Pay to die ? Well, yes. Atleast thats what I feel about smokers.

When somebody asks me, why I dont smoke, my response is I dont want to pay to die!!

Well, I even dont like free cigarette. I hate passive smoking. And today I saw this image which shows how ugly, dirty, disgusting, pathetic, the lungs of a cigarette smoker looks like!!

Girls, the next time you see a smart looking guy, think twice, if he is a smoker, this is how his lungs look like, leave apart the bad breathe!!

Guys, dont go for girls who smoke, however beautiful they are. There are chances that they not only kill themselves slowly, but also will give you deformed babies!!

Lungs of a smoker – is that yours?

The next time I look at a smoker, he/she reminds of the above picture. If somebody is wondering whats the black thing in the lungs. Well, its tar. Yes, the same tar that is used to tar the roads. Cigarette smoke deposits this tar along with many other chemicals (about 4000 of them!) in the smoker’s lungs as a token of appreciation.

Smoking helps you reduce weight, one lung at a time!

If you are a smoker, then the next time you are walking on a tar road, just look down, well, thats what is inside your lungs too!!

The next time a city runs out of tar for its roads, I guess we can use all the cigarette smokers in that city. They should be taxed heavily for causing a tar scar-city.

But then I think cigarette smokers are helping other non smokers to breathe fresh air, of course provided they are not passive smokers either. This is because, cigarette smokers can breathe only little air compared to others because their lungs contain only little space for fresh air than non-smokers, because most of the space is occupied by tar!

But at the same time, by giving out smoke, in competition with automobiles, cigarette smokers are contributing to global warming and air pollution too!! Hence smokers should be banned from entering beautiful cool places like Kashmir, Scotland, Switzerland, etc

One more thing. Considering that smokers smoke inspite of the fact it being written clearly on the cigarette packs that Statuory warning: Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, smokers should be considered either illiterate OR depressed people in life who are in a suicidal mood (in which case possible terrorist recruits).

To prevent passive smoking, government should ban sale of individual cigarettes and instead open cigarette cafes which are air-tight rooms filled with smoke from hundreds of cigarettes. Smokers should pay per minute to be inside these smoking dens! This will save non smokers from smoker’s smoke and will save the smokers from pure and clean air and vice versa