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The Sensational News

I started reading the headlines today on the CNN IBN website.

First it read Sanjay Dutt enters jail, his lawyers head to SC
okie good, finally he got at least some punishment for the crime he had committed against the country I thought..

Then the next headlines read, Bollywood shocked, says court harsh on Sanjay Dutt

What nonsense I thought.. bollywood should actually be boycotting this chap if they had any little feeling for the victims of the 1993 mumbai blasts. But given the fact that how these so called heroes of bollywood wag their tail in front of daewood’s shows, the way jokers like johny lever mimick Indian national anthem to please daewood, what else can we expect from them?

Then I moved on

Ill go to jail in Sanjay’s place, says a fanVideo

What a crazy chap I thought, doesnt even know whose footsteps to follow! This is what the country will become if people continue to be fans of these FILMY ONLY HEROES, not heroes in real life.. in real life we all know

  • what salman khan did ( poaching endangered blackbuck deer to please the females tabu, sonali etc)
  • what amitabh did ( grabbed land meant to be allotted for farmers saying even he was a farmer! lobbied for a corrupt criminal political party)
  • what sanjay dutt did (of course the helping hand in mumbai bomb blasts)
  • and even what Shahrukh did.

Shahrukh, the same guy who keeps crying in all available forums saying what answer will I give to my kids about the things in the society., what did he do? He was one of those witnesses who turned hostile in a case of extortion where the underworld had threatened these bollywood stars for money.. the only true hero in that entire case was Preity Zinta who stood by her initial statement, all others including Shahrukh, Salman, Rakesh Roshan etc turned hostile, they didn’t even have the guts of this young lady, which is why even today when somebody asks me who is my favorite actor/actress, I say, Preity Zinta :)

OK.. Then I moved on to the other headlines

Dutt’s ancestral village prays, sympathises with him

Enough is enough! Are these media people crazy or what? The very first news item was more than enough to make people understand the news. Now what is this Sanjay, Sanjay, Sanjay.. It looked like as if CNN IBN was trying to make Sanjay Dutt a martyr! A person who was charged and convicted for assisting terrorism, the 1993 mumbai blasts, is being looked over as if he did some great heroic work! What are all these nonsense taglines Dutt’s D Day, Blast from the Past etc? nut cases work in the media I thought.

There was an other news of great heroic work that had taken place today in the country, which was worth the entire homepage of CNN IBN and I could hardly see it in the headlines list which is why I got really irritated and wrote this blog.

The Actual News

Today, in the Uri sector of the Line of Control in Kashmir, the troops of Indian army’s 9 Maratha light infantry spotted a group of heavily armed infiltrators from Pakistan trying to sneak into India. The Indian troops on detecting them ensured that the terrorists were not able to escape back into the pakistani side of the LOC.

Col Vasanth along with his army men rushed to the site to personally supervise the entire operation. He and his brave soldiers stood as shields preventing the militants from escaping and at point blank range killed the four militants, and in the process 6 of the soldiers including Col Vasanth himself got killed.

You can read the entire news item here .

Now I will leave it to the readers to decide, who really deserved to be in the news?

Sanjay Dutt who held the future of the country at ransom by assisting terrorist elements?


Col Vasanth and other soldiers who gave up their life today for a better tomorrow of the country?

Isn’t our media a senseless? Are they here to deliver us the news or are they here to create news? They can’t even properly decide what makes news and what not!

Media only shows news that make sensation than the one that makes real sense. I think for the first time I am saying with great anger Hopeless Stupid Media. I sincerely hope, let the entire television media be overtaken by the internet media where people have more choice and a greater possibility of getting down to the ACTUAL NEWS

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Gurudev is the developer of Gurunudi AI Platform. This is his official website where he pens his thoughts on a wide range of topics, answers queries, shares resources and tools developed by him.


  1. on munnabhai

    headlines read, ?Bollywood shocked, says court harsh on Sanjay Dutt?What nonsense .. bollywood should actually be boycotting this chap if they had any little feeling for the victims of the 1993 mumbai blasts. But given the fact that how these so ca…

  2. Veena

    you people are really lucky for having interacted with such brave souls.. We have to make Col Vasanth feel even more prouder by building a strong nation.. a nation that cares for all its people irrespective of whether a person is VVIP or just P

  3. Anshul

    Media today has commercialized news, just like how the educational institutions have commercialized education..
    and shame on both.. money and profit has become more important than social health and social wealth..

    every one wants to make money.. but that should not be at the cost of the very purpose of what you are doing…

    Media channels today have become glamor magazines and gossip zones..

    What they should know is that,
    by not giving nobel peace prize to Gandhiji, it is the Nobel price that lost its value, not Gandhiji
    by not letting the people of the country know about the brave deeds of its soldiers, it is the media that has lost its value..

