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Watch out for CyberChants

A World where

is the Religion
Science is the Prayer
Universe is  God
is Wealth


Sharing Knowledge is the Divine Purpose of Human Life.

How ideal is it?

Knowledge is the passion of humanity and curiosity is the cause of this passion. Man wants to explore the universe, and learn how it functions. Man is curious about what lies out there in deep space which the cosmology talks about, and what lies deep within ourselves which the vedas talk about. Man wants to understand where universe (that extends into deep outerspace) connects with our own consciousness (which lies deep within). Where were we before our birth and where do we go after death? What happened before big bang and what would happen after mahapralaya? Did God create us or did we create the God?

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey, said Stephen R. Covey.
So, how about brining in some sacred chants into the cyber space to make it divine? And call it CyberChants ?

What is it? What are the benefits? What lies ahead in space and time? Be the first to know by enrolling yourself…. only at..


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    • Thanks for that link Sachin. Yes, had this question ever since I started reading about genetics and evolution – as to why only DNA has to be the building block of life as we know it – it can be silicon, it can be anything that can form a stable structure and harbor chemical reactions to perform various tasks and to store energy. Life on our planet evolved this way – life on some other planet might have evolved in a completely different composition altogether – instead of hands and legs they animals might have wheels ;)
      Animals and plants may be combined into one set of life form where animals move just like on earth but also dont eat food like we using our digestive system but instead extract energy directly from their Sun. Very interesting topic to ponder about :)


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