What we see is not what it is!

What we see is just a custom mapping and interpretation by the brain of the data received from the eye. What we hear is a mapping of the data received from the ears. What we smell is a mapping of the data received from the nose, etc

Lets take for instance, sight.
We believe that what we see is what the real world looks like. But let me tell you the truth. Real world exists only inside our brain. The world has no real existence of its own outside our brain. In other words, the world has no form of its own. This is what is called Niraaakar Brahmand (formless universe) in the vedas.

Let me explain how the world has a form only inside our brains.

We cannot see in the night/darkness. But still we know there are things out there. Why is this ?
Because our eyes depend on the light to perceive things. In other words eyes believe whatever light tells it.
Now can we see all the light ? In other words can our eyes perceive all the light that reaches it ?
NO. Our eyes can only see the visible range of the electromagentic spectrum (which we call light) which ranges from 400 nanometers to 800 nanometers.
Our eyes cannot see light in the range of Infrared, Ultraviolet, Radio waves, Gamma rays, X rays etc.
So our eyes send to the brain light signals which they receive only in the visible range. Then our brain creates a mapping of these signals and tries to interpret them using color coding, shades and depth. Probably there are other species or aliens whose brains perform a different kind of mapping of the light signals their eyes receive and for them sky, oceans etc look quite differently than it looks for us.

Except for monkeys and one or two other species all other animals see the world in black and white. They dont have the concept of color. Probably there are aliens whose eyes can sense a more wider range of light signals than us and hence probably they can see more colors than we can!

Also more importantly, even the colors we see are a result of our eye – brain interpretation. There is nothing like a color in the nature. Light is an electromagnetic continuity and is not quantized as different colors.
We know that there are three primary colors, Red, Green and Blue and that all other colors are a mixture of these three colors. Do you know why ?
Not because there are three primary colors in the nature out there. But because the Cone cells in our eyes which identify color, can recongnize only three color ranges in the visible range and our brain perceives them as Red, Green and Blue. All other colors that we see are a combination of these three colors in different ratios.

So the colors we see are created in our eyes and interpreted by our brain. They do not exist out there in the nature. Other animals might see and perceive nature quite differently. And then there are other species which cannot see at all. They perceive the world only by sound. Some animals use the smell sense to preceive the world. And so on

Probably there are aliens who have completely different kind of sense organs than we have. Something other than sense, tough, sight, hearing and taste.

In other words the universe is not what we or any other life forms see or perceive. In fact, different species perceive universe in different ways. Even in humans there are variations. For instace for a person who is blind since birth the perception of universe is completely different than the rest of us.

Universe by itself has no form. What we think to be the universe is just a perceived form of the custom mapping done by our brain of the limited range of electromagnetic spectrum which the Cone cells in our eyes perceive in three different ranges with their intensities being identified by the Rod cells in the eyes.

In other words, the universe is formless and exists only inside the brains of an aware consciousness called life. That is why ancient Indian vedic sages have said, Change your perception and the world changes accordingly