Genetically Engineered Only

Every form of life is being genetically engineered today. Humans are playing the video game of life!Cows are being genetically engineered to produce more milk. Chickens are being genetically engineered to produce more meat. Sheeps are being genetically engineered...

Demystifying Einstein’s Field Equations on General Relativity

Disclaimer: This post will make sense only to those interested in physics, more precisely to those who know general relativity and cosmology, and want to have a deeper insight into the mathematics of general relativity without having to do...

Time Travel and Future – Is the present, now, a mere illusion?

What we think to be present - is it a reality or a mere illusion created by our brain while computing the future expectations based on past experience.

What we see aint what it is

What we see is not what it is!What we see is just a custom mapping and interpretation by the brain of the data received from the eye. What we hear is a mapping of the data received from the...

Artificial Intelligence and Awareness

I Robot - Remember this movie ?Robots made up of intelligent software, want to overtake human beings and rule the earth, bla bla blaThe key is artificial intelligence, software that could mimic human intelligence and by the sheer processing...

Age of the Universe in ancient Indian texts

Age of the Universe calculated using metrics in ancient Indian Hindu texts which say that the creation and destruction of Universes is a repeating cycle.

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge in Hinduism

The british who ruled India wanted Indians to feel that everything west, english and european to be superior, and anything that had to do with Indian culture and history as inferior, unscientific and stupid.Macauley introduced the english education system...

For a developed world

In one of my earlier blogs , I had mentioned that India alone needs one and a half times the energy currently consumed by entire world, if India were to be a nation as developed as USA.The living standards...

Modern Science and Ancient India

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made . - Albert Einstein The ingenious method of expressing every possible number using a set of ten...

Iron Pillar – Great Ancient Indian Metallurgy

Around 350 AD - Gupta Empire, Ancient India An iron pillar weighing over 6 tonnes, more than 7 metres tall is constructed in a single forge and is erected on top of the Vishnupada hill (somewhere in modern central India)...
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Online Education should be interactive and innovative – Fun to Learn

For online education to succeed for smaller classses - it should be as interesting as cartoons. Online education cant succeed unless it is more interesting, interactive and innovative than offline schooling.

The Complete List of Dhatus – Sanskrit Root Words and their English meaning

A complete list of all dhatus (root words or verb roots) in Sanskrit dictionary and their meanings with corresponding IPA transliteration.

Sanskrit Lesson 4 – Word Creation Magic using Dhatus

Learn how easy it is to create new words in Sanskrit using root words called Dhatus. This simple process of Sanskrit grammar powers the entire language.

The Secret Role of Karma in Mahabharata

The seeds of Mahabharata were sown long back Duryodhana or Dhritarashtra were born. The story of Kaurvas and Pandavas is only the second half of the cycle of Karma. So what is the first half?

Popular Articles

Takshashila – World’s Oldest University

More than 2700 years back a huge university existed in that ancient India where over 10,500 students from all across the world came for...

Grahas are not Planets – Nava Graha is not the same as Nine Planets

The difference between Planets and Grahas. Why are Sun and Moon included in the list of Navagrahas? Isn't it true that Rahu and Ketu do not exist? What about Earth?

Place Value, not Zero is most important invention of ancient Indian Mathematicians

The most important contribution of ancient India to mathematics was not zero but the place value system or positional notation system.

The Sacred Secrets of Ganga

Science behind the mysterious power of Ganges river. The reason why piligrims take the holy water of Ganga to their places and add it to local ponds, wells and lakes across India.

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