Two Indian workers were killed by the natives in a violence in the african country of Uganda a month bank.

I do protest these killings, so do all other Indians. But I stop there. As for the cause goes, I am with the Ugandan people and not on the side of those who are opposing the native Ugandans there. The cause for which the Ugandans are fighting for is a true and a just cause, the violent means they used to support their cause is wrong.

Let me explain why I support the Ugandan cause. The crisis is that an Indian owned company (owned partly by the Mehta group) is trying to expand its sugar estates in Uganda by cutting down the Mabira rain forest. This is the one of the largest remaining patches of natural forest in Uganda. And the sugar company is trying to cut down more than a third of it and has approached the Ugandan govt for this, and the foolish govt has ordered a study for the feasibilty(?) of this cut down.

Such a foolish proposal of cutting down a forest has to be rejected outright anywhere on this planet. We are causing not just humans but entire life on earth to become extinct by our destructive actions on nature. We have no right to do this. Nature is not human’s great grandfather’s property. The Mabira rain forest has been a reserve forest area.

I strongly urge all Indians in Uganda to join the locals in protesting against this cutdown of rain forests. No Indian should work for that sugar company. It is complete nonsense and stupid to claim that sugar estates can compensate for rain forests.

The same applies to recent kidnappings of Indians in Nigeria. I urge all Indians living in the african countries to join the natives in fighting against the destruction of nature. Mere protests will not work. They should chalk out a strategy to ensure that these companies which are hell bent to make money at the cost of nature can in no way achieve their goals. Shame shame Mehta group.

Not only Africa. This is the same story worldwide and even in India. Forests of the western ghats, Kalahandi in Orissa, the naxals issue, nandigram in west bengal, etc
Mindless desrtuction of nature, taking over agricultural lands, where is the end? People need to organize into a pressure group which reflects their views in the democratic elections, remember the govt is just our representative, it has to do what the majority wants, stop voting based on your caste, religion. Vote for a better planet, vote for a true civilized nation which cares not only for its human population, but also for nature and all life forms. Lets Indians be the protectors of nature world wide and lets start the same at home. DO NOT PRINT UNNECESSARY PRINT OUTS. SAVE TREES. SUBSCRIBE TO ONLINE NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES. STOP BUYING NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINES IF YOU CAN.