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Ekam Sath = One Earth

Look at the night sky. The 2000 odd visible stars. The vastness of the universe that lies beyond spread across billions of light years.

Our earth is but a very tiny small negligible fraction of this vast infinite universe.

Ekam Sath – yet the only truth is that we have only one Earth. If not for this great planet, we will be extinct in no time.

The wonderful atmosphere protecting us along with the magnetic field around it, the Himalayas of Jupiter acting as a strong fort for Earth against most asteroid and comet intruders, the fusion of Sun powering the planet, the water sources running all across the planet like blood lines in our body, the heart of the planet at its hot inner core, this one single planet called Earth is our home. We don’t have anywhere else to go apart from this earth. If Earth asks us to get out, where shall we go?

Beautiful Nature that I captured during a trek inside the forests of Kerala, South India.

As a blog reader rightly said, isn’t it our duty to protect and preserve this wonderful planet? Its nature, its life forms, its diversity, its culture?

We did not inherit earth from our ancestors to enjoy, instead we have loaned it from our children. It is our responsibility that we pass it on as it is to the future generations.

On my trip to Scotland, I was fortunate enough to take a snap of this Bagpiper

There are beautiful cultures all across the globe. There are beautiful diverse life forms all across the planet. There are beautiful heritage sites all around the world.

The natural diversity, seas, mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, snow lands, wild animals, birds, insects, fresh air, clean water, pure soil, and remember that our future generations have not yet seen all this and they have all the right to see, live in and enjoy this beautiful planet. We owe the planet to them with all its beauty unharmed.

Hope sense prevails over greed.

The beautiful Somanathpura temple as seen by my camera eyes

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  1. Yes you are absolutely right rekha. In fact Kerala is one of my favourite travel spots in south India, and I have visited almost entire Kerala :)
    It is our duty to ensure that all the culture and nature are passed on to the future generation not just preserved, but with even larger growth.
    The ayurveda, kathakkali, kalaripayattu, aranmula mirrors, the backwaters of alleppey, the beautiful nature, forests, everything has to be enriched and passed on to the future.

  2. The picture frm the Kerala is really beutiful…..still these may be the ruins of original beauty….and it is our duty to responsibility to pass these to the future generation without damaging :)

  3. The food chain in nature is not a human creation. It is how the nature functions.
    If the tigers in a forest stop hunting and eating deers, then the tigers will die out of starvation, at the same time deer population will increase and even the deers will die out of starvation due to overpopulation and scarcity of food, and the entire beautiful forest will loose its lush green cover and will be filled with the corpses of deer.
    This is just an example of what happens if the delicate natural balance is disturbed :)

    Volcano, Earthquake, etc are all similar actions of nature too. The key is not to cause a natural imbalance via human intelligence. Human intelligence should be used to be in sync with nature to protect and preserve other life forms and humans without disturbing the natural balance.

  4. It is indeed true that our earth is so beautiful. It is equally dreadful during volcano/tonado/earthquakes. As long as we respect nature and its law we are always blessed.

    Here is a link to Aurora. This is the beauty of earth not only on its surface but also miles above. Earth’s magnetosphere interacting with solar winds. Aurora Gallery

    Another link About Aurora

    There is also saying from Subhashita Sangraha

    ????????? ?????? ????????? ????????? ?????? ????? ?
    ????????? ??????? ???? ??????????????? ?????? ?

    paropakaaraaya phalanti vrikShaaH paropakaaraaya vahanti nadyaH |
    paropakaaraaya duhanti gaavaH paropakaaraarthamidaM shareeram ||

    Trees give fruits to assist others. Rivers flow to help others.
    Cows produce milk to feed others. In the same way, our own human
    body should also be employed for the assistance of others.

    The concept of Ahimsa should be understood first. This is not to say rice plants should be removed once used. Just came across another thought. Ahimsa is not totally abstaining from killing, which is practically impossible. The inhaled breath, consumed water and food have microbes which are killed by body’s chemicals. Ahimsa deals with least minimum painful treatment to the victim for a mass of living beings- (I do not encourage bali- human/living being sacrifice in this matter).

  5. One learned man says, “”What right do we have to cut a rice plant for our living?”” In a sense, we are commiting a sin by cutting them!! It means we are as good as the paddy straws, and they have equal rights to share the planet!!


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