How is it possible to see the past via a live telecast? Live means present, right ? How can past be telecasted live?

Clue: Light cones.

So here we go

Wouldnt it be nice if we can watch the actual video of the evolution of our solar system?

How were the planets around the sum formed? How were the outer giants formed? How was our own earth formed? How did the earth evolve? From where did the moon come?

What about the continents? How did they evolve? The actual live video of continental drifting etc..

If we are able to see this actual thing, then wont it put a fullstop to all the questions related to the evolution of solar system, to that of earth, moon.. contitents on earth , etc?

But how do we see what happened in the past? We have to travel back in time. but such a travel using time machine will be possible only if real time travel into the past is possible..

But can we watch this video even otherwise, without doing an actual travel back in time?

A thought about this came while discussing on the continental drift .

We know about worm holes, i.e the space time shortcuts which are a natural byproduct of the general relativistic field equations .

A worm hole has two openings. You enter into one of them, travel through hyperspace and come out on the other end. Suppose there is a worm hole from your home to office. Then you can leave your house just a minute before you want to enter your office. No need of roads, vehicles, leaving early, etc. Just enter the worm hole end in your house and you will exit at the other end at your office, you can even have the other end right next to your seat in the office!! As of today, wormholes exist only theoretically in the field equations.

Now can’t we use the same worm hole technology in the future to have one end of a worm hole on earth, and its other end somewhere in a distant galaxy say 3-4 billion years away!

Then we can send a camera or a small wormhole spacecraft through it and capture all the light received from earth/solar system at the other end of the worm hole in a far away galaxy.

Suppose the other end of the worm hole opens say about 5 billion light years away from earth. It simply means that the light captured on the other end of the worm hole is that of light that left earth 5 billion years ago!! In other words, watching the video of this fossil light would mean watching what was happening on earth or at the solar system 5 billion years ago!!!

There is no magic here. Its pure science and technology

In this way we can open worm holes at different space intervals/distances from earth as we want. probably we can also experiment and map locations where we feel that there is a greater possibility of receiving strong light from ancient solar system. Then we can actually witness the video of what actually happened on earth. Probably the light might not be strong enough to show us evolution of life.. But it can definitely throw light on the evolution of solar system itself, including the sun, planets and satellites!

This is the same way we see distant quasars, galaxies, etc today here from earth. When we look at a galaxy which is about 8 billion light years away, we are actually looking at the galaxy as it existed 8 billion years ago!! We are actually looking into the past of the universe, when we look at the night sky. Night sky is a natural time machine giving us info from the past.

So to look at our own past, simply go to the other side where light from our past is reaching. And to get there before that light arrives, use wormholes!

Now dont ask me how to build a wormhole. If I had known, I would have already been billions of light years away from earth

Anything else? Yes, its also possible that we might be able to see the video of our past even if we dont build the wormholes. How?

By relying on Drake equation, which promises about the existence of intelligent life forms like us to be abundant elsewhere in the universe.

So suppose there is already an intelligent life form few billion years away who are recording the light that left our solar system billions of years ago. So they already know how our solar system evolved. We only have to wait till they or we come out with a mechanism for intergalactic travel and meet each other sometime later in the future!

Till then, have a break.. but dont have a kitkat