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Nuclear Ice Age?

This post isthe next part ofmy previouspost Ancient Nuclear War

Many people have asked me a sensible question about ancient nuclear wars. If it were really true that ancient Mahabharata war was a nuclear war, then where is the leftover radiation?

Well, a very good question indeed. I love enquiring deep into things

Nuclear bombs leave traces in the form of nuclear radiation which may last from few hundred to few thousand years depending on the half life of the nuclear fuel used and produced in the explosions. The larger the nuclear bomb, the more the leftover radiation!!

Well, but this is definitely not the case with thermonuclear bombs. Thermonuclear bombs are based on hydrogen and hence do not leave any radiational remnants. Tritium used in thermonuclear bombs has a half life of about only 10 years!

Nuclear explosions are used in modern thermonuclear weapons to generate high temperature required to start the fusion chain of hydrogen. But compared to equally destructive nuclear weapons, thermonuclear weapons leave very small amount of nuclear radiation from its fission based core.

Moreover, if the ancients had used some other technology (other than nuclear fission, say for ex: lasers)to initiate fusion reaction in thermonuclear weapons, then any question of left over radiation is almost completely ruled out!!

Now let’s get back to the proof that we have about ancient nuclear war. As stated in Ancient Nuclear War the very first proof is a clear description ofthe effects of nuclear weapons itselfused in the war.

Then we have the huge casualty caused in this ancient world war which lasted only for about 18 days! Both warring sides were almost completely wiped out in this war. No side got a decisive victory. This itself is a striking feature of a nuclear war as we all know. In a nuclear war there are no winners, there are only survivors, if at all.

Next,the large amount of glass is an indication of a nuclear explosion or of any high temperature activity followed by immediate cooling. As found in modern nuclear testing sites like in Nevada desert, etc glass is a natural by-product of high temperature nuclear explosions which melts the clay and sand and cools it immediately afterwards to below its glass transition temperature.

Such glass covered areas have been discovered under the ancient site of Mohen Jo Daro of Indus valley civilization. Then we have the example of libyan desert glass spread over an area of 100 sq km, etc

Now one might argue that this is also possible in case of asteroid impacts! Well, yes, but then asteroid impacts live a crater proportionate to the impact energy, in other words proportionate to the amount of glass available!

In case of libyan desert we can again argue that probably the crater has been closed by the desert sand! But what about Mohen Jo Daro?

The previous ice age ended about 10000 years back. Vedas mention about vega being the pole star. Vega was pole starduring the previous ice age. Could it be that, the previous ice age itself was a result of the thermonuclear mahabharata war?

A large scale thermonuclear world war where all countries of that period on earth took part in, causing a global destruction where both the warring sides were wiped out completely (estimated loss of life runs upto 14 billion!), well the Mahabharata war itself as a result of its nuclear weapons might have caused a new ice age to arrive.

The dust clouds resulting out of nuclear explosions prevent sunlight from entering into the earth’s lower layers and hence cool down the earth, and in large scale nuclear strikes these dust clouds stay on for years to come there by causing a nuclear ice age!

Was the previous ice age a nuclear ice age?
Will we witness another nuclear ice age?

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  1. sir here i am posting two of your blogs references one is from nuclear war in ancient india and 2nd is from nuclear ice age 

    dont u think both r contradictory and revealing different idea of the same things

    1) Mahabharatha – The Longest Epic in the world with around 100,000 verses – is the history of the ancient world centered around ancient India at the end of the Dwapara Yuga – dating back to anywhere around 3500 BCE to 6000 BCE – based on the astronomical dating proofs – Read more 

    2) The previous ice age ended about 10000 years back. Vedas mention about vega being the pole star. Vega was pole starduring the previous ice age. Could it be that, the previous ice age itself was a result of the thermonuclear mahabharata war? 

    here u r telling that mahabharta period was between 3500bce to 6000bce , at the same time ur telling that the ice age which lasted last time was 10000 year back which was the result of mahabharta nuclear was. how could it be possible ,could u explain plz .there is a huge time gap between both incident .don u think so

    • The last ice age was a natural one and not because of a war. I was just trying to make a guess when I said “Could it be that”.

  2. Was just wondering if there was indeed a blast how come the city structures remained intact? If the impact was nearby lets say near kuchh and thar desert, I wonder weather this caused the thar desert as I dont recall the geographical cause of thar. It was not always a desert and the very same land ranging from red sea to gujrat and afghanistan was not always a sea!! the war of mahabharat took place near Indraprastha and hastinapur, locales atleast 400-900 km from delhi\haryana the putative places of indraprastha and hastinapur.
    but yes, such an intricate city doesnt have any trace of a living structure, a granary doesnt have even a single grain. Hydrogen bomb or neutrino bombs can devastate whole of lifeforms without much material damage, other materials eg seeds could have evaporated in the heat may be. Anyone who can look at remains of nagasaki etc could compare better.

    • The city structures might have been much larger and complex than the remains we see today and probably that is the result of the blast, just like the city structures left after hiroshima or nagasaki bombings. Thar became a desert after the mighty Saraswati river of the vedic age dried up at the end of the Mahabharata war, the drying up of this river is documented in Mahabharatha. Yes, it is also possible that neutron bombs were used which can destroy life leaving physical structures little harmed.

  3. Well, the glass could also have formed because of an explosion that occurs above the suface of the earth (before a meteorite hits the ground, say, because of friction caused by air, since they travel at very high speeds). This is the explanation given for the Tunguska(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunguska_event) event. I am very impressed with the discussion here though. For the first time there is no conclusions drawn from flimsy explanations and non-exisitent proofs. I found the discussions here to be reasonable and scientific (gives some exercise to the mind), no outrageous claims! Thanks.

  4. The sudden demise of the Harappan civilization and the glass formation can also be attributed to an era of meteorite/asteroid hits or even a large meteor. A large meteor hit can be distinguished with the crater formation.

  5. Except Mohen Jo Daro of Indus valley civilization topic, no matter / situations explained by u were unprooved and we cant predict with imagination.,

  6. Hmmm…..another great possibility,…may be it is so..!!

    but please mention your source referring 14 billion deaths in the war…….will be easy to get it !!


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