Modern Cravings for an Ancient Treasure

The Discovery of multi billion dollar ancient treasure of gold, diamonds, precious stones at the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala and a point of view on its preservation.

Thoughts of a Frustrated Indian

I continue to pen down my thoughts like this with a hope that our future generation who read this article will laugh at me saying "This guy must be joking", because the India they live in will be an India that I WANTED to live in.

The Myth of Western Scientific Outlook and Eastern Blind Faiths

Not so long ago, I was one of those outputs of the modern Indian schooling system, which was introduced in India during the British colonial (mis)rule, which makes you believe that everything that is west is scientific and great and everything that is Indian is unscientific and full of blind beliefs. Not any more though...

India I Cry – Remo Fernandes

India, I cry I cry, India You were the world's spiritual flower, Now you're just a starving nuclear power. We've built the tall, ivory tower While the slums outside, grow by the hour. - Remo Fernandes

Runway or Run away?

The pilot is preparing the plane for yet another landing. As usual, clearance comes, the landing gears appear, run way is in sight, the plane climbs down.. everything as usual..And suddenly the pilot notices something unusual, something moving on...

The Story of Stuff

Commercial advertisements are attempts by corporations to convince us that whatever stuff we have is crap, outdated, has drawbacks, looks ugly, etc. And then they go on to tell us how the stuff they have recently manufactured is far superior compared to what we already possess!

Primitive Waste Management – Nonsense Technology

Pollution has always been a byproduct of technological advancement of humans. Every new technological innovation of humans has given its own contribution to the pollution of nature on this planet.

Welcome to Incredible India

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page in it For those who have not been to India, here is a glimpse of what is on the offer when you happen to...

The New Gift of Time – 2008

Your attention please. Time is happy to inform the world that she has been blessed with a new baby - 2008. Applause!Time keeps delivering new babies at regular intervals. But the birth of this one baby of time is...

No India = No World

Know India, Know World , No India, No World.History of India is the history of world. As simple as that. History of British colonial rule in India has been a series of attempts to subvert and subjugate this ancient...

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Evolution of life – primitive cells, complex organisms, intelligence, what next after humans?

Evolution of life from primitive life forms to complex multi cellular organisms to intelligent human species - the advent of AI raises a natural question - What next after human?

The individual human is smart, but the human species is dumb

The smart individual human has to clean up the mess created by his dumb species. Species polluted the planet, individuals are cleaning it up.

What if Dinosaurs did not go extinct 65 million years ago?

Imagine a world where dinosaurs did not go extinct, because that asteroid missed colliding with Earth. How would have life evolved then?

Bees are dying; hence, the humans will starve

The death of bee colonies across the world will lead to extinction of many plants, trees and crops, leading to acute food shortage.

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Takshashila – World’s Oldest University

More than 2700 years back a huge university existed in that ancient India where over 10,500 students from all across the world came for...

Grahas are not Planets – Nava Graha is not the same as Nine Planets

The difference between Planets and Grahas. Why are Sun and Moon included in the list of Navagrahas? Isn't it true that Rahu and Ketu do not exist? What about Earth?

Place Value, not Zero is most important invention of ancient Indian Mathematicians

The most important contribution of ancient India to mathematics was not zero but the place value system or positional notation system.

The Sacred Secrets of Ganga

I am the shark among the fishes, and the Ganges among the rivers - Krishna in Bhagavadgita In his book Discovery of India, Jawaharlal Nehru...