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Innovative Solution for Parking Woes

Now this is what I call a real innovation, the kind of innovative thinking India needs to make it a true developed nation and a super power.

This one is not from an Indian youth who is below 25-30 years, but from a retired Chennai based Indian engineer, Venkataraman, who is still young at heart and mind at the age of 64!


Venkataraman, a retired assistant engineer from the Neyveli Lignite Corporation has come up with this unique patented solution of his to solve the vehicle parking problems in the crowded metro cities of India like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi etc.

His ideas are of a multi store parking system, but not the one where the vehicle has to be drove all the way to the top floors by the driver, but the one where the vehicles will be lifted by elevators to the top floors and placed intelligently, so that even bringing down any vehicle will also be simple and straight forward! Which also means any existing single store parking system could be converted into a multi store parking system with the same space as that of the earlier basement in each upper floor! Use less space to park more and more!

But once again, it is the Malaysian and American companies that are jumping in to implement his ideas. Hope we get it implemented it in India too!

innovative car parking

Watch the CNN IBN video on this here

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  1. similar kind of thing has been happening already…ofcourse not for car but for 2 wheeleres…i had heard from friend in pune working in iflex that they had there 2 wheeler parking on terrace and they used to take vheicles by lift….but driver had to park it :)..but placing inteliigently is key….
    Ofcourse this needs to be put on traffic Roads as well….Good idea by Mr. Venkataraman…thanks guru for info.


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