My first blog talked about Clemenceau, the toxic french battleship battling to be scrapped in Indian Soil.
Thanks to the Suprement Court Monitoring Committee headed by Mr.Thayagarajan (which was appointed by the honourable Supreme Court of India to get the facts right on the toxins in the ship and its impact on Indian environment/workers before the Supreme Court takes a decision on the same), the committee has said that the ship is not welcome to enter Indian waters (Forget entering Alang and being scrapped there).
The monitoring committee has said that there has been NO TRANSPARENCY on the part of the french authorities on the amount of toxic material on board the ship and hence it is not desirable to allow the ship into the Indian waters.
Sending toxic material into India is a clear violation of the Basel convention to which both India and France are signatories.
It has also been found that the ship now contains loads of mercury in it. Mercury is a dangerous toxic metal which easily enters our bodies (and can also easily contaminate soil and other animal life) and adversely affects the CNS Central Nervous System and also the Immune system.
I sincerely wish that no more ships arrive to Indian shores for being scrapped and their toxins and other waste being dumped here.
As I said earlier, we dont need ship breaking yards, instead we need ship building yards. We need innovative industries to be built in India, not doing cheap life threatening low grade, risky labor to serve the western luxuries and become background dumping ground for their wastes..

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