ability to grow into any part of our body… Remember, we all started our life as a single cell which later got multiplied into millions where some went on to become our hands, some into legs, some into heart and so on.

So what if we still have some of those cells which were there in us before our body grew into distinct parts that we have today? Well those are stem cells which are also present in the umblical cord when we were born. of course we even have some of them today in our bone marrows!! But the stem cells in the umblical cords during the time of our birth are more effective and efficient into growing into any of our body part..

So the idea is that as soon as a child is born, store its stem cells from the umblical cord in a stem cell bank, permanently.. God forbidden, sometime in the later if something tragic incident happens and say there is a kidney failure of the child (now probably a grown up adult), well no problems, just take out a stem cell from the reserve that had been stored earlier and invoke the genes that will grow into a full size kidney!! What’s more? Well, the body will never reject this new kidney as it was created from one of its very own stem cell!! No more organ rejections.. No more donor searches. No more risks in organ transplants.

If a person loses a leg in an accident, no problem get a brand new leg attached.

As long as we continue to use our science and technology to create nuclear reactors for power, no problem, we make steady progress ahead..

The problem starts when we think of using the spent nuclear fuel to create an nuclear bomb.. Let us learn the fact that nuclear explosions are meant to take place only on stars to fuel us. Too near is too bad..