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No Vendor Lock for Mobile Numbers

I was eagerly waiting for something like this to be initiated for mobile users in India.

I have a mobile number which I have shared with all my friends. Then I find that some other service provider is offering a better service than my current provider. But now, in India changing my service provider also means changing my mobile number too! And I definitely do not want to take the pain of communicating my new number to all my friends!

In other words, I am in for a vendor lock, where in changing my vendor means changing my number! I observed while in UK that it was not so there! In UK you can change your cellular operator and still retain your original number. I think its the same in many other countries too.

Thanks to the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), I saw in the news today that even in India, starting from 2008 we will not have to change our mobile number while shifting from one operator to the other. No more vendor lock ;)

This new policy will be initially enforced in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata and then slowly introduced all over India in a phased manner with a target date of the last quarter of 2008 for a nationwide implementation.

Finally consumers have the last laugh. More the competition, better the quality of life. Monopoly of anything by anybody should be banned worldwide, including the monopoly on earth by humans!

Now a bit into song mood

What is your style number.. what is mobile number karloon kya dial number

Confused?? Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam, Karishma Kapooram, Bhaja Govindam ;)

Tip of the Day

Which is THE BEST mobile model?

If you ask me, it is the Human Body!


Well, there are two mobile eyes in a mobile head which itself is mounted on a mobile body.. He He

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