We are aware of the search functionality in the internet and on our local desktops

We can search for specific information in the internet using search engines like Google..

We can search for specific documents, email messages etc in our local desktop

Now what about searching ourselves?

Today morning I had forgotten about where I had placed my bike keys..

So I was wondering how nice it would have been if there was a search which I could perform on my daily activities.. A personal search agent which can search my personal details
But then how will it know where I had kept my keys?

Hmm.. the requirement is that it needs to have a database of my all activities.. and for that the personal search agent (PSA) should be observing all my activities, recording it and understanding it

So how about having it as a tattoo on my body? or in a button of my shirt? or anywhere else one prefers.. a small gadget with adequate memory, camera, display screen, microphone, speaker etc

So that it will be there with me for the whole day.. recording all my activities.. It is almost like having my daily brain memory dump in an electronic gadget..

and when I forget things.. I can simply ask it..

I can ask it where I have kept my key and it will remind me of the exact location..

I can ask it when did I write my last blog .. and what was the subject? India or world related?

What in case somebody else has misplaced my stuff somewhere else??

Say for instance my colleague in the office has taken my pen from my desk without my knowledge, to attend some urgent meeting.. and then I see that my pen is not there in its place.. my PSA insists that IT IS THERE! because even it doesnt know that something else happened which it hasnt recorded

So I can have a list of suspects.. I will ask my colleague about it now even he need not necessarily remember that he has taken my pen.. he can simply ask his PSA as to whether he has taken my pen or not!! And his PSA can tell him where MY pen is, if at all he has taken it !!

In a nutshell, instead of asking other people.. have you seen my pen.. you can ask them, can you please ask your PSA whether it has seen my pen?? and give a description of your pen.. and their PSAs can list out all the pens it has seen matching your description!

Life becomes so simple.. you dont have to remember even things like, I have to give back something to somebody. You can even tune your PSA to remind you to give back things to people from whom you took them!!! Yes, of course these PSA with reminder facility, might cost you a bit more

Suppose I have read a book earlier.. and now I want to open that book again to find some specific topic that I had read in it.. well, my PSA can tell me the exact page and line where that particular topic or sentence is!!

Suppose somebody visited my website once.. read some specific article.. and one day while talking to another friend of theirs they want to mention the name of my blog well, they can simply ask their PSA what the blog URL was!

Note that the PSA can remember even details which your conscious mind had missed out

Suppose you went to a movie with your friends and while coming back on the way, one of your friend says Did you observe that in one of the scenes when the heroin sneezed, the hero turned his face away?.. and you can simply ask your PSA to show that particular scene, so that you can verify what your friend said, in case you haven’t noticed it!

Also, with the presence of your PSA, your friends cannot say that you said or did something which you had actually never said or done!! Your friend for instance, cannot tell you that you promised to get a music CD on monday, when you had actually promised that you will get it only next friday! Simply ask your PSA and it will tell you what you had actually said!!

You can even have knowledge transferred between the PSAs.. suppose your friend had been to a very nice romantic spot about 5 kilometers away from the city with his wife, and even you want to take your wife there.. just ask your friend to transfer the route details to your PSA.. and then your PSA can guide you as you drive to that romantic spot with your wife ;)

So now the PSA has evolved inside my brain into something much more than a simple self-search

All that is fine.. but what about privacy? What if your PSA gets lost and falls in somebody else’s hands? So, we need to have proper secure mechanisms for your PSA so that it operates only with you.. no more passwords please.. probably your finger print or eye scan can be used to identify YOU..

In a nutshell..

The more advanced the technology.. the more better the quality of life !