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Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge in Hinduism

The british who ruled India wanted Indians to feel that everything west, english and european to be superior, and anything that had to do with Indian culture and history as inferior, unscientific and stupid.

Macauley introduced the english education system in India which enforced these thoughts about western superiority and Indian inferiority in the minds of the Indian children.

Max muller propagated the myth of Aryan invasion theory in an aim to divide north and south India on the lines of Aryan – Dravidian basis saying Aryans invaded India from europe at around 1500 BC and pushed down the local draividians down south. Modern archaeology says nothing is more stupid, racist and biased than this nonsensical theory whose sole aim was a politically motivated intention. Max muller also wrote off vedas as “waste stuff” only to be commented later by world’s reknown indologists as “this only shows the nursery school knowledge muller had about sanskrit”

The archelogical excavations of Harappa, Mohen Jo Daro, the discovery of the city of Dwaraka in the seas of Gujarat, the satellite imagery and geological evidences about tectonic plate shifting of the sub continent supporting the existence of Saraswati river mentioned in the vedas, the Kausambi and Hastinapur flooding excavations, all have proved beyond doubt that there has been no invasion from outside in 1500 BC by aryans.

Instead aryans were an indegenious race inherent to India for the very simple fact that all above mentioned evidences date back existence of aryans in India to even before 3500 BC AND not a single evidence of aryan existence or literature has been found outside the Indian subcontinent AND all locations, rivers, cities, kingdoms etc mentioned in the vedic scriptures have been mapped inside India – the India mentioned in vedas include current India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Burma.

So what’s more about the vedas?

Vedas are the greatest scientific text ever written.

Vedic mathematics is the best form of mathematics taught all over the world today to speed up calculations.
Einstein said, if not for Indians who invented ZERO and place value system, the science and technological achievements of the world would have been ZERO!
Infact, the other day when a friend commented on my wearing a tommy hilfiger jacket, saying the jacket’s creator had said that “It was meant only for the whites”, my reply was “Well, then what if I say that the Zero invented by ancient Indians was meant only to be used by Indians?” Forget other implications of this, I dont think anybody in the west today can even use computers, which are binary in nature – based on Zero and One.

Sanskrit is the only language spoken by humans which can be easily used as a computer programming language.

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest medicinal system and has absolutely no side effects on the body, unlike western medicines AND unlike the western medicines like sedatives, pain killers and what not, Ayurveda doesn’t hide the pain or symptoms, it doesnt treat the outcome of an illness, but instead hits right at the source of the illness. It prepares your body to be strong enough to counter health issues than to make it dependendant for the rest of its life on external medicines.

Yoga are the exercises which unlike the western gyms, are not aimed at making only your biceps and other external organs strong, but instead concentrate on building a body inside out along with maintaining a mental fitness too. Sweating out is not physical fitness buddies, people in rural India sweat n number of times more than those who work out in the gyms, for gyms you need to have extra time for that, whereas in rural India sweating is a result of people’s normal day today activities !!

Bhagavadgeetha is the greatest ever work on human psychology. World’s greatest scientists, philosophers, writers, politicians, have been daily readers of this great work to keep them mentally fit and to face the world’s challenges.

Oppenheimer, father of modern atomic bomb suspected that Mahabharatha war was a nuclear war based on the accurate descriptions of nuclear weapons and its effects found in Bhagavadgeeta. I think that the other reason Mahabharatha war has to be considered a nuclear war is that, it is said in Mahabharatha that in a time span of less than a month 14 billion people were killed!! For those who are not aware how big a number this is, the current world population is just above 6 billion! I cant think of anything other than nuclear weapons that could kill so many people in so little time.

Below is a list of must-watch documentaries on the “Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge in Hinduism”

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  1. Its a matter of pride to learn and know about our civilisation. But are we doing justice to our children,,, Many text books of social science and history still talk about the aryan invasion.. even i learnt so. Its high time to change it,, bcaz its our children who grow up to be our future india. Great India.

    • Exactly, the text books need to be de-colonialized and make the text books teach about Indian history and Indian achievements rather than make it look as if science and technology as well as history belong only to the west. Unfortunately the so called leaders are totally unaware about the richness of this country and are more interested in making the most out of their power instead of developing the nation.

      • yes, it must be edited. and even the system of vedic maths and vedic science must also be reintroduced. i have read in a book that john dalton was the first one to propose the atomic theory but little did he knew that sage kannada found it nearly 2500 years before dalton, isn’t this misinformation, europeans not only robbed india’s wealth and independence but even the pride and credit of india.