  4. I’m Vasanth’s cousin, and I appreciate your write up. Thank you.

    Amidst the inconsolable grief, we cousins who had such great times with him when we were kids, feel a fierce pride that he lived and died doing what he believed in. That is how he would like to be remembered. Not with helpless grief, but with pride.

    He has left us all, particulary his daughters, a great legacy, and how many actors/politicians/random media hoggers can claim to do that?

  5. Hi GD, Yes, indeed Vasanth was always enthusiastic about anything he did; Do you know he was a gr8 story teller? His girls , Rukku and Yeshoo wanted more and more stories but the little time that Vasanth could spend with family, he made the most of it by dividing his time between his kids and Shubha and his parents; on two visits to India when we happened to be there with family, I recall vividly Rukku and Yeshoo crying and crying when it was time for Vasanth to head back to his unit; for us that was hard to watch! Vasanth belonged to a Rare Breed of soldiers; He truly believed in being there with his unit and men side by side!What are the politicians doing for people like Vasanth? Lots of soldiers laying down their lives! Do the politicians care about their consituents truly? I wonder! Has HDK or any of the Ministers even expressed anything so far? I wonder!

  6. This is not the first time when such a thing had happened, I mean that an important news item have been left out of the main coverage because of some other Sensational News….

    I agree to the point that these days Media only show sensational items but it’s their business… And they are here to earn their bread n butter and not for any social service… There was a time when DD National showed only relevant news… But you can’t expect the same with private channels because they’ll only be in business till they have good TRP ratings, and for good ratings you need to show what people like to watch and also what is Sensational in nature…

    So, only media couldn’t be blamed, it’s the people who also like to watch these “”Sensational & Breaking News””…

  7. hi jayanthi,
    you are really lucky to have seen Col Vasanth performing his duties at the border.. he was a brave leader who lead his team from the front.. he was a real hero

  8. What tragedy and needless! Vasanth who had been a devoted Father and husband ! What an end; Vasanth never ever thought of himself as a hero. He always thought of his work as Duty and an honor to serve the country; My family and I just spent a week with him this June in Uri; We truly can never thank him for giving us that opportunity to see how the Military man the Nation’s borders 24/7; We saw him get maybe three hours of sleep some nights but many nights he was by the posts with his men. We are indeed Blessed we could see him in action as the man that he was! God Bless!

  9. I felt so helpless and almost went into tears when I read the above comment for this post as an offline message..
    Is life of a minister more valuable than the life of a brave soldier? Isn’t life precious for all?

    A country which almost went to war with Pakistan when the parliament got attacked, what are we doing to ensure that our soldiers do not lose their precious lives everyday like in the above incident?? Every soldier should be given best technological assistance available in the world to enable him to protect the country and also himself. Even simple things like bullet proof jackets will save lots of life..

    Shame on the government that announces stupid compensation packages instead of preventing such incidents.. Can death ever be compensated?

    how many more Indian wives have to lose their husbands at an young age?
    how many more children have to lose their father in their childhood itself?
    how many more old parents have to lose their sons?

    I think we should concentrate on doing something about it.. if allowed to continue like this, this country will definitely go to dogs..

    No politician, No Bollywood Actor, No Cricket Star are heroes…
    The true heroes of this country are brave soldiers like Col Vasanth and I urge every Indian youth to make the dreams of these great soldiers come true…

    I request the good soul who commented above to convey the message to Col Vasanth’s family that the entire nation is with them. The country today owes a lot to brave soldiers like Col Vasanth and to their families..

  10. Gurudev, I read your aticle and it hit home. Today my dear friend and neighbour lost her husband Col. Vasanth. Vasanth was one of those brave souls who gave his life so that Indians can enjoy some peace. Thanks to those deranged pakistani militants two small children are without a dad. I am sad and mad as hell that while decent brave human beings are giving their precious lives to the country these stupid, indecent and vulgar people like the ones you’ve mentiond walk on this soil. GOD DAMN THEM. GOD DAMN the imbecile militants, heck GOD DAM the people who follow &$%^#%$^$.

  11. Hey GD .. Can you pls complie something for the man who stood against all evils + threats and ensured justice is done to all victims of the 93 blast…?

    I am talking about ujwal nikam (public prosecutor). I have heard loads about him like small time district level lawyer to handling such a massive case, his honesty, crystal clear character .. etc.

    He has done an excellent job and deserves all appreciation.

    Hats off to his guts..

  12. I agree with you about this Sanjay, Sanjay, Sanjay crap on the news. But CNN-IBN or any company for that matter, is here only to make money. They give what sells. Its as simple as that..Sanjay Dutt (or Munna Bhai) sells. Col Vasanth doesn’t.
    This is sad but unfortunately true.


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