Never take your life seriously. Nobody gets out of it alive anyway ;)

Not only people die, even civilizations die, even planets die, stars die, and so does the universe too!

Once I had written an article called How to avoid death , and some cool guy commented on it saying Death can be avoided.. if ppl stop reading ur bullshit posts ;)

Now this article is about, How to avoid death of the entire universe !

The universe is powered by the stars in it. Everything exists in the universe only because stars are there keeping things in action, providing light, energy and material. Even the heavy elements that make up our bodies are remnants of supernova explosions from stars. We are all made up of some stardust!

When somebody once asked me what is your age?, I replied a couple a billion years!

Every single quantum particle in my body was created during the bigbang! I was created along with the universe! I only got reassembled in my current form recently ;)

You understand this truth, you have got the nirvana/salvation.

But even this universe will die one day. Even if there is no big crunch and if the current universal expansion continues forever, and even if antimatter continues to stay away , all stars in the universe will one day finally run out of fuel. There wont be new light anymore! Life on planetary systems cant survive, because no sun means death of earth.

Long before the universe dies out, Sun will be dead. Sun will run out of fuel in another 5 billion years. So what after that? Hopefully, we would be an advanced civilization by then, and would relocate to some other star. Or we can even try to refuel our Sun by bringing fuel from some other nearby nebulae.

But think about billions of years after that where the entire universe has run out of fuel and there are no more live active stars, but only stellar remnants! If human civilization is still existing then, then it will have to face a freezing death!

Michio Kaku in his book Parallel Worlds suggests escaping to other universes in the neighborhood of our universe, probably we can use wormholes for that.

But this option is feasible provided we have practical established ways to move between universes. Is there any even more simpler way?

Well, I think we dont have to try to escape to another universe in order to escape the death by freezing due to the absence of active stars in our universe. I think we can use blackholes as our ultimate saviours!


Well, by using the big bang principle. By creating controlled subverses or sub-universes inside our universe.

All we need to do is to trigger a big bang in the blackholes that exist in the final days of our universe. A new big bang inside our universe will create new material and fuel for new stars! As simple as that ;)

So we need to ensure that we have large amount of enough black holes for this purpose to create sustainable universe forever. Everytime we need to prepare long before the end of the universe by throwing in all the debris of already dead stars into some blackholes. We also need to time it correctly, because we dont want the blackholes to evaporate by giving out blackhole radiation.

So universe can be converted into a controlled creation and evolution of stars. Of course we need to ensure that the blackholes that will be bigbanged are not too large and that we are out of the reach of the part of the universe where this controlled blackhole bigbangs take place. Then, once these induced bigbangs create new matter which will be predominantly hydrogen, then we can use it to create and/or fuel new/existing stars

Also we always need to ensure that there are enough number of black holes in the universe, so that we can create more bangs later as required.

What needs to be analyzed in this approach is
a) How to induce a bigbang inside the blackholes?
b) How to deal with any anti-matter that might be produced.

Research in this direction should also give us good information about how our own universe was created in a big bang. Or was it the work of some aliens who induced a bigbang in a blackhole in a much larger universe?

Finally, if we are able to control our universe in this way, and make sure that it never dies out due to lack of fuel for stars, then intelligent life in other parallel universes will be following Michio Kaku’s suggestion. They all will be attempting to migrate to our universe when all stars in their universe run out of fuel