  2. Muthyala Ramakrishna Rao Says
    Vedic scientific to link Modern science. I have research in Valmiki Ramayana in that two point to taken in that Ramayana.Sethu and Lanka these are to contraction on the water
    1.Sethu–The sethu was to built at Bharath Varsh Agra Bhagham that means now Kanyakumari to Lanka distance is 100 yojana that length is 971.2kms to lanka this is also equal to sethu length, and width is 30 yojanas( each yojans to qual to 7.912 kms). the sethu was contraction 17,89,000 years ago. The sethu was on the water in the water waves, sea level increase, Magmatic energy to connected middle of sea the energy to move through waves. Thw waves to effect to and attack the sethu is to started to move that time sethu original length is to con tune to shortage . This process’s to always to continue to mve the sethu was to move and reach at that place Dhanushkodi to Mannar in between now seen the sethu.
    In the Ramayana not mention the sri lanka only write Lanka but the sri lanka tourism department to declared the Ramayana evidence now that means the Lanka also to move and melted in sri lanka .
    The Ramayana was to conction the Modern science.

    • Thank you very much Ramakrishna Rao, now that is very interesting and a very valuable information. Please let us know in case you have published or plan to publish any book and we would be really interested in getting a copy of that.

      • Very thanks Gurudevji
        I proposel to innagreation time i have deffently send or personal attend and in your blessing and inviting ingration time at Badrachalam.And Guruji please give me information adress.
        Your Arshidvadam guruji.

  3. Even today there are many people from hypothetical ‘learned caste’ who will do everything to please the westeners or their occupiers, probably their brains are still not free
    such a shame they act and live like dogs taking on the worst in western values

    • Very true Robert. Its a kind of successful brainwash done on these people through the medium called “education” and these educated people live by Einstein’s line “Common sense is the set of knowledge that we acquire by the age 18” or so :)

  4. Casteism is the manipulation of greed and power. It comes from the same source where racism and gender biasing arise. Also frequent attacks from west, 1000s years of foreign control and taxes such as ‘Dhimmi tax’ on Hindu territories caused the extreme exploitation of the people who were at the bottom of the financial heirarchy. These ‘learned people’ were inadequate to save their own lives, knowledge, money and respect so they tend to forget the Dharma. Even today there are many people from hypothetical ‘learned caste’ who will do everything to please the westeners or their occupiers, probably their brains are still not free. But True Hindu is defined through virtue, not by last name or birth.

  5. Gurudev,

    Your articles are wonderful!!! Thanks a lot.
    But why all that casteism and descrimination practiced by learned people who have faith in ‘Varnashrama’ for many centuries and till today?

  6. Vedic knowledge demands, for its acquisition and propagation, intense discipline using protracted and concentrated deep meditation [focussing on a deity or object from among a no. described in fine details in Hindu scriptures]. The Westerners (such of them as wrote a lot of nonsense such as “”supportive”” materials for AIT) came to India with a ‘time-bound’ programme as it were, to pick up some bits of “”India’s ancient literature”” from half-willing Panditas, and went back hurriedly to produce study “”reports”” to acquire quick fame (in recnet times, it is PhDs). The Panditas were only half-heared in parting their hard won knowledge and treasure of wisdom with the foreigners whom they considered as Mlecchhas, or overly unrefined people who would take ages for refinement).

    As a elementary students of Indian philosophy with a smattering of Sanskrit knowledge knows, the words of the Vedas and several subsequent works such as Brahma-sutra, Bhagavad-gita, and the Upanishads and their commentaries (and ‘their’ elaborations) are so creatively used that an elaboration of what they say does not come easy to those who are in a hurry.

    The paradigm is different, with allegories, and each word itself is made up of letters which makes contributions to the integral meaning of the words and the meaning thus obtained is not unique, in the sense that subtle shades of differences challenge the student’s intellect. Such a challenge is absent in the Graeco-Latin language groups, though Sanskrit went from India and put out the bare roots in Europe in the form of Greek and Latin, and stopped its business there, for being developed within India. The words and what they mean are the results of rules mentioned mainly in Shiksha, Nirukta, Chandas, vyakarana, and mastering of these aids itself can take years under a competent Guru who decides to teach the intending learner.

    That is the underlying difficulty of Europeans which appears to drive them to put out absurdities like the AIT [How could it never occur that Sanskrit went to Europe for a while, – and not in the reverse direction, which they champion – through a few emigrants from India, while the same was being used as the vehicle of thought in its utmost profundity, and propagation of the thoughts]. ?


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