Your attention please. Time is happy to inform the world that she has been blessed with a new baby – 2008.


Time keeps delivering new babies at regular intervals. But the birth of this one baby of time is eagerly awaited and celebrated all over the world – The New Year.

Sayo nara 2007, Welcome 2008!

Wish you all a wonderful happy and prosperous new year. May the new year bring peace, love, prosperity, friendship, good health, to you and to all others all over the world.
In short, Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu.

The birth of a new year, is also the post mortem of the expired year.
Expectations vs results – analysis of the previous year. Hopes and plans for the new year. A juncture which contains reflections of 2007 and celebrations of 2008.

What are your new year resolutions?
I never make any, for I cant wait for another entire year to see the results. Planning and putting them into action is a daily habit for me, not a mere annual oath taking ceremony


My free suggestion to all is
Do not postpone your goals in the name of new year resolutions.
Instead work towards fulfiling your dreams by day-to-day realizations.

Killing time by being idle is injuring eternity! What people think of killing time is actually the other way round, time is killing them.
Time goes away? Oh no. Times stays. We go. The currency of time can never be saved, but only spent. Its available in plenty, spend it wisely.

I started regular blogging a year back, and thanks to all you readers, its been a wonderful time here and hope we all continue this great journey. Thanks to the wonderful interactiveness of you all, the blog has never been one sided and boring.

I have also made innumerous great friends from this blog, some of you who even called me today. What started as a platform to scribble my thoughts, saw a surge in terms of readership after I penned Stronger Rupee = Stronger India (thanks to our growing economy, the rupee continues to achieve the spirit of that article), and today there is no more distinction between readers and writers here, with readers also becoming writers with their wonderful thoughts in the form of detailed interactive comments, its become a participation oriented forum than an observation oriented one.

Coming back to the new year, in India there is no scarcity of new year celebrations. The diverse culture of this country ensures that there are new year celebrations throughout the year. Look at a sample list of new year festivals of different cultures in this country. Sankranti, Yugadi, Pongal, Onam, Baisaki.

India – a land where the year remains new throughout!

The first month of the new year, January – named after the Roman God – Janus, who has two faces, one that looks into the past, and the other into the future. Learn from the past to brighten the future.

I am younger by another year now, for I spend my time in the reverse direction

Below is an email which I just received from the new born 2008, which I am pleased to share with you all.


From: New Year<>
Subject: Greetings!

I am 2008, with a book of 366 empty pages, providing you with yet another opportunity to architect your future in your own way, providing you with yet another chance to practise the art of celebrating life, to practice the lessons you learnt from my predecessors. All my pages are blank, and you can fill it up with all your wishes and dreams.

You have been provided with yet another opportunity to write down those things which you did not dare to earlier. Its another chance for you to grant your own wishes to yourself. Never miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for a worthwhile alliance with me, those who dare and care can start writing in my empty pages. Its all yours. What am I to you, depends on what you write within me.

Remember that you didn’t purchase me, I have been presented as a gift to all of you equally – rich, poor, strong, weak, optimists, pessimists, etc. Don’t go through me, grow through me. Dont treat me like an intermission, treat me like a mission.

So here you go, best wishes for the new account (withdraw only) that you have just opened with time, and you have been gifted with 366 predated blank cheques. Encash it, spend wisely, spend well. Happy Myself

Timely Yours