I see that the youth force today in India is the strongest in the world with over 50% of it falling in the age group of 15-35 and also given the fact that 1/6 of humanity is India, I see that India has a greater advantage over China into becoming a future super power considering the fact that due to its population control plans in the coming decades China will have most of its population under retired class while in India it will be working class!! In other words China and India even though share 1/6 of humanity each (1/3 of humanity totally), in the coming decades China will predominantly be an old aged society while India will be an youthful society.

India needs to utilise this youth force to maximum possible extent and I bet nobody in the world can prevent India from becoming a socio-economic-military superpower, provided that our politicians stop their divisive politics and instead be true administrators like how a professional CEO runs a company.

But given the fact that, we cant expect this out of our politicians, most of whom have already crossed the retirement ages, it is high time that the youth of this country take control of the situation.
As I mentioned earlier the youth today need a guidance which can transform the targetless youth force into a guided missile.

So the first thing I need to do towards this is change myself. As a quote goes, Be the change you want to see in the society

And lets be practical. So I start with the least that we can do to build a next generation nation.
But before that first let me say what we SHOULD NOT DO.
We do not need a violent revolution as most people think today to bring forth the change. From a practical viewpoint the change should come without affecting the growing economy of the country. THe change should come without destabilising the country. We should not take up guns nor become naxalites who try to change the system by moving out of the system and get killed someday. Please remember that whether good or bad, the system is the strongest and any change should be brought by being a part of it, not by waging a war on it. That war will never be over if we go out of the system. While it is comparitively very easy to change a system by being a part of it. Remember what president kalam said in his book Wings of Fire
For all your days prepare
And meet things ever alike
When you are the anvil, bear
When you are the hammer, strike

So what can we do?
First and foremost, excel to the maximum level possible in the field of your work. Work towards becoming the numero uno expert in which ever field you are working. Achieveing excellence in your work will create a knowledge based society in the country which can compete with any world power. Imagine what if we could have built our own F-31s instead of importing from USA, our own electronic radar surveyallance system instead of importing from Israel, our own mirage instead of importing from France, our own frigates instead of importing from Russia, our own satellite parts instead of importing from USA and constantly fearing sanctions, our own operating systems, our own benz, etc etc
Please dont try to convince yourself saying that we have our own LTA, Arjun Tanks, Satellites etc. Just have a look at the amount of accessories and spare parts we have imported to build all these.. you will be surprised. When I say we need to build our own technological marvellations, I mean 100% indeginious, let us not develop our country by importing and assembling things here and then have all our research (?) suffered when americans impose sanctions.

Yes, it is undeniable that we are one of the three countries in the world that have built their own supercomputers. But that should only be the beginning, not end of things to come. India built its totally indegenious supercomputers because the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi upset by american denial to give supercomputer technology to India formed C-DAC with a team of brilliant engineers!! Because he was a young prime minister and that is the power of youth.
Contrary to that, look today. We are behind USA and Autrialia to give us nuclear fuel for our nuclear power plants and we have to adhere to all their conditions. Why cant we put together brilliant physicists and accelerate our long pending research on thorium based reactors?? India has world’s second largest reserve of thorium after Austrialia which can be used in fast breed reactors. We just need the technology. So lets invent it instead of depending on G-8 & co for uranium and other nuclear fuel.

So to summarize, please excel in your field to the maximum extent possible. This is the least you can do to serve the nation. This will not only benefit the country but also will benefit you professionally and monetarily. Remember you need both money and power to bring about a change in the society. If you are poor and weak you just cannot do anything to improve the situation.

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