As a continuation of my earlier post which detailed about the dangers of consuming genetically modified (GM) food, here is a small list of GM food that you might be consuming every day in India, without even being aware of the fact that it is Genetically Modified!

Read Genetically Modified? No Thanks! to get a background over view on the subject.

There is a complete list of GM and non GM food products at

The original list mentioned in the link above is from an US perspective, and I tried to come up with a similar Indian list for the GM products available in India. I am sure that a lot of these GM products from the US list are also available in India. But I must admit that I have not succeeded in creating a complete Indian list, as I am familiar with only a few of these brand names because most of the time the food I consume is natural and home made, and I am a pure non alcoholic and a vegetarian :)

Below is a small list of GM food available in India that you should AVOID.

There is also a printable list at which you can use as a guide while shopping to avoid GM food.

Sodas and Juice Drinks containing GM content
CompanyProduct containing GM Content
Coca ColaCoca Cola, Sprite, Minute Maid Orange, Minute Maid Grape
PepsiCoSlice, Mountain Dew
Capri Sun Juices (Kraft/Phillip Morris)Fruit Punch
Tropicana Twisters (PepsiCo)Orange Peach


Chocolate Candy containing GM content
CompanyProduct containing GM Content
CadburyDairy Milk, Fruit & Nut, Roast Almond
Hershey’sKit-Kat, Milk Chocolate
Kraft (Kraft/Phillip Morris)Toblerone
MarsM&M (all varieties), Snickers, Three Musketeers
NestleCrunch, Milk Chocolate, Chunky, Butterfinger

Please comment if you know other GM food products available in India, so that the rest of us can avoid consuming these items, and protect ourselves from the genetic experiments of multinationals.