Chintala Reddy was a normal farmer in a remote village of Andhra Pradesh.. but not any more.. While he continues to grow paddy and wheat in his farms.. at the same time he also has a patent now in his name!!!!

While the yield in farms of other farmers is about 25 bags per acre.. his yield has gone up to 60 bags per acre!!! Well dont think that he is using any genetically modified seeds he is not a monsanto victim.. his paddy is free of any fertilizers and pesticides.. his paddy has been certified as 100% organic.. this innovation of his has earned him not only bumper yields but also a patent in his name

so what did he do to achieve this.. Well all he has done is to replace his top soil with soil from below 5 feet in his farm!!! No fertilizers used!!! While the idea may look simple.. it requires lateral thinking for it to strike a person..
Today he earns more ROI on his farm than anybody else without using genetically modified stuff / fertilizer chemicals and is also training other farmers in his state and is willing to train farmers throughout the country on the actual techniques used by him to get a high yield..

Once again Chintala Reddy has proved that innovation doesn’t always need a Phd or a specialization degree certificate..

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