This is a follow up post in response to the responses received to an earlier article of mine – Stronger Rupee = Stronger India

How to build a Stronger India?

Well, As I have pointed out in the article, innovation is the key to build a real super power out of India, because to become a superpower we need state of the art technology as a home grown brand.

But not all can innovate and do wonders. There are some people who have money. How can rich Indians or medium rich Indians contribute to build a stronger India with their money?

Well, I suggest a simple formula. Identify a poor family or a poor person. See if there is some small business the poor can start. Might be as simple as, they can become vegetable vendors, or can put up a small shop, or can do some small time catering, a small tea shop, a telephone booth, or whatever small business that can click and with low risk.

Provide an interest free loan to them. Note that I am saying an interest free LOAN not a free charity donation, because the moment you say it is free, its true purpose of building a Strong India would be lost. We dont want to create dependent Indians who always look out for monetary help. You are doing this to build a strong India, not to create dependent citizens to vote for you, like how the politicians do.

Once the poor knows that the money is to create a livelihood for himself/herself and that it has to be returned back later, and there is no interest to be paid on it, there will be an enthusiasm to achieve and come up in life using this window of opportunity.

Your duties do not end just by giving the money, ensure that the poor is properly guided and the money is properly used to set up the business.

Once they start earning money by their new business, once they become self sufficient, ensure that the original investment is repaid back by a method convenient to them, either in small installments or in a bulk amount, whichever they find preferable, but make sure that they return your money once their life is settled. Of course, you cant help it if the business doesn’t click. But remember that this money was to build a strong nation. So expect no monetary profit out of it.

Once you get back your money, you can use it to repeat the same exercise with some other poor family and help them become self sufficient.

Also, don’t forget to tell those whom you help, that even they are expected to do the same to other poor people in the society once they have enough money when even they can afford to help others in terms of a monetary assistance.

This will create a chain effect in the country that in no time can help in building a self sufficient society where everybody have enough income to satisfy at least their basic needs, and based on their talent can grow further up the ladder.

Also, make sure that at least for one poor child in the country, a child which hails from a real poor family, you sponsor the educational expenses of the child. Education is very very important in building a stronger India. Make sure that you go to the school where the child is studying and pay the expenses there, to ensure that the money is not used for any other purpose. Buy books for children. I suggest that you DO NOT give money to any NGO and forget about it. There is corruption everywhere, and we have seen money meant for earthquake victims, flood victims etc being looted. So please ensure that you personally take care about the proper utilization of your money.

Let the politicians keep doing politics, you do the true service to the country. Be a leader without contesting an election.

Finally, remember that it is not some charity that you are doing out of some sympathy. It is your duty towards the society and towards the nation, and more importantly towards a fellow human being.