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Tiananmen – Symbol of Chinese oppression on its own people

Chinese people have always wanted democracy. Do not forget the fact that China is 1/6 of the world similar to India in terms of population. There ends the similarity. While India is an open democracy China is a closed communist state. The state is constantly suppressing its people of democracy, denying them freedom, has snatched away their liberty, there is no freedom of expression, any criticism against the state will mean jail and death!!!!

In 1989 the students of the Chinese took to the streets demanding democracy in the country. The chinese ruling communist party (which of course is the only party in the country!) sent its People’s Liberation Army (!) and opened fire on its own students!! Can you imagine a country sending its army tanks to fire on its students!! That happened in China on June 4 1989. According to the red cross 2600 Chinese (most of them students) died in this state led oppression.

The people of China need freedom from the corrupt oppressive government and are eager to live in a democracy where they have freedom to express..

A similar massacre known in India is the Jallian Walla Bagh massacre that took place in Pre independence India where the british fired on innocent Indian civilians who gathered at Jallian Walla Bagh demanding independence!

The Chinese government reportedly billed the families of protesters for the bullets that were used to kill them, the families were always under close watch by government officials after the protest and will likely be watched for the rest of their lives !!

Visit http://chinaview.wordpress.com/ for updates on the Chinese oppression. The democractic world needs to take required measures to bring about democracy in China and liberate the Chinese people. It is a shame on humanity to have 1/6 of humans being denied the freedom they rightly own.

http://falunhr.org/te/index.php?overview=1 There is no religious freedom in China either. Being a communist country, sects like Falun Gong are banned and all followers will get death sentence.

The Unknown Rebel who stands at the infamous Tianenmen Square site after the massacre by Chinese military of Studend protestors demanding democracy
A lone protester who tried to stop four advancing tanks near Tiananmen Square, a day after the massacre on June 5.

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