Was just wondering about intelligence. Why only we humans are intelligent? Cant animals be intelligent as well. Just because they can’t think in terms of science and technology does it mean that they are not intelligent? Might be that they are limited by their physical capabilities. Or perhaps that they are no able to communicate to us what they think.

Is there intelligence at a deeper level? Well, yes, we know about our body organs. How well co-ordinated they all are. Heart pumps gallons of blood every day without any body asking it to do so. Our immune system fights against thousands of invaders every day without anybody asking it to do so. Kidneys filter our all the waste from our bodies every day without any body asking it to do so. One might object to this saying that all these organs are designed to do these activities. Well, but by who? If GOD is not the answer then these organs HAVE to be intelligent at their level to do so.

We will go a level deeper.. consider cells. How well co-ordinated the parts of a cell are. Mitochondria breaks down each glucose molecules into 24 ATP molecules to power the ribosomes which manufacture all required enzymes with the help of genetic decoding done by RNA polymerase. Cell doors are opened for useful substances to come in and for toxic wastes and cellular products to move out. Cells divide without anybody asking them to do so. A cell in your hand doesn’t divide finally growing a kidney even though it has enough information stored to grow a kidney on your hand! Remember an ear grown on a poor rat’s back as a result of an experiment by some bio-enthusiast? One might object to this saying that cells are designed to do all these activities. Well, but by who? If GOD is not the answer then cells HAVE to be intelligent at their level to do so.
Going even more deeper, we have the genetic code itself.

Entire life written using 4 simple alphabets A,T,G and C. How did this massive information organize itself? Evolving and learning throughout the process? Deciding on the need for different organs, enzymes, their roles, body structure, the physics and chemistry involved, reproduction, etc????? Genes have to be intelligent to do so!!!
At an acellular level how did all different constituents of a cell decide to go and grow together for mutual benefit as a cell mitochondria talked to ribosomes and golgi apparatues and endoplasmic reticulum and . and they all decided to live together as a cell in the early stages of evolutions?????

Going a level further down.. molecules and atoms.. how did they decide about which is the best angle for them to bond together? without being intelligent?? even if the best bonds were selected as a result of few thousand random tries, who initiated these few thousand random tries?????

Get to the quantum level.. how does a meson know that its lifetime is over and it has to disintegrate?? how is the quantum entaglement and non-locality possible without intelligent quantum particles? Dont you feel things are much more complicated than we know? Dont you feel that we have taken all these things for granted without digging much deeper? Ask a baby who is still learning to walk properly and it will tell you how concentrated it needs to be while walking and how it has to evaluate its every step and ask me, I take walking for granted!!! We take intelligence for granted, without knowing that we have acquired it from our quantum past!!!

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