The four pillars of a democracy are

  1. Legislative (the Government, Ministers, MP, MLA etc)
  2. Executive (the IAS, IPS officers, bureaucrats, etc)
  3. Judiciary (the Courts)
  4. Press

We know that the Legislative in India is corrupt.. not functioning anywhere near the expectations.. politicians are corrupt to a large extent.. there are criminals too. etc and lot more etc

Similarly we also know that our executive is also corrupt to somewhat large extent.. bribes are required at both executive and legislative levels to get things done.. there are a lot of lazy government employees who dont do any work.. who welcome you with a deep stare at you as if you have looted their hard earned wealth.. etc and even here many more etc

Judiciary and Press are the only two institutions on which the people of India have some faith on..

People look at Judiciary and Press, than at the Legislative or Executive to solve their problems or to highlight their issues

Now what has the Legislative done?? Well, they want to control the press and the media since they feel the growing strength of the media is really threatening them.. in another year or so there will be general elections in the country and looks like the UPA really fears that it will lose power.. which is why it wants to control the media..

It came to power claiming that it is a government of Aam Aadmi, the common man today, it is everything else except that

See the CNN IBN news video on this Kill Bill

The new proposed bill (currently in draft status) to curb media freedom says that, all broadcasting channels will have an auditor from the government of India, and any content that will be broadcast on a news channel MUST BE APPROVED by this auditor, who reports to the government every day, about all that’s happening inside the news channel!!!

The news channels should not show sensitive issues, industrial controversy, issues that threaten public order, etc.. and who will decide the scope of what news item falls into which category?? The Government

So tomorrow if the government does something wrong, then the media cant report it, since the issue can threaten to bring down the government and hence affect public order

Incidents like Nandigram, Singur etc wont be reported.. because it falls under the industrial controversy category that shouldn’t be reported!

If there is a public protest against the government policies in some part of the country, then that might not be reported to the rest of the country !! Public order yaar

In other words all private channels will become subordinates of DD-1 ! Government decides what the masses have to see and what they should not! Government shapes the public opinion as and how it wants to..

Also the bill says that private channels have to take permissions before performing any sting operations!! Now I am confused about the very definition of sting operations! Take permission and then sting ! So that the culprit can rehearse well.. What a bunch of jokers..

But all said and done.. has the government forgot that there is still something called The Internet.. where ALL NEWS WILL BE ALWAYS REPORTED :)

Or are they planning to later introduce a filter on the internet too, like China? well, that technology is way too complicated to implement realistically even in China people can bypass government firewalls and access information :)

But then, see what kind of party and people the intelligent Indians have voted back into power

Right to Information? what is that ? Sorry, this is UPA, better luck next time !