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Know India, Know World , No India, No World.

History of India is the history of world. As simple as that.
History of British colonial rule in India has been a series of attempts to subvert and subjugate this ancient Indian History.
Watch the videos below to know the truth! Ignore it at your own risk.

Part I: Myth of Aryan Invasion Theory

Part II – Archaeological and other proofs

Part III – Science & Technology of Ancient India

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  1. Burning of body:
    Essentially letting body to get merged with 5 elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky.
    Letting the body rested on earth (correct if i am wrong) and exposed to sky, burn with fire which uses air. The ash is merged in holy rivers-water. Thus respecting Nature …. giving body back to … where it had come from.

  2. Thanks for the link, Debabrata Ghosh,
    It contains a wealth of interesting information. Not least on ancient Sanskrit.

    Another interesting section was this one about the origin of the concept of the soul:

    Another idea is that when the body dies, the soul [which] is immortal remains beatified. The very oldest Aryan literature ? whether German or Greek ? has this idea of soul. The idea of soul has come from the Hindus.

    Two people have given all the religion to the world ? the Hindus and the Jews. But it is only with the Hindus that the idea of soul comes at first, and that was shared by the Aryan races.

    The peculiarity you find is that the Semitic races and the Egyptians try to preserve the dead bodies, while the Aryans try to destroy them. The Greeks, the Germans, the Romans ? your ancestors before they became Christians ? used to burn the dead. It was only when Charlemagne made you Christians with the sword ? and when you refused, [he] cut off a few hundred heads, and the rest jumped into the water ? that burying came here. You see at once the metaphysical significance of burning the dead. The burying of the dead (Preserving the dead by the burying of the body.) can only remain when there is no idea of the soul, and the body is all.

    But I have only begun to scratch the surface. Very interesting Debabrata Ghosh!

  3. Hi Gurudev,
    Regarding the Varangians (vikings?) ancestor being Rudr. I did a little checking up on that, and it led me to an interesting site “”DeDanaan (Myth is what we call other people?s religion)””about the old Celtic culture URL: http://dedanaan.com/vedic-origins-children-of-danu/2/ and they have an interesting article “”Vedic Origins : Children of Danu Migrations Out of India or Central Asia””, but they had nothing on Skanda’s navy or Skanda navya. But it might tickle you to know, that the Swedish word for “”to know”” is “”veta”” :)

  4. Hi Trond
    Thats really an interesting piece of information. Thank you very much for letting us know about this book.

    There is an ancient Indian work called “”Skanda Purana”” which talks about the history of Skanda.
    He is called Kartikeya, and is the son of Shiva. His mother taught him the art of war and turned him into Skanda (skand in sanskrit means to leap) who was then made the command in chief of the army of the Gods.
    He then went on to defeat all those daemons who were against the rule of Gods.

    He is one of the most famous deities in southern India, especially in Tamilnadu and is worshipped as Muruga/Kartikeya/Subramanya etc

    It is interesting that most of the ancient stories (referred to as myths) all over the world mostly agree with each other. For every Noah’s arc there is a corresponding Matsya purana!

    As for scandinavian name, an interesting thing is that long back I had read somewhere that Varangians folklore said that their ancestor was Rudr, incidentally Skanda is the son of Rudra(Shiva)!

  5. I see that my 2nd with the link failed also, but this one ought to work: http://shortlink.co.uk/q8h
    But in case it fails too, I have copied and pasted the book description here:

    This book provides evidence which makes it clear that most religious history is not what we think it is. It lets you see the true heritage that has been suppressed for centuries. It shows that there was once a greatly advanced and ancient culture that was a global society. This was the Vedic civilization. Even today we can see its influence in any part of the world, which makes it obvious that before the world became full of distinct and separate cultures, religions, and countries, it was once united in a common brotherhood of Vedic culture, with common standards, ideals, language, and representations of God.

    No matter what we may be in regard to our present religion, society, or country, we are all descendants of that ancient, global civilization. The Vedic tradition of India is the parent of humanity and the original ancestor of all religions. Through this book you will see:

    * How Vedic knowledge was given to humanity by the Supreme.

    * The history and traditional source of the Vedas and Vedic Aryan society.

    * Who were the original Vedic Aryans. How Vedic society was a global influence and what shattered this once world-wide society.

    * Many scientific discoveries over the past several centuries are only rediscoveries of what was already known in the Vedic literature.

    * How the origins of world language and literature are found in India and Sanskrit. How Sanskrit faded from being a global language.

    * The Vedic influence and proof of its ancient existence found in such countries as Britain, France, Russia, Greece, China, Japan, Egypt, and in areas of Scandinavia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

    * The links between the Vedic and other ancient cultures, such as the Sumerians, Persians, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, etc.

    * How Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism were all influenced by the Vedic tradition and still contain many Vedic elements within them.

    * How many of the western holy sites, churches, and mosques were once the sites of Vedic holy places and sacred shrines.

    * Uncovering the truth of India’s history: Powerful evidence that shows how many mosques and Muslim buildings were once opulent Vedic temples.

    * The need to recognize the real history of the world, and to protect what is left of Vedic culture, the roots of humanity.

    This book is offered as an attempt to allow humanity to see more clearly its universal origins. However, this book provides enough amazing if not startling facts and evidence about the truth of world history and the ancient, global Vedic culture, that it could quite possibly cause a major shift in the way we view religious history and the basis of world traditions

  6. Hi Gurudev,
    I read Stephen Knapp’s fascinating book: “”Proof of Vedic Culture’s Global Existence””, see: http://www.stephen-knapp.com/proof_of_vedic_culture%27s_global_existence.htm , a while back, and he hypothises that the geographical name “”Scandinavia”” can be traced back to those times, and originally denoted “”Skanda’s naval base.”” The way he expressed this in sanskrit made it it look plausible, but no amount of googling around etymological dictionaries and encyclopedias has turned up anything to corroborate it, so I wondered if any of you Sanskrit and vedic history specialists here, think that it is plausible, and have some reference that confirms it?
    Trond Ruud,


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