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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page in it

For those who have not been to India, here is a glimpse of what is on the offer when you happen to visit here.

This is one of those promotional videos from the Ministry of Tourism , India. You can find more videos in the official website, and also officially on youtube .

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.
Traveler or a tourist, you are always welcome to our Incredible India.

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Gurudev is the developer of Gurunudi AI Platform. This is his official website where he pens his thoughts on a wide range of topics, answers queries, shares resources and tools developed by him.


  1. hi, i was surfing in matter of my school project and believe me was glad to find your website it gives me peace 2 know tht indian youth is so much concerned about their country….. and especially ones like u …. please start a campaign 4 better india n if u r running 1 such plzz. make me a part of it
    will b truly obliged,

  2. Gurudev,
    You are right.. In U.S, people USED TO THINK US= world.
    It is absolute arrogance and stupidity on U.S. part.
    They are paying very high price for that arrogance.
    It is costing Americans One billion dollars per day for Iraq war..
    Now they are much aware of the world better than before.
    Last but not least Indians are best in adopting and adjusting anything either personal or professional.
    That it self is great achievement

  3. Suchin,
    I completely agree with your line of questioning. Why can’t we Indians make it our educational system better compared to USA or some other countries with higher standards? I completely understand your question, that instead of criticizing why myself and others like me , provide solutions? I admit to you I am guilty as charged , I wish
    I could be part of the solution? may be one day ?

    I don?t have any solutions on my hand but I try to give you best of my abilities some insight into the problems in India?s educational system.

    The significant blame falls squarely on the shoulders of state and central governments.
    They conspired with private sector and steadily taken out the funding for the public educational system.
    Once greatly admired these public educational systems in India , produced millions of doctors ,nurses, engineers and scientists for absolutely at no cost.
    The cost of my entire Bachelor?s degree in physics is RS 18.
    Of course it was subsidized by the government of India.
    The beneficiaries of this subsidized degrees are western countries as Indians migrated to other countries like United states and England.
    So the public colleges in India are completely ignored and being destroyed. for the sake of private colleges. These public colleges are struggling and no significant funding is provided to them.

    Defense, education and healthcare are basic rights of the people of any country and it is part of national security. Government can not completely handover these fundamental institutions to the private sector.

    Private sector:
    Private educational institutions do a great job in providing immediate workforce,
    but they have no long term interest in educational system. You will witness this sad result everywhere in India now a days and you see 2 room grinding schools .They are interested in producing students result oriented but NOT knowledge oriented.
    Private schools have strangle hold on Indian educational system, I see writing on wall this is going spell disaster to India in the coming years.
    In the United States 99% of the schools ( up to Intermediate level) are publicly funded ( government run) .
    Central ( federal) government and state government run these schools. You hardly find any private schools in U.S.. Most of the schools are heavily government funded.
    The school board members are elected officials. They are not nominated by the government. The money that allocated and raised for the schools are meant for only for schools . No one can touch the money except for spending on schools and students.
    Private sector have no interest in research and development. They allocate zero dollars for that.

  4. Guru,

    In most of Ramana’s comments that I have read, he seems to plainly put his last say. But what people like Ramana should understand is, if there is such a standard of education in US, why in India we are not making it possible? Giving 1000s of reason for not making it is the weakness of us Indians, but only when we start to think WE INDIANS should become PERFECTIONISTS and rule above the perfection of other countries, that the actions of Indians change to positive and more powerful.

    Sorry Ramana, you may argue, but I simply do not like your way of thinking.

  5. Sorry Ramana, your comment had moved down the line in the queue and since I was in a hurry then didnt notice it. Please give me some time in case it gets inside the moderation queue and I will definitely approve it the next time I login :)

    As for the US education, we were not commenting about the US educational system, be it science or technology or innovation or whatever, the whole world knows that its of a superb quality in US!

    We were commenting on the general knowledge of the geopolitical affairs where many of them simply think US=international system. Sometime back I remember seeing a news item in CNN where the general public were asked about whether it was a right decision by US to invade some NON-EXISTING(!) country (whose name was given to them), and most of the public replied in affirmative!

    Yes you are right about the IITs and IIMs of India. That was a great step in terms of education soon after independence. There is a joke among IITians that, those who dont get an IIT seat in India apply for MIT in US :)


    I don’t know I need to laugh or cry about your ignorance of US educational system. With this kind of attitude if you go to US university and I promise you , that your butt gets kicked in the first semester. You get wake up call and come to respect the US educational system with out a question in a short period of time.
    I never heard even from any one who attended US educational institution from India and successfully completed degree, making such a demeaning comments about US standards.
    US educational institutions produce one of the finest research in the world , They are centers for major innovations and produce numerous life saving drugs.
    If we exclude economically disadvantaged schools in US,
    US high schools enjoy exceptional quality and standards.
    Ignorance can only produce false pride and self satisfaction and
    in no way help to create products and goods with global standards and quality.
    If you take the context of US schools out from this discussion, India did a commendable job in education given the amount of limited resources , in some cases no resources at all and with out any significant infrastructure.
    If we continue this path with out boastful attitude we will achieve one of the best standards the world.

  7. Well drafted and commented.

    We are world !! I=Indian, We=World.

    Kudos to all Indians !! and cheers to Guru for writing such posts;)

    Jai Hind !

  8. yes suchin,
    What I have observed over a period of time is that the US kids are actually the least informed in the world who think America is the world, and CNN is the news :)

    Now why should we worry about whether americans know about India or not! Even in India how many of us know about America beyond the positives of American life style and the negatives of American culture.

    Those who are interested will anyway learn about each other on either sides. Forget about those who are not. We are a population of 1 billion! WE ARE THE WORLD ;)

  9. Suchin
    You said “”some ignorant people in the US who know where Pakistan is but not about India””

    Not just US, the entire world knows Pakistan, and everybody knows why. Does India need such popularity?

    Ask those US people next question. How do you know Pakistan? The answer will definitely contain the word Terror!

  10. I have casually asked many in the US and Europe what they know about Yoga. They all believe it is from Buddhism!!!

    Also there are quite some ignorant people in the US who know where Pakistan is but not about India!!!!

    The PRO of India is doing nothing much to promote the truth of Indian character which is itself a show of negligence on our part.


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