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Warning for Bus travelers, beware of third party luggage

What could have been the real reason behind yesterday’s tragic incident where a Bangalore bound Volvo bus belonging to a private traveler caught fire killing 45 people? The explanation given so far is that the Diesel tank got damaged when the bus hit a culvert. But could that cause the entire Bus to go into flames so quickly even before the passengers could escape? The travel company claims that the Bus was in good condition and was well serviced.

Whenever you travel in buses, be it private or government, always keep an eye on the luggage being loaded in the bus. These Buses are not supposed to carry any luggage other than passenger luggage. But many a times the bus crew allow other private parties (who are not passengers) to transport their luggage as well.

Volvo Bus Fire

Many a times such luggage also contain inflammable material. Once I myself had an altercation while traveling in a private bus when I saw some people loading boxes containing liquor bottles into the luggage area. I refused to board the bus till they unloaded it, saying I would be otherwise forced to go and lodge a complain immediately after the bus left.

Inflammable material are always dangerous to be carried in a passenger vehicle, be it bus or train or any other mode of transport. Such material have the ability to convert even a minor accident into a major disaster due to their volatile nature of catching fire quickly.

I have no idea what actually caused the fire in the Volvo bus involved in yesterday’s mishap. It might as well be the Diesel tank and passengers who were in deep sleep might have not awaken to the fire before it was too late. But nevertheless the next time you travel make sure no third party luggage, especially if it is inflammable material, is loaded into your bus. A precaution of few minutes might save lot of lives including your own.

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  1. All of them RIP. :(
    One of of the victime was living in the next apartment to that of me. His body was brought in just yasterday after DNA testing. Victime was the young guy just got placed in software firm in Banglore and was heading for divali to home. Most of the victms were young students working or studing in the city.


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