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Beauty and Brain

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think!

Great volumes have been written about beauties and brains.

A friend recently asked me How do you prefer your life partner to be?

I believe understanding and caring is of a higher priority than being beautiful or intelligent. Of course who doesn’t like a beautiful and/or intelligent wife, but whats MORE important in life is mutual understanding and mutual caring between both the partners.

So, How about an understanding, caring, beautiful and intelligent partner?

Hmm There is an equation in chemistry. PV=nRT
It is an equation which represents an ideal gas. Unfortunately this ideal gas exists only in theory. In other words, it is a hypothetical gas!

By the way, I am not saying that guys are perfect either.

But life is an art, where one can find everything in nothing. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And if the brains that interpret these eyes are wise enough, then one can see beauty everywhere.

Life partner is not selected in a beauty contest or in an IQ test!
My own definition of LIFE is Lovely Interesting Festival on Earth , and we all are here to celebrate this once in a lifetime festival.
And when there is WIFE in one’s LIFE, its actually W(Woman) replacing L(Love)

Kisi shaayar ki ghazal, dream girl

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  1. Veronica, couldn’t include these lines in my prev. comment.

    For “”So my humble advise to you young people is, always ask yourself ?is this person qualified to be the mother/ father of my future children?””

    First of all one should with candid, check whether she/he “”?is a qualified person to be the mother/ father of ones own future children?””. This introspection helps person – to choose the right partner, which is actually the second step.
    Actually, a partner to be a best better half or parent doesn’t suffice according o Sanatana dharma-marriage constitution in specific. He/ she should be able to respect elders of each other family and carry duties as son/daughter,brother/sister,grandchild, niece, nephew and also as in-law of all such relation(son-in-law, daughter-in-law. etc).
    The constitution stressed more on strength of society. It was essential for everyone to abide by that set-up for individual benefits. Such basis would acts as cushion/moral,financial support during adversities like untimely breadwinner’s demise or drift in minds of close relations.
    Marriage is not just bringing couple to another stage of life, but it is unification of two families for better foundation for next generations, thus keeping the society healthy.
    One of my frnds brother who returned to India after many yrs of fruitful stays in many countries, was once questioned about Marriages in India. Few would have tried dating for many yrs to decide whether both of them have compatibility or not then decide to marry. They were surprised the way children(ofcourse not all) agrees to parents selection. Such children would have got just a chance to talk to fiancĂ© over phone couple of times before marriage. Brother’s frnd said that, most of the cultured parents would consider many aspects of bride/bridegrooms family, with horoscope matching deals with unseen realities, for eg., couple basic compatibility in spheres of body, mind and soul, their effect on other members of the 2 families after marriage, how would the progeny be from the couple so that their children would no grow wicked or not suffer with Naadi Dosha related diseases or face untimely death.
    The parents would have gained the trust and respect of their children with their duties in proper way i.e., duty according to Dharma. Once children are clear about their roles and responsibilities and trust their parent would have chosen only such partner who is also of same frequency of mind, it would not to be difficult to accept the alliance get married. So in such best practices too, external beauty no where comes in to picture in selecting life partner.

  2. most of us watch the movie based on the trailer…nd trailer indeed is the best part of the movie…beauty is skin deep,
    but no one looks at the lungs or kidneys..or heart for tht matter..nyways ur tots are gud..n will b laudable if u put in practice..;-)

  3. Yes Pavani
    You are absolutely right that everybody loves “”beauty””… We would be hypocrites if we say we “”dont””!

    The point I was trying to make was, beauty/intelligence is unidirectional (what we “”see””), while understanding/caring nature is a mutual expectation. And I believe that depending on how the “”expectations”” are met, the way we “”see”” people changes accordingly. After some days a beautiful/smart person may start looking ugly/irritating as well!

    beauty/intelligence should be of the first priority only when we buy some inanimate object. We would love to buy a beautiful house, we dont expect the house to understand or care for us! We would love to buy an intelligent electronic gadget, we dont expect the gadget to understand/care for us. Inanimate objects cannot do something that will hurt us emotionally!

    Where as when it comes to a partner, I think in the long run mutual understanding and caring matters a lot.
    So, understanding and caring should be the “”required”” features, and then beauty/intelligence would definitely be an “”added advantage””.

    Going for “”added advantage”” in the absence of “”required features”” would be like skydiving without a parachute!
    If at first you dont succeed, then skydiving is definitely not for you!

    A friend of mine who read this article told me that people would think that I have already had multiple marriages :)
    Well, I observe my surroundings and learn from other’s mistakes as well, because in this case I cannot “”afford”” to make a mistake on my own. Marriage is a once in a life time affair, and cannot be undone!

    I believe that marrying somebody just because that person “”looks”” beautiful, would be like buying a movie ticket just by looking at the trailer! Looks can be deceptive, the trailer might turn out to be the best part of the movie!

  4. all said and done..things really don work tht way..;-)
    Nature itself has played lots of tricks to elude stupidity thru the facade of beauty…Most of the intelligent / brave ppl have fallen prey to this so called “”beauty””..the buzz word today is glamour..its take a lot more to go beyond the face n venture into ones heart..its not n easy thing and ppl don have enuff time for that also..as life is a carnival n they want the best out of it..Infact its nature way of propagating itself (beauty attracting the beast)…how many of us wud really like to settle wid a ugly person wid a magnanimous heart…may b its a natures way of reducing ugly ppl..when beautiful ppl marry n give way to gud lookin generations….all part of the game..its natures gambit..not all can evade it..

  5. Nice to read that you young men prefer other characteristics above beauty.
    When I was a young girl I only looked at beautiful people, never wanted an ugly boyfriend.
    Then I met an ugly guy who always wanted to talk to me oh how I hated that until I got to know him. In that ugly body housed a most beautiful, intelligent, caring, compassionate and ambitious person after a while I was proud to be seen talking to him. Everyone who knew him loved him. Years after I met a most beautiful girl who became the most ugly and obnoxious person I have ever come across, with all her beauty people began ignoring her.

    I think everyone would like to have a caring, understanding and loving partner and if the person is good looking that?s a plus. But once you began to think about having children it would be wiser to have an intelligent/ educated partner especially the mothers to?be should be educated for they are the first teachers of the children.
    So my humble advise to you young people is, always ask yourself ?is this person qualified to be the mother/ father of my future children?


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